Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Brother's Keeper

Happy Holidays All!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Confessions

This year was probably one of our more financially beneficial Christmases here at the Karguth corral. It helped that we were a bit better off compared to Christmas past. I suppose if I were a bit more into the sort of thing, I would say it was karma. We gave a better bounty this year... there was some gifts I felt genuinely very good about. I am still mad because my brother took my idea for my father's gift (but that's for a blog closer to the New Year). Ah well, Dad will probably like mine better, W, that is just all there is to it :^D

Anyway back on to the confessing part of that title. I have stolen two gifts this year. Forgive me Father Christmas... for I have sinned. The first was given to my son... it is a bank which counts coins with kind of like a calculator in the feeder so that it gives a digitally displayed read out. Well... I took it. And I have $15.50 worth of change... and it feels good!

Now on to the next thing, I am not sure I mentioned it on this blog, but I get a retailer's magazine. (I know I am not a retailer... *looks around* shhhhh). Well, this time when it came, I got a calendar. A really cool calendar. From the folks at CBG (you should all be getting this magazine- see past first blog entries for info). I was so happy, I have to say, it is pretty cool. I will take a picture of the cover to show off here.

So... there we go, confessed... deep breath and all that. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, plenty bountiful in it's own way. I will have a picture of my two favorite little elves in a day or two. That's the thing about Christmas, the camera is always in use.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Raw and Uncovered

Sometimes I try
to leave far behind
this longing I feel
so deep inside

If left denied
with time spent to hide
Perhaps it is best that its over

Well, I've...
begun to take these moments
and examine them so well
then I take the keys I've found
and I lock myself up tight

I take a breath
of this thorny rose
it sinks to my chest
and I decompose

And I am chasing this
a surreal bliss
it felt so heavy on my shoulders

Well, I'm...
a danger to myself
and I know it all too well
but, I can sink beneath the ocean
and be gone forever more

Copyright ©2005 Justin Karguth

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Comics to Come (12-21-05)

Shipping This Week: December 21, 2005


JUSTICE #3 (OF 12) $3.50- What a series! I have always said that I would like to be able to approach the DC Universe with one book. A kind of starter book, and then if I wanted to, I could branch out from there. This book fits that spot very nicely, it spans the heroes and villians and puts them all in an unusual but exciting situation. The bad guys think they are the only ones who can save the world, and the heroes don't even know it is going to end. Plus with assisted interiors and story plot by Alex Ross it looks as great as it reads.


IMAGE FIRST TP (MR) $6.99- It is very rare when a company puts a product out that I will say something like "following so and so's lead". But this is one exception, because it is painfully obvious that Image is doing this in response to Vertigo's excellent First Tastes TPB. I am not going to fault them for that, I would like to see all the bigger companies doing more books like these. Vertigo is on their second volume, so it must have been successful. And really the price points are really good for a variety of first issues. My only complaint would be if this is comics that Image first came out with, as I think they have a much better range of material recently then their initial superhero fare.


MARVEL SPOTLIGHT JOHN CASSADAY SEAN MCKEEVER $2.99- I am not sure what to expect from this magazine. I think that magazine better describes the material that is going to be presented rather than the format, in this case. And really they picked some top notch talent to spotlight in this first issue. I am less familiar with John Cassaday but I did get to see his artwork in the Astonishing X-Men TPB, and it is really excellent. Realism mixed with the wonder of the fantastic. And Sean (*Eisner Award Winning) McKeever, I have sang his praises so many times on this blog that I would be surprised if you did not know who he is. He writes the amazing title Gravity, along with two Mary Jane miniseries, and an upcoming series Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, also Marvel Adventures Spider-Man. And all of them are great reads. I am crossing my fingers that I like this new Spotlight, as I am now buying it a couple of issues in advance. *Sean Mckeever insists everyone call him Eisner Award Winning

RUNAWAYS #11 $2.99- Wow, it seems like more often than not, this is the title I have to think back in my head as to what happened. There is no denying it is a well-written and drawn series... it is just that so much happens. And I like to know whether to recommend a book on its jumping on issue, this current issue is mid-arc, so it might be a bit hard to get into it. But this has also been one of my favorite arcs. Those Los Angeles outcasts kicking it with the old pro heroes in NY city. What's not to love?

SPIDER-WOMAN ORIGIN #1 (OF 5) $2.99- This is one of those books that I would not have gotten probably even a year ago. I just did not care for the character, but this is not unlike She-Hulk, in that this is a character I am quickly gaining interest in thanks to thought out writing. And I figured since I was planning on getting the ongoing series (coming sometime next year). And I trust both writers Brian Reed and Brian Bendis. Brian Reed co-wrote the excellent Ultimate Spider-Man game along w/ Brian Bendis. Bendis, who writes alot of great Marvel comics now... like oh New Avengers, Pulse, Daredevil and lots lots others. And art by the Luna brothers who were fan voted on the Bendis message board. Should be beautiful stuff.


JUGHEAD #170 $2.25- This is here to remind a friend of mine to look into giving this character a try this week. I will be getting issues in March. So I can comment more then.

JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #118 $3.59- This is my last month of chasing this title down, as I have already added it to my DCBS shipment for January. I always liked Jughead, he just to me seemed the most level-headed and relaxed of the Archie crew. I mean the main characters (Betty, Veronica and Archie) all have eccentricities. But they rarely change. And even if they do, it just feels forced. Where as Jughead has that ability to surprise me every time I read, and yet it is still very true to his character. He is very smart, but he does not make it a point to let that be a distinguishing quality. And it is not that he hates girls, as many will say, he quite fancies and is a good friend to Betty. He lost his first love when she moved away, and later she came back, and their love was renewed, only to have her move again. I think that his non-commital attitude is so that he can maintain a solid wall. He has very few male friends, to be honest. And I much prefer Jughead's approach to Archie's... who just paints himself as a silly hormone driven goof. Beyond all that deeper thinking, I also relate to Jughead's wit, and willingness to stand up to convention. I like his speeches on being lazy and eating. He just is a very broad and fun character. I would continue reading Jughead if I got to read nothing else.


COMICS AS PHILOSOPHY HC $45.00- If anyone has read this or seen a review. It looks like it might be pretty good. I would have to get the softcover version though. Thanks for any help.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Live and Let Lie

Well, I'm not the kind of man
who goes crying in his beers
or chasing all my pain away
with a drink beyond my years

I don't get all emotional
that's the way it's always been
yet you never fail to leave me lost
when you pack up again

An empty heart
and a pack of lies
rolled up in my sleeve
my day won't start
until I realise
Ask and she shall deceive

There's a wedding
somewhere in San Antonio
I changed my address
so I might not have to know

I didn't think she could hurt me more
and I suppose that much is true
but if I could do one single thing
I'd probably toast the groom

"She's got an empty heart
and a pack of lies
she's probably gonna leave
but your life will start
when you've realized
Ask she shall deceive."

Copyright ©2005 Justin Karguth

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Comics To Come

I am anything if inconsistent, but it really seems this might just be a weekly blog, perhaps I should put the date in the title? Just to spice things up a bit.

This Week: December 14, 2005


BEST OF THE SPIRIT TP $14.99- This appeals to me quite a bit. I feel a connection to the Spirit since he first appeared on June 2nd, 1940 and I first appeared on June 2, 1981. And really, as a comics fan I should have read at least some of The Spirit by now. In a few months there will be plenty go around though. In March Darkhorse is coming out with The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist Vol. 3 TPB features the late Will Eisner’s final return to the Spirit, in a crossover tale with the Escapist. Moreover, in June 2006 (hopefully the 2nd) will be a new series by the talented Darwin Cooke that should please fans new and old.


GLX-MAS SPECIAL $3.99- I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably the first overpriced Christmas comic that is worth every penny. What's that? Oh, I know I haven't read it, but Dan Slott can weave a one-shot story with the best of them. And the original series GLA (GLA: Misassembled TPB out this week as well) made me think, and feel, and enjoy characters I had never read before. One thing I can say with a great deal of certainty, it will probably be one of the most unexpected Christmas comics you will read for some time.

GRAVITY BIG CITY SUPER HERO DIGEST $7.99- Here is another series that I have been singing praises about since before it came out. And it did not disappoint, old school superhero fun with modern twists. Pick up the story of Greg Willis... Wisconsin native, new to New York, with powers that will have you falling all over yourself. (Okay, that was bad) But trust me, this book is an excellent stocking stuffer. If you want a superhero that you can start fresh with... experience along with... and relate to all on your own. This is your go to book. Oh, and just for proper assurance... that stocking stuffer reference... I meant my stocking.

MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #21 $2.99- Well, this is where I here the story kicks in to high gear. J. Michael Strazynski takes the wheel and floors the gas, in a story that is paying off threads since JMS began his run on Amazing just a few short years ago. It has been bellowed about message boards (and by some who are no longer comic fans) that the heroes never change. But JMS has changed quite a bit already, and yet in the beginning as a reader you couldn't help but feel he was walking that same line. He would give the reader a possibility, but then make sure that is found out to be neither truth nor lie. Well, the same cannot be said now... I would not be surprised if when the smoke clears, things are really different. Until Gwen Stacy sleeps with the Green Goblin, make mine Marvel ... ... Oh, right.

