Thursday, November 03, 2005

A bit of digression

I will fully admit, I don't know exactly what that word means, I have gathered that it means something close to 'getting off topic'. So, that is how I will use it here. Actually probably not... but I am going to attempt it. For the month of November, I will be getting comics through my shop. So, I will still do the 'Comics to Come' or the 'Panel to Panel Reviews' on a weekly basis.

Following that I will be getting my comics through a highly recommended online service. It took much persuasion, a bit of heavy thinking. I suppose if some were to not have their shop. They would lose a sense of community. I would not. My wife has been making the trek into the shop for me, since there is no ramp. And could I go in, there would be no sense of community. Another thing is, I will completely be rid of is coming in week after week to find something not ordered, something I requested months in advance. Well with this site, they order when I place it, so I can order months in advance. If I didn't get something, then it is because I did not order... simple as that. Add to that... I saved $50! Which in my mind has me saying, yay $50 dollars more I can plan on getting LOL, but for the most part it will probably be saved. I am content buying what I do now.

Actually I fibbed up there, I am saving close to $30, but that is with some extras... bags and boards for everything. Twice a month shipping instead of monthly. Bottom line, if I wanted the same stuff I get from my shop, I save $50. I wanted to try some perks. Anyway, I won't pimp the site (yet), but I wanted people to know why there might not be many comic-related blogs from me after November. Ta.

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Kev said...

Well, I think that the ideal comic shop would be one that is local, that is well-stocked, with knowledgeable and helpful staff, and one that you can actually get into. From what I hear of yours, it doesn't really meet any of those criteria (except perhaps its locality). So I don't blame you at all for going with the online supplier. It sounds as though it will be less hassle, and I am quite envious of the savings you will be making. I probably pick up fewer than half the number of titles that you do, yet it look as though you will be paying less in total. Grrr...

My only concern is that you don't suffer from too much fanboy angst when there are still two weeks before a new batch of comics is due to be delivered.

On the whole, though, a good move, and I hope it works well. I wish there was an equivalent service over here.