Monday, August 28, 2006

Comics Coming (on Friday)



GREMLINS HC $12.95- The problem with preordering (one of few) is that by the time I go to write out a blog entry, it is quite likely that I have forgotten key details of some things I ordered. This is one of those times. Still, a man is only as good as his internet connection. "The Gremlins is the story of Gus, a British World War II fighter pilot, who during the Battle of Britain turned to look out on the wing of his plane only to see an amazing sight: a little man, no more than six inches tall with horns growing from his head, drilling a hole in the plane's wing. Gus was the first man to ever see a Gremlin, and what happened after that would change the war, and the world, forever."

Now the reason I was intrigued by this book is that it reminded me of the tiny little gremlin that terrorized Bugs Bunny. Even looking at the cover now there is a strong similiarity in design. But there is Walt Disney's signature/logo slapped on the book. Anyway, should be a nice edition to have all the same, and the price is right.


ALL STAR SUPERMAN #5 $2.99- Well we have almost reached the halfway point to the Grant Morrison run on this series. And I have to say, I really enjoy this book. It is quirky and adventurous with wild ideas and classic scenarios. And it has reaffirmed that this is probably just the right amount of Superman for me.

JUSTICE #7 (OF 12) $3.50- Another quality series by DC. And yet not tied to anything currently. Which might be why I like it so much. It stands alone, yet is probably filled with bits for the seasoned reader. The art of Alex Ross and the story by Jim Krueger have been worth the wait. It is too soon to tell if this will be a trade worth buying, though it certainly seems to me that it would read even better that way. If you are a fan of the ensemble cast in an epic tale with more character then clashes... this is a good one.


CIVIL WAR YOUNG AVENGERS & RUNAWAYS #2 (OF 4) $2.99- I hope I don't end up feeling like this series has been a waste of money. As it would be one of the first Civil War tie-ins that I have felt this way about. I don't know if Runaways or (when it returns) Young Avengers are hurting for new readers. But I would be surprised if this has pulled anyone in. Brian K. Vaughan is tying into events from this series in the regular Runaways title (after Civil War), so maybe that is a good sign.

KABUKI #7 (MR) $2.99- How sweet it is! Kabuki returns to my doorstep. The end of the first arc. I highly expect big things... like my actually understanding even less then I do. This is the kind of series that you can probably pull as many different reactions from as there are readers. If and when the trade comes, I cannot recommend it enough. It is a wonderful journey into self discovery.

SHE-HULK 2 #11 $2.99- Oh, it is on now. Jen stands between her husband, Man-Wolf... and his prey (and wannabe husband) Pug. It is anybody's guess what happens next. Is She-Hulk under a spell? Will the bite Pug received turn him into a wolf too? Can the Man-Wolf tinkle on the paper?

X-FACTOR #10 $2.99- Layla knows things. That is all I know. Peter David is crafting quite a few mysteries here, I will never know how he does so much. I cannot recommend his books enough. And the art while fluctuating always keeps a solidly dark feel. It's like a enigma wrapped in a riddle and covered in caramel.


COBB OFF THE LEASH #3 $3.99- The return of Dirk Squarejaw has been a long time coming. The ever-resourceful, rough and tough, take no bullsh** while taking out bad guys hero. There is alot that is adrenaline candy in this book, alot of surface storytelling. But there is alot to be said for those stories. Sometimes you just need something fun.

CSI DYING IN THE GUTTERS #1 $3.99- Speaking of fun. One of the most popular TV series tackles the case of one of the comic industries least liked gossip monger. Follow the death of Rich Johnston with cameos from all sort of comic pros.

FALLEN ANGEL IDW #8 (MR) $3.99- Yet again another Peter David penned comic book. And as it says in the previous comments section this book is on a quality level and only getting better. An expertly crafted world where the characters operate in an area of grey, though the stakes couldn't be higher.