SON OF M #1 (OF 6) $2.99- David Hine. Daredevil: Redemption's David Hine. Taking on the hero who was responsible for screwing up the world. Add to that he also responsible for millions and millions of mutants losing their powers. Is he also powerless? What is he going to do when those he hurt most come after him? The first of those being the Amazing Spider-Man... well you pull a Fugitive and run like hell. Or as fast as a powerless Quicksilver can run. Give it a try, you could do worse then David Hine... and that cover. Gorgeous.

X-FACTOR #1 $2.99- Spinning out of last year's noir hit, about a man who can multiply himself (Madrox is out in trade now) and when the multiples come back to him, he absorbs what they see and learn. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to see a group of heroes like you have rarely seen before, solving crimes you have rarely seen before. I am only mad Marvel moved the release date of the first issue, now I have to try and track it down.

Until we meet again.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Comics To Come

This Week: December 7, 2005


HARD TIME SEASON TWO #1 $2.50- The sleeper hit of last year returns. And DC welcomes it with open arms. I was quite a late supporter of this series, I saw the trade at somewhere around the ten to twelve dollar mark, and I have to say it was a great purchase. Ethan Harrow is your typical cynical teen, only this guy is doing 50 to Life (the name of Season 1's first and only trade). Now we get to see what happens to young Ethan as he comes to grips with an entity that escapes him at night to correct the injustices that happen while he is locked up. I think what I enjoyed most about the trade was that the main character had it way to easy, I am anxious to see what progressed with issues 7-12 and also where this new series will go. If you see this on the rack and enjoy it, order more this will be a series that really needs the support.


FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #3 $2.99- Here we go. 6 issues done, and six more to go. This starts off J. Michael Strazynski's 3-part finale. I have high hopes. JMS's endings have most of the time left more to be desired, but that ride has always (except for what he did to Gwen) been enjoyable. That all being said though, this is one time I wish I would have waited for the trades. (And even then probably only the second one).

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #10 $2.50- I love this series. I love Sean McKeever. To me there should always be a Spidey title on the racks just like this one. These are just wonderful "done in one issue" stories, and yet it establishes it's own cues for those of us hoping to be long time readers. The problem with Marvel Age (a previous attempt)... is that it relied to heavily on big events... the key moments for Stan and Ditko when Spider-Man started, and copied the words with new art. So readers who remember or have read this are unimpressed and maybe put off buy the new package. And new readers (the few there were) were confused at the leaps that the series took, and by the idea that something was not quite right, and took their money elsewhere. New stories, new feel, classic fun... that is the way to go. And in the words of Marty McFly, "Your kids are gonna love it."

MARVEL TEAM-UP #15 $2.99- Alright here they come, cats and kittens. The loveable, sales-friendly, but ultimately forgotten heroes of the 90s. Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, Speedball... just to name a few, along with some very popular heroes newly created Arana, Gravity, and X-23 (again, just a few). These will be the folks that pull the big boys out of the fire... but can they do it, and maybe even make a name for themselves? This is another book that could use support and very much deserves it. I cannot stress enough that this is the series that can be enjoyed for fans new and old. If you want to dip your toe in the Marvel Universe, this is so spanning and yet so personal that it gives you the ability to get to know loads of characters in a short time. And if you are a fan from way back... it's a fun read, you can revisit characters that have long been neglected and keep up on the current universe without buying every book out there. It is more book for your buck, and there is never anything wrong with that.

NEW WARRIORS #6 (OF 6) $2.99- The end of a great mini. I was very sad to see this last issue was coming out. But this was a good way to test the waters on a very funny and quirky series. A team of heroes reunite, at the request of their former leader, and reluctantly decide to start a reality show: To Bring Super to Smalltown America. This fascinated me right off, because as a child I was quite distraught that I did not live in New York and so would never see Spidey. And so it is fun to see the bus breakdown in Wichita, Kansas. That and this is the series for people who are tired of reality TV. This nips it in the bud, by giving reality a healthy dose of escapism. And really, couldn't we all use that anyway?

SPIDER-MAN BLACK CAT EVIL THAT MEN DO #4 (OF 6) $2.99- I suppose on other blogs that do this you will see the long-winded moans of how long they waited. Not me, this has DD... 'nuff said. The fantastically drawn (if laughably unrealistically drawn) breasts are an added bonus.

ULTIMATES 2 #9 $2.99- This series has come to a boil. I mean this has just been kick ass rollercoaster type stories. This is the best thing I can say about it. If the Avengers had been written like this I would have loved the Avengers. And up until recently, I never touched an issue. You will come away from this book having strong opinions about each and every character. And you will be kicking and screaming to know what comes next. This is just no excuses, kick you in the teeth, and have you knowing you like it storytelling. This is the book that let's me know that a part of me will always feel guilty for being a Mark Millar fan.

This is probably the first time since I started this Comics To Come, that I will actually need these entries. It will be fun to see after I read these, hopefully somewhere around the middle of the month, if what I thought actually holds true. Oh, and I know my reviews seem fairly one-sided, most of the time, but there is a simple reason for that. I try to buy what I love. And I think great books should be praised as much as possible.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Comics Coming In February

Ah, February... the month of love. Love of Comics and this month is no different. There is alot that I want to spotlight. So without further delay: These books will be available for order the month of December and are scheduled to ship in February. Be sure to tell your local comics shop that you want a copy. I have linked to more info where I can.

Devil's Due Publishing (Publishers will be in bold)

KILLER 7 #1 32 pages, black and white, $2.95- based on a wildly wacky and suprisingly violent videogame. This comic is about an assassin with 7 split personalities. Each one is varied and completely different from the next. The real person is a wheelchair riding old man who in the back of his mind has to be wondering if this mission will be his last. I was more enthusiastic about the premise then I was in the game itself so I am glad to see this get comicbook treatment.

Atlantis Studios

The Adventures of Paula Peril 32 pages- This is Indiana Jones with a twist. If you like excitement in your comics than this should be a pretty good draw. I have been scouring the internet for the page I first saw about it. But with no luck. The writer got me psyched about this, and I his comments are liked directly above (scroll down when you get there). Ah well, if you feel like being adventurous in your comic buying head to the website linked above and check out the characters.


Soulsearchers- Well, you have probably heard the pleas. Claypool is in some trouble. Now while I don't make it a point to support something just to save it. I do want to support something that looks good to me. And Peter David's powerful pun-filled parody on all things pop culture, is a perfectly passable example of such a product. (What that sort of thing worked for Stan Lee) Actually that is why I have decided to list indy titles first. One can always find a Marvel or DC book, but what if the book that comes next on the chopping block is that favorite title that you only get when you can afford?


ATOMIK MIKE #1 (32-pages, full-color monthly series)$3.50- This looks like genuine space-faring fun, with a bit of a twist. Space Raiders have been searching the galaxy looking for the next pile of loot. But what happens when the competion throws out a monkey wrench and turns the Captain (Mike) into a sapien of a more simian variety. Will the crew go bananas trying to turn Mike from a monkey back to a man. Ah who am I kidding... space and a monkey. 'Nuff said!

LIONS, TIGERS & BEARS TRADE PAPERBACK (offered again 112-pages, full-color trade paperback) $9.99- For those of you comic fans with kids you have probably heard of this series. I have read the first issue, and this is a well-written imaginative tale about a boy who moves from his hometown, and his only friends are four stuff animals, which his grandmother lovingly gave him. At night, however, the animals become his guardians. It's all ages fun as a boy adventures through new worlds, and it is artistically pleasing, with an animation style that is akin to some of the great family cartoons.

Archaia Studios Press

Mouse Guard #1- This looks like another delightful all-ages book. I highly recommend taking a peek at the preview I am linking to. The Mouse Guard follows three mice, who have to work together to keep a legacy that has been held for years. And a harmony that has existed just as long. I like these books because they show that the smallest creatures can have a big effect.


TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS #1 32 pages, $2.99.- Pure nostalgia fueling this buy. I didn't like the transformers growing up. In fact, I didn't really like this show, but the characters were varied and exciting enough that it kept me watching the one part I did enjoy. Rat Trap. A snarky smart ass of a character who was never afraid to tell it like it was. I always love those characters. It is why Raphael was always my favorite character in the first cartoon series of TMNT (not the brooding pissed off version that came as a result of the movies) Rob Paulsen thanks for helping me to perfect my cutting wit.

FALLEN ANGEL #3 32 pages, $3.99.- Alright, I know it looks pricey, I do. But this is Peter David, this is fully painted interiors. This is dark, and magical, and mysterious. Oh yeah, and plenty of tit shots. That's right full frontal, and half sometimes backal I am sure. All I can say is if you see a preview... or leave a comment with Peter David ( It is well worth a glance at the very least I think.


THE PERHAPANAUTS #4- For fans of the BPRD (from Hellboy) or even those who might become fans of Peter David's Soulsearchers, this is a similar vein. Paranormal investigators who ar quite paranormal themselves. Todd Dezago writing promises a quirky team dynamic, and hilarious storylines, and the artist's work seems to match quite well. Now, this is a four issue limited series, but I believe issues will be available through their site

STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC/REBELLION 25 CENT FLIP BOOK - 25 cents this is where the phrase to good to pass up comes in. This will be two new stories for KTOR (written by the talented John Jackson Miller) and Rebellion. Which promises to please those already getting the books and the newcomers who might jump on. I am not a huge Star Wars fan but even the artist in me says this always has the potential to be beat up reference material. But for all you Star Wars fans this is a good choice, heck it is even good if know a guy who is a Star Wars fans... give a little geek love this February.


