Sunday, December 17, 2006

We Live Again!

Well, I just received and read Disney's Gargoyles issue #2, and thought I might give my opinion and a link to (probably) the one review out there. There is a certain disjointedness to this issue, a large part of that is due to the end of the cartoon series not being available, and having to piece together things from memory. Some of it is also from having to tie up an issue and give nods to more of the cast.

Still the feeling of the original cartoon cannot be denied. The feeling that something is building is also quite prevalent. The dialogue is still spot on and I suspect that will never change. The art I still find lacking, but only in certain panels, and at certain points. It is still very crisp, and true to the characters.

At the end of the issue the creator professed his apologies at their being only two issues in a five (or six) month period on a bimonthly book. But I am quite ready for the next issue, as that is where the original stories take off, the first two issues were recap of that ending. It is hard to say if it was a poor job or not, as I haven't seen those episodes in ten years. There were a lot of other good issues to come out in the last two weeks. Probably the one I will begin next is issue #1 of the Spirit, which should have come out on my birthday. Have a safe and happy holiday! And don't forget issue #3 should be out soon, if you like medieval fantasy in a modern setting I cannot recommend this book enough. I am probably most anxious for issue 6 since that delves into King Arthur.

The review mentioned above can be found here.

My thoughts on issue 1 can be found here.

Monday, December 04, 2006