ULTIMATES TOMORROW MEN MMPB (RES) $7.99- The high octane Ultimates make their prose novel debut. I am very excited about the resurgence of original Marvel novels coming out. The biggest one thus far has to be an upcoming Wolverine novel written by David Mack in October.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Comics to Come (in a week)

Shipping This Week: AUGUST 23, 2006


BATMAN #656 $2.99- Grant Morrison continues his story of Batman with some huge changes, and the promise of a return to simpler times. While not my favorite (I am enjoying Paul Dini's run on Detective a bit more). I have to say that this premise has me intrigued. At the very least I will have an enjoyable issue to read. But in a few months, I will have cut off both titles. Bye bye Dark Knight.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 $3.99- I have to admit that the writer is the only reason I am getting this title. But it is Brad Meltzer of Identity Crisis fame. I enjoyed that book very much. It was quite busy with all sorts of characters and threads, but I think it only made me invest more. And while I remember some people being a bit put off by the ending, it was no less plausible to me. Anyway, I can't wait to catch up with this writer again, and find a title that keeps me in DC waters.


DAREDEVIL #88 $2.99- Wow if you are not getting this, you are missing a phenominal run. It is as if there is deja vu again, and the title of Daredevil is breaking new ground. Setting itself firmly with a great writer and artist team with a distinct direction all it's own. For those of who have been reading, it has been a great time to be a DD fan.

ETERNALS #3 (OF 6) $3.99- Speaking of a writer being the main draw. I can't say I would be getting Eternals if it were written by anyone else. Neil Gaiman is crafting a grand return for this secret sect of the Marvel U. It feels fresh and new, and while nodding at previous continuity (and often embracing) as a new reader I had no trouble keeping up. This one is worth the extra dollar.

HEROES FOR HIRE #1 CW $2.99- I am very anxious for this book. I am worried it will be one of those that failed to impress me, or that I might regret taking a chance on. But so far it looks like it will be alot of fun. A band of heroes come together with a common goal... money. Yet with the first job being something as controversial as taking a side in Civil War will everyone have qtheir eye on the prize?

NEW AVENGERS #23 CW $2.99- I hate to like this book, I really do. To me, the writer is at his best with one character. This book has a whole slew of them. Each time I find myself bored to tears as each hero seemingly lines up to take a punch at the villian of the week... in a couple of months there always seems to be the issue that focuses on one member, and brings me back. With Civil War it has been a series of single character focus. First Captain America, then Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (my fav)... and so it will continue, I think after Civil War though, I might be done. I was going issues at a time without bothering to read this book, and that cannot be a good sign.

SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE #9 $2.99- I love the story lines (mostly in TV and movies) where two characters can't seem to hit it off. One falls in love and the other moves on, then mistakes are realised but too little too late. There is just that sympathy that can be found on both sides, and it is easily relatable. Not to mention it just keeps you rooting and on the edge of your seat.

ULTIMATES ANNUAL #2 $3.99- I liked last year's Ulitimates annual quite a bit. It added to the main title, and was quite entertaining on its own. But there are many differences between this year and last. Last year had series writer Mark Millar at the helm, this year sees relative newcomer to comics Charlie Huston come onboard. And as my good friend helped me to realise, beyond this Huston is doing nothing else with the title. So, it already feels quite disconnected. I have not heard too many good things about this issue, but sometimes that brings my expectation down enough to make me say, "This isn't that bad."

WOLVERINE #45 CW $2.99- I am liking this title. Wolverine taking on the villian of Civil War... the reason that the Marvel Universe is at odds. And he is finding much more than he bargained for. I think if a writer wants to have that invincible character, that character that will always be mad enough, strong enough, determined enough, or crazy enough to do something, they need look no further than Wolverine. He is the ultimate fan fiction character.