ASPEN SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #1(32 pages, $2.99, Feb. 22)- Um, this needs no explaining... what?


ROCKETO, VOL. 1: THE JOURNEY TO THE HIDDEN SEA TP(304 pages, b and w, $24.99) This is a pretty big price tag I know. But from what I have heard this series appeals to a lot of people. It has the epic feel of LOTR, along with the adventure of swashbuckling fun with a bit of a sci-fi twist. I will probably have to wait on this one as my budget is pretty tight.

FELL #6 (24 pages, $1.99, in stores on Feb. 14)- Alright no excuses! You want a good done in one story... this is it. You want deep, sophisticated story telling that keeps you invested... this is it. You want murder mystery with a sympathetic smart lead... this it. Great art and Great story... it's all here. Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith. It's two bucks, ya cheap skate! Kick something to the curb and try a comic that leaves you feeling fat and happy, and your wallet fat and happy too.

And on that high note thus ends my Indy February picks. The links above will lead you to that particular companies solicits (most of the time). And while it may seem like it I did not list every company in existence, so keep your eyes peeled. Marvel and DC picks coming soon!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Marvelous Developments

So, I know some of you out there don't get the newsletter. Below are just a couple of exciting tidbits and features to come to the site. With still more on the way! I think you can get the newsletter by going to the Marvel site. Here are those snazzy features

Last week we asked you what you wanted to see on the new and you told us: Digital Comics!! Next week, launches our new digital comic reader with Marvel comics never before seen in digital form. See ya in 7! ~Long time visitors will remember this was a feature utilized quite well when the Ultimate Universe began, in fact I can remember having every comic available on my player, the catch then was that you had to be registered. For this new one I can almost bet there is a reasonable fee, but probably an even greater selection. I seem to recall at it's peak the old player had over 150 to 200 comics available to read~

Our first big announcement is our RSS feeds and Podcasts. Want to know when your favorite content on has been updated? Want to hear exclusive chats with the hottest writers and editors working on Marvel comics? Just subscribe to our feeds and you can stay up-to-date on all the latest Marvel news! ~This is just wicked cool. I hope they keep the podcasts lengthy. There is alot of people I could listen to for hours. Giggly Dan Slott in particular.~

Anyway, check out Marvel's efforts, I for one could support many more changes like this.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Who I am

I spent most of my life
on the the straight and narrow
with my blinders on
my soul was hollow

I tried to tempt fate
but I failed at that
I just looked at the world
and I turned my back

I was wallowing
following my point of view
And I'm hating
retracing every thing that I do

I'm not afraid to be who I am
I'm afraid I can't

Now I live my life
like it's not there at all
I take all my dreams
and I let them fall

I watch my boys
turn to men
saying, "Daddy, please try again."

I'm not afraid to be who they think I am
I'm afraid I can't

Copyright ©2005 Justin Karguth

Got up and went

So, here it is four a.m., and I am awake. Old habits die hard, but apparently the same can be said for new habits. I have been getting up at around four a.m. for the last three weeks. My wife has been working twelve hour shifts (something about inspections). And while that was supposed to have ended last awhile back, it looks now as though she does not know from day to day how long she will stay.

Well, today, I had the chance to sleep... and I had to pee. Hence the title, I even thought about putting (pee) in the title. It is also the last part to that, "My get up and go..." Anyway, I thought blogging might help, but to no avail. Ah well, it was going to be up at 3:00 tomorrow anyway. I am pretty sure the bags under my eyes could carry luggage. Ah well if any of you are up that early tomorrow... drop me a line.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Panel 2 Panel Reviews

All-Star Superman- Now this is what I like to see. Not quite what I expected from the All-Star books. But it is leaps above All-Star Batman (tall buildings above, in fact). Morrison offers up a quick origin, very quick, and then gets Superman doing what he does best, saving people. But it is by no means a basic hero story, the art sees to that. Now, I am not a Superman fan, in fact this is one of maybe an armful of Superman comics that I have read. The premise is both classic and engagingly original. Where Frank Miller disappointed, Morrison shines. Clear yet satisfying story, and truly unique twists. Oh, and be sure to read the epilogue, I almost missed it.

More reviews to come tomorrow. I promised this one to a friend.

Monday, November 14, 2005

What If...?

What if ... Charles Schulz were a Marvel fan?

This one just made me chuckle at 4 in the morning. Hoping it might do the same for whenever you wake up.

For more of these great strips: go here

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Comics To Come

So, I have a day before my comics get here. I figured I might get this out there.

CAPTAIN UNIVERSE/ DAREDEVIL $2.99- I am not sure what to think of this. I really hope it is good. For those unfamiliar with Captain Universe, it is some sort of entity that enhances it's wearer. And as far as I remember, it is kind of wished by the wearer. Now as far as this "series" I think the Captain Universe entity is dying in some way. And so it is going from hero to hero, luckily I am only getting this issue. So I am crossing my fingers it works reasonably well just reading by itself.

DAREDEVIL FATHER #4 (OF 5) $2.99- I am really disliking this series. There is stuff happening, I will grant that. But I really don't feel like any of it means anything. And I know part of that is, the delays have lost me. This really could have been weaved along side Bendis' run, and now it feels like a very generic story. The only consistencies are Foggy and Matt. And in name only. I don't know... I look at this, and then I look at Daredevil: Redemption, and I just shake my head. Redemption is the way to write a mini-series that stands on it's own. Still I have no one to kick but myself, for buying Father.

EXILES #72 $2.99- With this issue starts the jump into the New Universe. Now for those of you who weren't here for me pimping Exiles: World Tour, well you are very lucky indeed. It is just nice to see these universes (Marvel revamps and such) get a nod to those fans and creators that were a part of it. And I love the aspect of Exiles, a "quantum leap" type team of heroes forced to jump worlds and fix aspects. And now they have broken from their missions to simply try to get home to their own worlds. Teammates hate and love and fight together, and their only common bond is that they were taken without choice from their families and loved ones.

FANTASTIC FOUR WEDDING SPECIAL $4.99- I am not an FF fan. I never have been, even when it was readily available at my school library. I remember just getting an issue if Spidey was on the cover. At the time I didn't think that it could be a link to the Marvel Universe for free, I just didn't want to read about them. And now, well because Karl Kesel is writing this issue it has become a must have, I am paying $5+ for an FF book! Sometimes you follow a writer you enjoy to a book you normally wouldn't, nothing wrong with supporting a real person over a character sometimes.

FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #2 $2.99- Well, this is part four of Spider-Man: The Other (a twelve part Spidey crossover). And I am really rooting for this middle part. See, this crossover works like so, Peter David took the first three parts (crossing over Amazing, Marvel Knights, and FN Spider-Man) and now another writer will then take over the middle, and finally a last writer will tie the final three issues. With each writer coming back to Epilogue their own titles. Um, let me shorten this up LOL, wait for the trade, in the meantime stay away from Spidey for about a year while they play at keeping the books more cohesive. Thank goodness I started this cheaper service online ;^)

NEW WARRIORS #5 (OF 6) $2.99- This is a very funny series about a team of superheroes who start a reality TV series. Deciding that people who don't live in New York must need superheroes too. Anyway, a great bit of fun happens along the way, and there is the bigger mystery of what is going to keep them together.

PULSE #12 $2.99- Jessica has her baby! Okay... okay knowing the writer it won't be until the last page. But still pretty frekin' cool. I still wish this series was a bit more important in the scope of what purpose it holds, but having Gaydos on art makes it alot easier to love.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Better to have loved and lost...

Here there be mild SPOILERS about House of M #8 ... um... Aaaarrrrrr

Ok, you are going to think I am silly. I think I am silly. But I went through something tonight. I read House of M #8. And I am very sad. Let me preface this with some back story. When I read HoM #7, about a month ago, and it was revealed that before everything was returned to normal, "No more mutants!". Now I already knew that not all mutants would be gone, that there would be 198 of them in existence.

Big frekin' deal. I don't read X-books, rarely ever did. I just wanted HoM to be worth it. As we are taken back to everyone's return to the Marvel Universe, we find out that mutants are still alive and well, just powerless. A good move on Marvel's part, every character is somebody's favorite. Except me, mutants schmutants... or so I thought. Then... then out walked Iceman... I knew it was him instantly... he was covered in sweat. Sweat. Iceman does not sweat... his bodily functions pertaining to temperature don't exist. Oh god...

No! Not Bobby Drake... not Iceman. Fuck no... c'mon. He is still alive. Oh, that is a bunch of horse shit, he may as well not exist now, without powers Marvel is not going to use him. They sent my character into comic limbo. Your character... seriously? Four words... Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. That's five words. No, the & is a symbol. Were you dropped on your head as a baby? No comment. That means "yes". I am mourning.

Sorry to spoil what I have, but I could not convey this otherwise. The Iceman does not cometh... Oh yeah, and pick up Marvel Team-Up #14, it does not disappoint.

A bit of digression

I will fully admit, I don't know exactly what that word means, I have gathered that it means something close to 'getting off topic'. So, that is how I will use it here. Actually probably not... but I am going to attempt it. For the month of November, I will be getting comics through my shop. So, I will still do the 'Comics to Come' or the 'Panel to Panel Reviews' on a weekly basis.

Following that I will be getting my comics through a highly recommended online service. It took much persuasion, a bit of heavy thinking. I suppose if some were to not have their shop. They would lose a sense of community. I would not. My wife has been making the trek into the shop for me, since there is no ramp. And could I go in, there would be no sense of community. Another thing is, I will completely be rid of is coming in week after week to find something not ordered, something I requested months in advance. Well with this site, they order when I place it, so I can order months in advance. If I didn't get something, then it is because I did not order... simple as that. Add to that... I saved $50! Which in my mind has me saying, yay $50 dollars more I can plan on getting LOL, but for the most part it will probably be saved. I am content buying what I do now.

Actually I fibbed up there, I am saving close to $30, but that is with some extras... bags and boards for everything. Twice a month shipping instead of monthly. Bottom line, if I wanted the same stuff I get from my shop, I save $50. I wanted to try some perks. Anyway, I won't pimp the site (yet), but I wanted people to know why there might not be many comic-related blogs from me after November. Ta.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekend Wind Down

Well, folks are not doing to well here at the Karguth residence. A cold has over taken everyone, but the youngest. Cough, and stuffy noses appear to be the norm, however, I will consider myself lucky to have myself alone tomorrow. No doubt settling in to the antics of my old pal Jughead.

I think a new keyboard might be in order, I was attempting to clean this one, and now the space bar isn't working so well.

A longer blog when I can get that sorted. Any tips?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Some Recommendations

I know two blogs in one week... ah well, I had to tell you about a comic I got this week, "Justice" #2, put out by DC. It's a bit pricey at $3.50, but it has to be one of the most fun DC comics I have read in awhile. A long while. For those of you who are not reading the series, let me give you an idea of what the first issue, and the series itself is about. For reasons unknown, explosions are occuring across the world, and we see the devastation and tragedy through the heroes' perspectives. Superman loses Lois Lane, right before his very eyes, etc. etc.

There are a couple of exciting twists, all which quickly finalize the setup to get a major battle between DC heroes and DC villians. It is very fun, very old school storytelling, in fact, I think the setting may be about a decade preceding events now, which makes the explosions, or rather the loss of Lois less impactful to the reader.

Now issue 2, which will probably stand out as a favorite of this run. It begins with Riddler explaining his attempts of trying to hack into the Bat-computer, and his reasoning that if you are going to hack into a computer like that, use the computer of one of the richest men in the world to do so. The artist pulls back to a full shot of Wayne Industries. I just about laughed outloud at this point, such an obvious story move, but so well done.

And I think knowing they pulled it off, they continue, as a lone figure quickly makes his way towards the Riddler. The computer picks up Bruce Wayne, the Riddler finds (to his surprise) Batman. Which puts a stop to his defensive move of deciding to face Wayne. I cannot tell you how fun this sequence was... being in on the joke. And still it continued through one more turn.

Add to this, that Alex Ross is doing accompanied art, and he had the Riddler looking like the late, great Frank Gorshin. It is all beautifully done. And the excitement just goes leaps and bounds, add to that I learned a few new things about the Riddler.

I want to share with you a bit of the story, the Joker when seeing that the Riddler was captured and begins comicly expressing that he wanted to be in on this plan by the villians. Joker thinks they planned the explosions. One of which had Batman trying to save a group of children by taking them to the sanctuary of the Batcave. To which the Joker says "Saw Batman lead all those children down into the cave. Ho! Do you think he let them all dress as Robin before they died? Ha ha ha ha!" There was some great characterization all around. And the writer made believable the sense that evil could be so insanely driven to keep failing.

Runaways #9 was also very very good. And even Daredevil vs Punisher #4 finally gave the Devil his due, I thought. Did anybody else pick up any thing good this week?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

January already?

That was my thought upon seeing three of the big comic companies posting their listings well before the end of the month. But, as anyone who knows me can testify, I am not one to complain (unless my wallet will be shrinking dramatically). In fact, it is a fairly safe bet that I will be thinking of little else for about two or three days.

It is always exciting, watching where creators will go, what gorgeous covers are going to be around, and who will be guest-starring in a book. There is strong argument for knowing too much about your comics too soon, but all the same this has to be one of the highlights of my month.

So, without any further delay, here are some of the new titles I will be picking up in January:

Hard Time Season 2 #1 (DC) ... $2.50- This title impressed me from having bought the first trade. And since DC was kind enough to renew it, I am going to be here for the first issue. 16 year old, Ethan Harrow, is sent to prison, it is a vicious fight for survival, but Ethan has a secret. As he sleeps, a strange entity comes to his aid, righting the wrongs that occur, and bringing grown men to a state of jittering fear. This is a graphic series that pulls no punches. I highly recommend it.

INVINCIBLE SCRIPT BOOK #1 … $3.99 - If you have been reading awhile, you know that I am a huge fan of the process behind the making of comics. This book is no exception. Invincible is being hailed as some of the freshest and most inventive superhero storytelling. And I can hardly pass up 6 issue in script format for that price. I think this may be my most anticipated purchase.

Cable/Deadpool #24... $2.99- I have... I think two issues of this title. I am only getting this particular issue because it is guest-starring Spider-Man. I know I was suckered, but the wise-cracking Deadpool tackling the witty Wall-crawler. This comic was made for me. Love the humor stuff. One of the lines in the first issue I got went like this,
DP: Where is this mercinary job you want done?
The Client: Well, it will be in France.
DP: I'm sorry, I can't work with countries the US is at war with.
TC: The US is not at war with France.
DP: Oh, okay... count me in.

Hellblazer #216 ... $2.75- New writer (Denise Mina) New artist (Leonardo Manco)and the start of a new story "Empathy is the Enemy." Constantine meets Chris Cole, an ordinary bloke who made the mistake of messing with a "harmless" bit of magic. He looks to Constantine to pull him out from the nightmare. This looks to be a promising jumping on point, and I intend to do just that.

Plastic Man #20 ... 2.99 - This is one of those series that I kept telling myself I would pick up. And now with this being the final issue, I wanted to do just that. It is a fun all-ages series written and drawn by Kyle Baker. The trades are still available so I might purchase those too.

For this week, let's see, I have to recommend picking up She-Hulk #1. Just give it a chance if you see it, it really is as good as everyone will say it is. Thanks for checking out things to come with me. And if you want to do some looking for yourself in January, go here for Marvel, here for Image, and here for DC . Darkhorse link will be posted when available. Happy hunting.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chewing up greenery pastures

So, I am going to talk about a few things... and in the process, I can't even promise I will have a topic. I am going to stay focused because I have alot to say, but really, I don't think anyone one thing will relate to another. First and foremost, my blog is moving to weekly for the time being, I have had a few added responsibilities, and to be quite honest I have not felt that my comics have been anything I need to talk about on this blog, not like I used to anyway.

This is really hard, my head is swimming with all sorts of stuff at 2 am., but mostly what I am surrounded by... comics. I would really like to vary discussion, but I would be lying to myself if I tried moving to far away from that. Life is standing still for me I think, and has been for a long time. I am at a point, where I am standing in the middle. I am not so bogged down with work, or kids, or anything else that I need to slow down, and yet I wonder why I am not content. I am working three days a week, five hours a day, and getting paid too much for it. And I don't want that. It fits my life nicely at the moment, but I am pushing away...

When my wife starts work, which she wants to do very soon, I will be the caretaker for two. I am not a good father, and I don't say that for pity, or anything like that. I am stating fact. My children would be better elsewhere. Or maybe, in a more fitting sense, I should be elsewhere. Who must I be, to feel as though I am?

Ah well, to bring this back to comics. I wanted to suggest a column, required reading as it were. It is called, Girl In The Clubhouse. It is an insightful column that expresses the closed of nature of comic books and comic shops. And how to embrace that comics are becoming some of the best literature available. While very straightforward, I guarantee it is nothing that any good-natured, sometimes self-loathing, and socially awkward comic geek does not already know. Anyway, if you are anyone who has wanted to dip your toe into some comics, she has some great suggestions. And as an aspiring (read "never going to happen) comic shop owner, I liked this second installment alot.

As far as online shops to find some of these recommended reads check out and scroll down to find sales links to some great shops.

Sorry to say I can't even recommend a comic this week. One that I found amusing was a Marvel Monsters book which was pricey. Gravity had a fine finale, but I have a feeling I will be recommending a new series for that soon enough. I also grabbed the Kingdom Hearts GN (yes Wade ... it's Tokyopop) but I am finding that the video game has a better story, the challenge is in being a talented enough game player to finish it, which is not much of a challenge admittedly. The GN is not bad per say, but it was confusing enough for me, and I know the story. The art is quite excellent for the most part though. Next week I will have at least a couple of comics to recommend you give a glance at. **cough** She-Hulk #1... trust me :^D

Monday, October 10, 2005

Props, Pampers, and Pit Stops

I don't have all that much to write about. The comics I have been reading have been pretty good, but nothing to blog about. Fell is still really good, so if you see it at the shop, and feel so inclined, support it. It really is going in a great direction, both in story, and for the comic book medium in general. I am not dropping Powers yet, a good solid story came through, so I will keep reading.