FALLEN ANGEL IDW VOL 1 TP $19.99- I have these issues, but I still wanted to recommend this trade. Peter David has taken his creation to new levels at IDW, and I think IDW is happy to have him. Especially considering Fallen Angel was supposed to be a mini and got extended to an ongoing. The art of J K Woodward is absolutely breathtaking, I am surprised the artist took to this character and to this world with such a masterful perspective. This title is entertaining, and intriguing and challenging. If I saw this trade sitting on the shelf I would be hardpressed to pass it up. I can't often say that about comics I already own.

So, there you go... just in time for you all to have already bought all your comics. (Both of you) Sadly, I won't get these until next week Friday. So, if you want to gloat use spoilers.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Comics I am Getting

Shipping This Week: AUGUST 16, 2006


GROUNDED TP $14.99- Been waiting for this trade for awhile. Not to say it is late, just that my excitement is high. I missed this limited series (Chuck Dixon says they don't call them minis anymore) the first time around. And 6 issues with the DCBS discount... well even the 15 dollars isn't a bad price at all. I can't quite remember the premise... something about a kid discovering his father is a superhero and that he is one too. Anyway, it has alot of twists on that tale. Mostly I am in it for artist Paul Azaceta. That is a high caliber talent who has a way with a pencil. If you are not currently enjoying his work on "Talent" from Boom Studios, then you should be.


RUNAWAYS #19 $2.99- Month in and month out this title impresses me. There is a story here that never slows down. Never has a bad issue, and always allows for an edge of your seat read. I recently listened to a podcast where the hosts commented that this was their soon to be dropped title, that it just is not quite up there with the previous volume. Having not read the first volume of this book entirely I can say that I must be feeling what they felt that first time... it is a hell of a ride.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #29 $2.99- This is another one of those titles that just as I drop it, something pulls me back in. And this time it is the unmasking of Spider-Man, and the focus on the bad guys that want revenge. I am actually pretty psyched about it. Painter Clayton Craine took on the art last issue, and it was something to drool about. This issue is not quite so expertly handled in the art department, but it features the confrontation between Chameleon (Spider-Man's first villian) should promise to be a pretty good read.

Another small week. Next week looks to have quite a few great books coming out though.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Something to Blog About

Shipping This Week: AUGUST 09, 2006

ESCAPISTS #2 (OF 6) $2.99- This book really impressed me last month. Such a striking use of visual storytelling. Really allowing fans of the medium to embrace and admire different styles and techniques. I still find it hard to believe that one artist did the whole book. I am expecting another great read, and really wishing this title was not a miniseries.


BEYOND #2 (OF 6) $2.99- Another example of the big twos' attempts to go home again. Though I have to give Marvel credit, their previous nostalgia minis have been mined from bad storylines... or made them dreadfully worse with a new execution. Still making another sequel to the original Secret Wars struck my fancy. I like seeing the contrast of what was once a big event... crossing into all titles... being now a miniseries which seems to relish in knowing that there is nothing of consequence. I mean Spider-Man is killed in the first issue. Yet he is in four other titles doing well. I can't wait until 15 to 20 years from now people are reading "Return to House of M". Wait, 20 years from now... who am I kidding? Be here for it next summer.

SHE-HULK 2 #10 $2.99- Why are you not getting this book? Oh wait, I can stop saying that?! Sales are not too bad? Oh, well, we return to see the fate of resident Marvel creep/ ladies man Star Fox get what's coming to him. Meanwhile all the supporting cast you have come to expect... oh except for the person who dies this issue (or the awesome android) Buuum Buuum Baaaaaaa

SPIDER-MAN FAMILY FEATURING AMAZING FRIENDS $4.99- Ok, so I am getting my nostalgia kicks on this little spin-off of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends... so what? "Return to House of M" people! I am not sure if I was ever a huge fan of this 80s gem, but I certainly caught a few episodes, and have seen a good chunk recently thanks to ABC Family. But Iceman and Firestar have always been two faves... and this is written by Sean McKeever... not to mention there is a new Chris Giarusso mini marvels. It is pricey, but I dare say I will enjoy the hell out of it.

Well, a short week. I am off to watch some Animaniacs...