I want to say a bit about Peter David. Not only does he have an interview on Fanboy Radio (which meanders but is still highly entertaining) but he also has an article with Newsarama. He has some new series coming out. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, which I am going to go out on a limb, and say that if you have ever enjoyed Spidey, his guest spots in New Avengers, or guest spots anywhere. I would encourage you to pick this up, because Peter David really gets Spidey. And chances are that aspect that you enjoy about Spider-Man will be in this series. It will be part of a crossover for the first four issues though, so I hold no guarantee for issues 2 and 3 (since they are being written by other writers). More on this in an interview today by Pulse. Still another interview this time with Crawl Space! I have to say that the thing I loved most about all these interviews, is that they explore the many ventures PAD is a part of.

He is doing a new ongoing series, X-Factor. Which will be a dark noirish book about a group of mutants dedicated to fixing the world after House of M, and the trouble that results because of that. It also spins out of the Madrox mini-series, which I cannot recommend highly enough. And pretty much last, is Fallen Angel, a cancelled creator-owned series that is coming back in a big way. I was not a huge fan of the first series, but Peter showed such great enthusiasm that I had to give it another try. Plus the painted interiors... gorgeous stuff. Comes out in December though, so you know, if your retailer gives you a dumb look, wait a month.

Not alot of stuff going on here. I am currently pulling my hair out over a little side project I am working on. Which considering my free time ends in two days, I really should get the ball rolling. I have accepted that for the most part my house will be in disarray, it was hard with one kid, impossible with two. The new job also has me pulling my hair out, but I think that can be easily handled.

I was going to start off about how excited I was about having five comments, until I thought about it and it came closer to three. Ah well, thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Comics To Come

FELL #2 $1.99- I am already going to give this comic, "Best of the Week", even though I probably won't get it this week. My comic shop might surprise me though. The pricing also makes it easy to say that if I only had the money to get one comic.... this would be it. And I would be quite content I think. It is the type of comic that just makes you glad to be a fan. And glad to know someone cares about the fans.

AMAZING FANTASY #13 $2.99- I am hoping this book surprises me. I have read a very disappointing review online. But as any comic friend can attest, I have pretty low expectations. All I look for in a comic is that it entertains me. And this... "western" part of the Marvel Universe sounds like it should at least do that. And it has been so long since I got to enjoy a Karl Kesel written comic

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #8 $2.50- Sean McKeever has been doing what few Spider-title writers have been able to do. Tell a straight forward and fun tale about Spider-Man. He doesn't try to leave his mark, or create some new aspect to the life of Peter Parker, he just tells great stories with a great character. And nowadays, that is really something special.

MARVEL TEAM-UP #13 $2.99- The heroes band together to bring down the power of an insane alien. And even if they weren't brought together by choice, they are not going down without a fight. I am looking forward to this issue. Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Nova, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel... the witty banter is going to be thick as molasses. This is a great book to get a taste of what is going on with the Marvel Universe.

POWERS #13 (MR) $2.95- This is the third thirteenth issue this week, I am glad I am not superstitious. I hate to say it, but Powers is faltering for me. Sometimes it has the best emotional sequences in comic books, and sometimes it feels like I am getting the issue for the letters page. I will keep with it a few more issues though.

SPIDER-MAN THE OTHER SKETCHBOOK $2.99- I am a sucker for sketchbooks. I think it is my desire to want to see every aspect of creation in a comicbook. I love the writing technique, the art technique, the history of it all. The books about comic books are so few and far between, it is a great thing to be privy to such things, I think.

Next week looks to be a very good week for comics. Hopefully I will be able to talk about all the great stuff that came out.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Update During Down Time

The brood was up and about early today. Two of us feeling off and on tummy troubles (I sympathise Matty). And others still simply trying to get back to bed, and they made it. So now, us older men of the house can just have the occassional grumble and moan.

I thought about doing a comics to come today, but from the looks of the blog, I just did one. Moreover, a bit of financial strain means getting those comics might not be possible, but there are far worse things. We had quite a day yesterday, an RN came by to do a follow up with the baby and the mommy. I was of course, acknowledged, which is always welcome. But after that conversations commenced which may as well have been in French. It was still leaps and bounds above doctor visits during pregnancy. At least I was expected to listen and learn, and glad to do so, in a month there will be times that I am flying solo.

Becky is of course, achy... various body parts hurt for various reasons. But we were quite pleased all said and done. Free formula! Fine baby! Good visit all around. Followed by a whole bunch of family. Only one side luckily... My dad and his girlfriend. My mom and the kids. My grandma. My aunt and her kids. In like lions out like lions. :^)

I am not sure when I will be blogging again this week, if I get any comics, you can bet they will get a few words here. See ya soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Boys (and woman) Are Back in Town

Michael Allen Karguth joined the family on September 24th, 2005 at 12:05 pm. A day before his due date a few weeks too long according to Becky. He came out 22 inches long, 7 lbs. 1 oz. and of course cute as a button.

Becky and the baby followed by me and the baby

Matthew, Michael, and my Father Baby Michael Sleepin'

Monday, September 19, 2005

Comics To Come

CONAN #20 (MR) $2.99- Wow, I can't believe I am still reading Conan. This is the longest I have followed a Conan title (which could have been said after issue 2). One of the problems I have had with Conan is that his location, his supporting cast it all seems to change in the blink of an eye. It makes it hard for me to invest, I mean yes there is always Conan, but truth be told I don't like him all that much. Fine stories... great art... what is wrong with me?

SUPERGIRL #2 $2.99- The second issue of a surprisingly strong series finds Supergirl meeting Superboy (a half-Superman, half-Lex Luthor), and he is not very happy to see her. I have no idea why yet, that was the cliff hanger of issue one. All the while Lex Luthor is keeping an eye on our new heroine from some dimension unknown to me. Add to that, the fact that sometimes you get no respect even when you wear the "S".

DAREDEVIL FATHER #3 (OF 5) $2.99- Honestly, buying this series makes me sick. I am glad at the very least that the price was dropped from $3.99. But that still doesn't change the fact that I don't like the story, something desperately needs to pick up, because right now it feels like I am being taken.

EXILES #70 $2.99- Wow, Exiles is one weird book. Or maybe it just has one weird aspect... a man-chicken. Now, I am not sure anyone knows this, or if even my family remembers this, but there was one strange episode of the Ghostbusters cartoon. Where one of the characters (Egon) gets turned into a were-chicken (like werewolf). Freaked me out! So there you go, odd childhood admission. Anyway, pick this up, in spite of that ... still a great thing going on in this title.

NEW AVENGERS #10 $2.50- Ok, I hate when something is added into a comic well after the book started. A good example of this is Elektra, I don't mean she is a poor character, but I mean c'mon, I am supposed to suspend my disbelief that for 150 or so issues, this woman Daredevil never talks about was his first real love. I might buy that, if there weren't these huge amounts of time where Elektra is all he can talk about. Where am I going with this? Well this new arc of New Avengers focuses on the Sentry, a character who was written as existing in the 60s with the Marvel Age of characters like the FF and Spidey. Only he shows up now. I will give props to Bendis and the Artist (McNiven?) because the reactions of the characters... the realism conveyed in each panel, makes this all seem plausible. That a character existed... who could wipe himself from the minds of everyone. And when he is found out... he does it all again. I just hate Paul Jenkins.

RUNAWAYS #8 $2.99- I want to say it, I want to say in this issue Karolina dies. I mean it has been foreshadowed. It has even been said by a future version of team member. But Vaughn has pulled rug out from under me so much that my head is spinning. No doubt this comic will be my best of the week.

ULTIMATES 2 #8 $2.99- Although if there was competition these last two books would be it. Ultimates... what can I say? This book kicks the llama's ass! Seriously it is espionage, it is super heroics, it is Captain America's girlfriend on the verge of cheating on her old man, cause he acts like an old man. If you thought being a superhero was easy, this will add some dysfunctional twists that you never saw coming.

WOLVERINE #32 $2.50- This is Millar's (writer) last issue of Wolverine, and while he won't be leaving with John Romita, Jr. as artist, he will go out with a bang. I have to say that after this, I am very tempted to stop getting Wolverine. He goes the way that Conan should, a pleasant run to a character I will never visit again. Worse yet, Millar's going on hiatus very soon. He will be missed.

Next week is a big week for Comics To Come, hopefully I have a few entries between now and then.

Friday, September 16, 2005

So, it does no good

But once again, I have to toss a favorite comic out there. I know very few people read this, and honestly, I don't think that is the reason for this particular blog. I think I found a great comic, not only that, but a really cheap, beautifully colored, and healthily worded comic.

I mentioned this along time ago. Fell from Image Comics, well from Warren Ellis, Image was the only publisher with the stones to put this out. Now I will admit that months ago when I found this, the main pull was the price. $1.99. That kicked my nostalgia center into high gear. But even I was not expecting this.

Every panel, every page is used. 16 pages of uninterrupted and compelling story. Four additional pages to take you into the head of the author, and explain just exactly why he wanted to actually take a huge risk to give people their money's worth. Now I stopped believing in altruistic behavior along time ago, but I have to say, the author is not doing this for himself, except in the instance that every creative person does in that "have a story to tell sense".

But in all honesty Warren Ellis could have wrote this comic anywhere and made money... lots of money. This is a detective story, it is gritty and unforgiving, and it takes you places that for the most part are swept under rugs. In short the story, the main character, the city he finds himself in... it is all fucked up. And I know what you are thinking... c'mon Justin, you read Jughead... you don't know the first thing about fucked up. Well, try me, find this issue. Seek it out. It is two bucks... skip that morning coffee and take a ride with Fell.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this blog is so that in a "month or so" when issue 2 hits shelves, I am going to remind myself that Fell is one comic book that is fighting everything I dislike, it is giving me more than it has too, and so, I skipped my usual reviews for this.

I will thank me later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Li'l More

So, I couldn't wait any longer, I was going to let the DD pic sit there for a bit. But I had to put up my favorite of the strips so far. I just like this one so much.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The L'il Webcomic

So I was perusing some of my favorite comic sites, and one had a link to this wonderful webcomic, "Year One". It is a funny strip about Marvel characters in the first grade. Sounds childish I know, but it actually has alot of funny stuff. Plus I love the chibi style.

This comic is about the Li'l DD trying to emulate the pose on the cross from the DD movie... and originally from the cover of DD Vol. 2 #3. The link I posted will take you to the very first strip... note there are several strips, the DD one is #75 with still more to go.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dollar Store Daffy

So, I was perusing my local Dollar Store... we have several, but the one I want to speak of has everything under a dollar. Now most of the time I go into these stores with the lowest of expectations. But lately, I have been insanely drawn to the dollar DVDs that can be found... most of the time old movies and cartoons.

But on this day I was perusing the books, which seemed crowded with biblical throwbacks by the thousands. But there among the seemingly worthless literature, was a sketchy raw covered book with the very bold type DAFFY DUCK for PRESIDENT, a few quick page flicks through, and I was hooked. Written and illustrated by the legendary Chuck Jones, this book appeared to be some sort of children's book obviously over printed, or unpopular... as there were at least 15 or so available. I instantly bought it, a sketchbook of Looney Tunes for a dollar, how could I resist?

So for you all is a quick sketch I did tonight:

Friday, September 09, 2005

Shout out... Swear to God

Sometimes, given circumstances, you can have a book, that constantly grabs at you. A book that for all intents and purposes is perfect for you, and you kept telling yourself otherwise. I did this with Love As A Foreign Language... I did it with Strangers In Paradise. And I think I have done it again with Tom Beland's True Story, Swear To God.

The premise is simple a man explores a long distance relationship, and does so with sharp humor and strong characterizations. And now with this latest preview, he has hooked me. Because with this issue Lily (Tom's love interest) convinces him to start his own mini comic. I found this so endearing, so cute, and so much like a woman who sees something in her partner, that she helps him to become who he wants to be. Who he needs to be.

I have not fully explored his website, but I am sincerely hoping it has an option, for a guy with a relatively super hero stocked comic shop.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Comics To Come

FELL #1 $1.99- Warren Ellis, quickly becoming one of my favorite writers to watch out for. His writing is quirky and unexpected, but one can always find a solid story. Ben Templesmith on art is unknown to me, but just on the basis of the preview art I have seen, I may well need a bib while reading this (to stop the drool). And at $1.99, well that just hits my nostalgia button, this will no doubt be my best of the week.

DISTRICT X VOL 2 UNDERGROUND TP $19.99- The price tag seems a bit hefty for this trade, however, if I like the first volume (still not puchase) I will be getting this. Trades are easy to find discounted.

EXILES #69 $2.99- And now, the moment I have been waiting for, the world hopping arcs of Exiles. Yet again let my pimping session begin: The Exiles are a group of reality traveling mutants, brought together to fix inconsistencies in realities, and maybe pick up some teammates along the way... and perhaps each find their way back home. What will happen now that the man who brought them together was found to only do so for very evil reasons? End Pimping. My reasons for picking this up are simple, I love the what if scenarios, the future realities. A few of the stops will be the Marvel Universe (HoM), the 2099 Universe, and Future Imperfect among others. Perhaps the most refreshing aspect is that the writer (Bedard) and the artist (Pelletier) are going to show researched and faithful representations of these realities. And the fans can rejoice, every reality is somebody's favorite.

GHOST RIDER #1 (OF 6) $2.99- I am getting this for my brother (younger), but no doubt both my brothers will want a look. Painted interiors and a powerful writer. It makes me wish that I could enjoy it. Maybe I will.

HOUSE OF M #6 (OF 8) $2.99- Everything is falling together nicely. And the ambitious bi-weekly schedule is still going strong. This is an intriguing story that promised everything the heroes have wanted is theirs, now what is to become when they try to find the life they had before. If were anyone else but Bendis writing, this would be subpar, but as it is, with him this is an event.

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #7 $2.50- Well, I have been singing the praises of Sean Mckeever, now Eisner award winning, and this is one series that highlights why he is such a welcome writer. He can write books that everyone can enjoy. Make note of emphasis, everyone can enjoy it, you may not, but you could. Most importantly, kids can pick up a Spidey comic again. If you thought that was always possible, just ask a fan about Gwen Stacy. Oh and Mckeever's artist from Gravity, Mike Norton, will be joining this book soon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP #12 $2.99- Well the culmination of a storyline 12 issues in the making comes to an end. And Kirkman has been weaving quite a tale. I only found one issue really disappointing. And while some might finding it tough losing the series artist, I am looking forward to the new one. If only I could remember his name.

Now for the apologies. I really meant to return with a blog sooner. And that preview art, but as it is, it is not very good, and just for fun

And speaking of Gravity, I wanted to give the link to a new interview with the creators on the Pulse. As one of my faves, I think you will see why when you see the passion these two have.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Been Awhile

So, I am at a point in my life, where I am insanely busy, but doing relatively little. First and foremost, my wife is having a baby... soon. Oh how I long for naivety, I remember before Matthew was born, we were fairly certain it was going to be the week of the due date. Lucky for us silly young idiots, it was the due date. And now, with our second, it is a completely different frame of mind, because we have been told, it could be anytime this month. The wife is working so hard that she seems to be speeding up the process. There is something more than disconcerting knowing that I need be ready at anytime to pass out on a hospital floor.

Add to that, the car troubles... which in turn leads to a delay on a very promising job. My life is essentially on hold until the 7th (when the car can be looked at), until the baby is born then I will be needed for that. This all has my mind busy, but right now, I actually have little to do. Sure, I can look into my living room, and it appears an army of pinatas simply exploded there, but that is not likely to keep me busy.

Which brings me to my next thing, I have taken on a bit of a project. A volunteer, strictly for fun, project. A stupid thing to do, I suppose with the impending baby and job around the corner as it were, but this has me jazzed. Expect updates, hopefully in the form of artwork.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Comics To Come

ASTRO CITY THE DARK AGE #3 (OF 16) $2.99- I would highly recommend any of the Astro City TPBs, found (albeit not easily) at your local library. This is a new take on the legacy of Astro City, and it follows the title. This is the grim and gritty of Astro City. For those unfamiliar with this comic book, and it's strong back story. Astro City is it's own Marvel or DC Universe, and as such it has unique superhero characters. The most enduring characteristic however, has to be the everyday citizens, and how this strange world effects each and everyone of them. This series is a love letter to comics of all types.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #523 $2.50- The fits hit the shan for Spidey gang. Last issue he was found out by a group of Hydra hero clones, and he is feeling pretty wonky from some sort of drug. Hang tight and hop on for the finale of this run.

DAREDEVIL FATHER #2 (OF 5) $2.99- If I like this issue... I think the end of the world just might be upon us. I guess I can take some satisfaction that since I most likely won't get comics this week, my retailer can conveniently forget this issue.

NEW AVENGERS #9 $2.50- I wish the Sentry arc was over. I am ready for the spotlight to shine on Spider-Woman, readers will note that she was my favorite part of last month's issue. I really hate Paul Jenkins.

POWERS #12 (MR) $3.95- If memory serves, this was supposed to be the Bendis drawn and Oeming written issue. However some complications arose, and I believe roles were reversed, so this will just be a double-sized issue. If any Bendis fans want to see his art, there will be a variant cover which will be drawn by him at least.

RUNAWAYS #7 $2.99- Has there been a delay between issues? I am trying to recall exactly what happened. I think the Runaways ended up getting off safely by the skin of their teeth (such an odd saying). The leader of Excelsior, which is a band of former kid superheroes trying to catch the Runaways, was found out to be Rick Jones, a powerless jack of all trades of the MU. This is a jumping on point, and I can't recommend this book enough, one of my favorite titles every month.

WHA HUH (RES) $3.99- Well this is resolicited. I was never quite sure what the reason was for not getting this out with the What If issues, however I have already read one poor review, and at $4 with such a delay, the last thing fans are going to be glad they did... is paid for this. Color me worried.

YOUNG AVENGERS #6 $2.99- This is right up there with Runaways, and let me tell you if my review of that sounded confusing, it is because these two comics pack so much in. We are about to see the results of what happens when an evil man... comes back through time for his younger, and not yet evil self. And what happens when the younger self kills the evil man. See what I mean? If you were reading it, simple as subtraction. And that is just one of the great characters in this book!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


There is something to be revealed I guess, the daily blog has worn me down. Someone said to me today, that they would not be able to do this... a blog a day. Well, honestly, I can't do it either. And this is a guy with all the time in the world. I am kind of hoping that after 31 days of blogging, fate might see fit to push that job my way. And in that case, I can just conveniently say that I knew I would not have time to blog soon.

I found it amusing that two of my favorite comic writers can rely on various tricks of the trade to stay interesting. Revealing never before seen pitches, or insider stories... which while may make for short entries, have also left me smiling. So, maybe, after this some less frequent but still fun blogs are in order.

One of these writers has an column in this month's CBG completely devoted to keeping deadlines. You can see his website at I want to thank anyone who stuck through this little experiment. And with some relief I think I can say I might be back tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Truth Comes Out

So, I have been holding off on this entry for quite some time. I don't like to think about things that drag me down about the comics industry. For me, the positives far outweigh the bad, but this needs to be said. I hate Manga. Hate it.

Now, I suppose that statement can, and will be taken the wrong way, but stick with me. When I was a kid... comics could be found in your local grocery store, even one bigger department style store had a rather large assortment. I never stepped foot in a comic shop. I would go to the local Green Hills and pick up an issue of Marvel Tales (not aware at the time that this series was all reprints, only that it was the cheapest and most entertaining to me) and I would be regaled as it rarely, if ever, failed to not have it's touted guest-star Spider-Man.

Then I was taken in by a small event called Maximum Carnage, in sporadic doses, because one would be hard pressed to convince quite logical and money concious parents that every part was necessary in this 13 issue crossover. Quite suddenly, it was all over, seemingly overnight, nobody was carrying comics. I think I cried.

So, a few years went by where the comics I had bought were being reread, along with the occasional presents from family, and my brother's borrowed comics. I was still in love but my demand didn't have a supply. It was a Dark Age, where one had to find their favorites tucked away in dark places known as Specialty shops. I am not sure what was the bigger disappointment, the enviroment, or the prices. For the most part I was still just as stuck, even though there was a place to go.

Go even further in time, and out comes Blade, and X-Men, and Spider-Man, and Hellboy, and suddenly comics I had never heard of were in abundance in bookstores... going through several hands... getting tattered from being flipped through. It's a beautiful sight to behold, compared to the owner with a stick in his butt, and a bag on every comic. Add to that, the collected volumes that were popping up... growing from the immense interest. I suppose it is a bit hard to believe now, but tradepaperbacks and graphic novels used to be a rare occurance.

But all good things... I suppose I should have seen it coming. I mean I saw all the sugar-addled elementary kids jawing on and on about Power Rangers or Pok'emon, I even had a younger sister and brother to show me the proof. Anime and Manga... they were about to kick it into high gear.

And now? Well, now I can go into a bookstore, and if I am lucky find single issues, on occasion a modest selection of trades, on a rarity a fab selection. And for Manga... shelves and shelves and shelves along side and across from the traditional comics. I suppose some might think I am overreacting, but at some point I might post pictures. It is not as if I dislike Manga in a close-minded fashion, I dabble in it when a concept interests me. But this is not just some new kid taking the attention of the public. This is an infestation. And the only thing I can think to reassure myself, just as what happened with traditional comics (several times).

This too shall pass.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Panel To Panel Reviews

CONAN #19 (MR) $2.99-This was a fine story, I quite enjoy the tales that fall somewhere just beyond illusion. This title is still not as great to me as it should be considering the immense talent that builds the issues each month. Still I stick by Conan, there are plenty of good aspects for any fan to appreciate

DAREDEVIL #76 $2.99- This was my best of the week. I suppose for some who know my collecting habits and the bulk of my collection, then that statement would come as no surprise. However, while this title has come close to being my favorite overall, for many of the preceding issues that was just not going to happen. Maybe it was seeing Daredevil accomplish something worthwhile. Maybe it was seeing him smile again. Still all good things must come to an end, that being said, however, this is the most exciting issue of DD in months. Jump on now. This is the perfect time.

DAREDEVIL VS PUNISHER #3 (OF 6) (MR) $2.99- I will give this series credit, it has built up a fine amount of tension for the Punisher to want to go after Daredevil. After three issues of having DD be an otherwise pain in the ass, Punisher has had enough. With three issues left I can't see the fight really coming to fruition next month. But I will be here to see what does happen.

DEFENDERS #2(OF 5) $2.99- I like the team-up on this book. And no I am not talking about the actual Defenders, but rather the creative team. There is alot going on beneath the book's silliness. If you want to see a book that embraces Marvel mayhem in a whole new way. Pick up the Defenders.

MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #17 $2.99- It seems that some of the writer's best ideas need a few issues to come to a fine boil. From the inventive results of a new designer drug, to the results of our arc's villian. The only thing stil left to be desired is some better defined art, every issue since #12 has felt like a fill-in.

SPIDER-MAN: HoM #3(OF 5) $2.99- This series is a strong one, and serves well as my only tie-in series to House of M. This issue in particular had some strong themes that have always resonated nicely in any Spider-Man series. The bigotry that comes from the assumption that Spider-Man is probably a mutant, and the hatred that follows. The theme is reversed, mutants are praised and placed highly in this HoM world, and it has just been found out that Peter Parker is only a human with powers. The struggles are strong still. The only thing I found off-putting was the ending, but I have no doubt that Mark Waid (writer) has a good explanation. The art of Salvador Larocca has been great as well.

WOLVERINE #31 (MR) $2.50- I will be the first to admit, this finale left me less than impressed. Mark Millar has built such a fitting epic in the last several issues, I expected this one to believably follow suit. It is a fine finale issue... everything is placed neatly where it can be, and other mysteries are left to solve at another time. I can't fault this issue very much, it did what it was designed to do, it concluded an amazing run, I just wonder why I did not enjoy it more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I follow you down to the trenches
hands dance fast between park benches
chasing butterflies and beetles
to their homes

A super hero on cloud nine
A tight rope walker on the line
the laughter burst from deep inside
tickles your nose

You might think I'm much too old
can't be the Watson to your Holmes
(or whoever sidekicks are for kids these days)
but I can watch you chasing dreams
making sure the world is as it seems
so off you go to explore now
but you're not alone

I keep you deep inside my heart
and on every smile that always starts
when you tell that same old joke
about the chicken and the road,
and the punchline always ends up
"I don't know"

Friends will come and play
lots of problems to face each day
if you need me along the way
you're welcome here to stay
I just hope you always know
I love you so

Copyright ©2005 Justin Karguth

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You've got a Fan in me

I think I mentioned this several times, that when I like a creator, I will embrace their work. I don't think it is all too different out there for alot of us. I have a brother who is very selective in his comic books, and is not what one would call a mainstream reader. Well, except that I suppose most manga is becoming main stream.

One might never know when the chance opens up to have a fan, it could simply be from giving him/her a look at the creative process. It could be that you are of like minds, or that just the right words are said. It could even be wanting to find a creative outlet to emulate. For instance, I like Maggie Thompson and her recent interview on WTR (archive to come), I am told was very informative, and light-hearted, and just fun. The same words I would use to describe CBG. And I have held strong to CBG, and I am likely to through whatever lies ahead.

I think like follows like... with any cultural entertainment. Be it comic books, or TV, or even websites. As human beings we are instantly at conflict... part of you wants to treasure your finds, and the other part wants the world to love Pet Rocks as much as you do. Did I say Pet Rocks? Well, whatever you like.

Sometimes the best part of finding something you enjoy, is watching someone else find it equally as great. So tell me what your faves are?

Monday, August 22, 2005

News, Reviews, and Things I Can Use

Alright, it is a pretty big day here. So let's get the big stuff out of the way.

ITEM #1Fox has officially announced the direct-to-DVD title "Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Unrated". The DVD will be released on September 27, will retail for $29.98 US.

ITEM #2 In a recent interview over at Manga Life, manga creator, M. Alice LeGrow (Bizenghast) dropped this interesting tidbit:
…I'm currently discussing a project with Peter David to do a science-fiction graphic novel series… it's not even certain that we'll pick up the project, but it's based on a television show and I'm really excited about the prospect of TOKYOPOP giving it the go-ahead. I'm a big fan of the show.

And in other Peter David related news, there’s word that he’s finished his book on writing comics and is now actively seeking permission to publish the images he wants to use…

ITEM #3 You can find an interview with Peter David about his upcoming X-Factor series here

These last two go under the "things I can use" category.

Over on his website, Greg Weisman has announced that Gargoyles Season 2 Volume 1 will be coming out this year, more specifically on December 06 with the first 26 episodes from the second season.

Weisman also gave a brief update on the Gargoyles comic from Slave Labor Graphics:
A lot is still up in the air, but we're all now fully committed to getting this book out in the first half of 2006 -- i.e. sometime between January and June. I know that's a pretty big window, but we'll keep you posted as we begin to nail things down.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the theatrical release of Mallrats, View Askew decided to release a jam-packed 10th anniversary DVD featuring an all-new recut Extended Edition of the movie. This is a pre-order item which will ship on it's release date of September 20th.This will retail for $34.99

Now for the Pre-Reviews:

CONAN #19 (MR) $2.99- Cary Nord returns! A new chapter in the classic story of Conan unfolds. If you were ever a fan of Conan, this is definetly a series that embraces all the strongest elements, and faithfully unfolds a story of great proportions.

DAREDEVIL #76 $2.99- The end of an era begins here. The final arc of Bendis/ Maleev Daredevil is upon us, and it promises the best that this team has to offer. The Kingpin has the upper hand, and has finally decided the worst has to be done to Daredevil, to save himself. Jump on board for what promises to be the best DD story in years.

DAREDEVIL VS PUNISHER #3 (OF 6) (MR) $2.99- Wha? This one is here this week... did I read last month? Hmmm... well, if you like Punisher, this is probably a better book for you.

MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #17 $2.99- The reveal of last month's issue has me on pins and needles. What is Spider-Man going to do when an alien Superman comes to kill? The crossover between DC and Marvel that can no longer happen... happens. Shhh... don't tell DC.

WOLVERINE #31 (MR) $2.50- The spectacular Mark Millar/ John Romita Jr. run also reaches it's conclusion. Wolverine has alot to answer for, but first he has to kill everybody who has screwed with him. This one should end just as it started, with me on the edge of my seat waiting for that last body to be mutilated.

Well, that's all for today, finally.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Day of Rest

It is quite a lazy day here. I am currently sorting through comic and trade lists, figuring out what I need to get that I missed. If anyone knows of a good online shop, please give me a link, I have found an excellent one for subscriptions with 35% off, and free shipping after spending $30 dollars, but I feel really loyal to my local shop. So even a great deal like that is not quite what I am looking for.

Also starting on another CD for my brother, which he will no doubt want by tomorrow. He won't get it, but he will still ask for it then. This will be the last one I do for awhile. His unique taste in music makes for impossibly long waits for download, which makes for an impossibly slow computer.

I just saw Blade: Trinity. And I think I will have to buy it at some point. It is the only movie in the trilogy that I have ever wanted to own. The character of Hannibal King fascinated me, quite a bit. Plus, he was really funny. I doubt Marvel did a movie TPB, but if they did, I will see if I can get that too. I hope there will be a Nightstalkers movie, like is rumored, and like the alternate ending hinted at.

I will be back tomorrow for, Comics to Come.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Catching Up

I found this link to Spoilt!

A blog dedicated to giving away the plots of mainstream comics.

Their guerilla manifesto:
Nothin' but plot. Wanna know what's going on without shelling out big bucks? We post spoilers for DC and Marvel superhero comic books.

Why? Because we disagree with the growing emphasis on superhero "universes" and event-driven writing and marketing.
Because comics are too expensive to buy just because a crossover tells you you should.
Because fans who only care about shock plotting and what happens next hurt the industry.
Because it costs too much to follow characters you love through ten titles a month.

So, if any of you are wanting to back into a title from one of the big two, want to know just how the heck Wolverine got a clone? Or which one of Spidey's exes slept with the Green Goblin? Who the heck was Hush? Or how many licks it takes to get to that tootsie roll center? Just follow the highlighted link. Follow the -- follow the--- follow the highlighted link.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Fanfic 2099

Well, it's a day late, and a century short... er... no that doesn't really work. I wrote this story awhile back, after reading that the makers of this site wanted people to write for some of their titles. I originally wrote up a short DD 2099 proposal, and the editors really helped me settle in. Then I finished up this story for their anthology series.

They did a much better job describing it, then reading the story itself, read on in this letter:

~2099UGR Unlimited # 5 featuring Wylder 2099 by Justin Karguth:

The privileged class of New York flaunt their wealth and status to the world. And from the arrogance of these so-called "Uptowners" comes jealousy from the have-nots that stir below in the forgotten deaths of the futuristic New York City. For you see, desperation abounds in the pit of squalor that is Downtown. Desperation, that can sometimes spill over into the hallowed heights of Uptown...

Now one man must make a choice. A choice that not only may affect the rest of his life, but the lives of his family as well.

But he'd better make it quick. The wall-crawler is watching....

Check it out at:

Also, check out the main page at:

Jason McDonald; Asst. Editor, 2099 Underground Revised

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Take this Unemployment...

And shove it.

That's right, you are now reading the blog of a working man (well in about two weeks). I suppose I could go on and on with cliches, and moral sayings that I have given myself over the year. But I am mostly happy that I will have money for comics.

I planned to link to a fanfic I did online. If it gets put up today I will update it into this blog. Oh, and Happy Birthday to my friend Shana who turns twenty today. You still can't go out drinking... hahaha.

Well, it is going to have to be short today, I decided to save my comics for next week. See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Holiday Headaches

Well, judging by the November solicits for the major comic companies. I might have to brace myself for December. I know it comes every year. A bit of a holiday glut. I suppose it hits me hardest on the holiday months, mostly because I am not giving to my fellow man, I would rather sit fat and happy on a big pile of comics.

And the strange thing is, I am going to wake up one day, and the comics really are going to mean very little, I will be like the weekly soap opera watcher. Complaining that I like very little of something that used to be a huge part of my life. I won't love comics. I know that now, but I cannot detach myself enough to say, "Maybe you don't need that Karl Kesel issue of the FF Wedding Anniversary." The examples are limitless... you could drop Conan... or not get Supergirl... why are you getting so and so Avengers, you didn't get them before.

I wonder if I will ever learn to deal with the fact that I am going to need to start living accordingly? Because my collection is most certainly not going to put anyone through college.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Not Quite In The Zone

Tuesday nights have become rather ritualistic with me. And it is nice that I get to share one aspect of that with a friend. Today I listened into the Comic Zone. I have finally allowed myself not to get frantic when it stalls (which it usually does) or all around completely messes up, as it did today.

My friend and I sat... miles apart, listening to the Superman theme... for almost six minutes. All the while laughing because we knew technical difficulties were to come. And then it came, the words I never thought I would hear, Maggie Thompson from Comic Buyer's Guide will be on the show! I don't get star struck very often (all the time), but this was something special. Maggie Thompson is a fountain of comics knowledge. And you all know how much I love CBG (both of you do), so I don't even have to point to the countless blogs (what? 3?) Stop that. (sorry)

Well, the host pulled a bait and switch, and put an artist on... an artist! What do they know? Ok, he wasn't really all that bad, but I was seriously disappointed. So, I will have to spend the majority of the week trying to think of some great questions to ask. Any help would be appreciated (from both of you... oop... one now) *sigh*

As an added bonus here are the Marvel Solicitations for November, plan ahead... buy something. I might put my Christmas wish list up.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Comics To Come

Shipping This Week: August 17, 2005

DAREDEVIL VOL 4 HC $29.99- This one is going to have to wait, I am not sure how long. I am not worried though, Marvel has been really good about keeping their Hard Covers in stock. I just need to keep reminding myself of that. This was a good run of issues... from DD dealing with his outing, to his own placement as the new Kingpin, a secret marriage, and some hot shots of that Russian Redhead, The Black Widow. Plus all the extras that Marvel loves to toss in there.

DEFENDERS #2 (OF 5) $2.99- This is right up there with my usual list of slightly humor comics. Such as New Warriors or GLA. And so far it is reading quite nicely. Marvel sold out of these, which really means very little. I don't like any of the team members individually, but together, the dynamic and the tension is just great. If you get the chance... see what all the fuss is about.

SPIDER-MAN HOUSE OF M #3 (OF 5) $2.99- The only tie-in that I am getting is shaping up rather nicely. Peter Parker has alot to answer for, his whole life is a lie... and I guess that could be literal to... So, it is a lie within a lie? Anyway, it is a really strong story, and any Spidey fans will not be disappointed.

JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #115 $3.59- It is a short comic week, normally, I leave my Jughead purchases by the wayside. There is not much I can say, this is probably one of my favorite purchases to make on a monthly basis... it let's me remember that it is possible to get more than you pay for. And I can totally relate to Jughead.... well except... I love the ladies. And he is skinny, but can eat all he wants. Bastard.

Wow, next week is not much better as far as comics are concerned. Oh well. It's easy on my wallet at least.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stranger Things

So, today was pretty eventful as far as my days are concerned. The morning came with me out of bed by 9, a welcome change if there ever was one. And then of course I got on to check e-mail, not many surprises there, but it has to be done. Then it was off to the family reunion, a rocky start I suppose in that Becky was unsure where exactly the park for the festivities was located.

Nevertheless, she made it, and well I didn't see the "family", so we circled two or three times, all the while Matthew was screaming for the park. Just within his little grasp and yet so far away, get used to it son... get used to it. It turns out that another family had taken the reserved area, so after they were moved along, with all the kindness my family manages to muster, we sat down and enjoyed each others company.

Well, it is never exactly like that, I suppose it never will be. I don't reunite well... truth be told I forget alot of people, but this time it mostly family I am closer to, so I was not completely hopeless. There was a conversation with my Grandpa, about our sleep apnea, and the machines involved, and should he go get checked again. His sleep is good, but not as great as it was when he first started. I know the feeling... advised him that when I got rechecked there had been changes. Then we talked about how we both used to fall asleep at the wheel. And the urgency of hourly bathroom breaks at night had been eliminated. And my older brother looked at me. My only pleasant conversation... was about bladder control. I... I feel old.

After that I watched my son, and made note that he needs an uncle to teach him how to walk properly, it is quite dainty right now. He spent more time attached to that swing... definetly a favorite for him. Lots of babies are coming.... lots of babies. Come Christmas I will have some blog stories.

Anyway, all in all, not a bad time was had, and I am glad I did not take a book, like I planned. Matthew was pretty ticked we could not stay, but he is napping now. Becky was a real peach and got me the second SiP book on the way home. So, I expect to have finished that by midweek. I really wanted to remember more than this, I was intent on having all sorts of details from today's event, but alas, I suppose I am not meant for that.