Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Update During Down Time

The brood was up and about early today. Two of us feeling off and on tummy troubles (I sympathise Matty). And others still simply trying to get back to bed, and they made it. So now, us older men of the house can just have the occassional grumble and moan.

I thought about doing a comics to come today, but from the looks of the blog, I just did one. Moreover, a bit of financial strain means getting those comics might not be possible, but there are far worse things. We had quite a day yesterday, an RN came by to do a follow up with the baby and the mommy. I was of course, acknowledged, which is always welcome. But after that conversations commenced which may as well have been in French. It was still leaps and bounds above doctor visits during pregnancy. At least I was expected to listen and learn, and glad to do so, in a month there will be times that I am flying solo.

Becky is of course, achy... various body parts hurt for various reasons. But we were quite pleased all said and done. Free formula! Fine baby! Good visit all around. Followed by a whole bunch of family. Only one side luckily... My dad and his girlfriend. My mom and the kids. My grandma. My aunt and her kids. In like lions out like lions. :^)

I am not sure when I will be blogging again this week, if I get any comics, you can bet they will get a few words here. See ya soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Boys (and woman) Are Back in Town

Michael Allen Karguth joined the family on September 24th, 2005 at 12:05 pm. A day before his due date a few weeks too long according to Becky. He came out 22 inches long, 7 lbs. 1 oz. and of course cute as a button.

Becky and the baby followed by me and the baby

Matthew, Michael, and my Father Baby Michael Sleepin'

Monday, September 19, 2005

Comics To Come

CONAN #20 (MR) $2.99- Wow, I can't believe I am still reading Conan. This is the longest I have followed a Conan title (which could have been said after issue 2). One of the problems I have had with Conan is that his location, his supporting cast it all seems to change in the blink of an eye. It makes it hard for me to invest, I mean yes there is always Conan, but truth be told I don't like him all that much. Fine stories... great art... what is wrong with me?

SUPERGIRL #2 $2.99- The second issue of a surprisingly strong series finds Supergirl meeting Superboy (a half-Superman, half-Lex Luthor), and he is not very happy to see her. I have no idea why yet, that was the cliff hanger of issue one. All the while Lex Luthor is keeping an eye on our new heroine from some dimension unknown to me. Add to that, the fact that sometimes you get no respect even when you wear the "S".

DAREDEVIL FATHER #3 (OF 5) $2.99- Honestly, buying this series makes me sick. I am glad at the very least that the price was dropped from $3.99. But that still doesn't change the fact that I don't like the story, something desperately needs to pick up, because right now it feels like I am being taken.

EXILES #70 $2.99- Wow, Exiles is one weird book. Or maybe it just has one weird aspect... a man-chicken. Now, I am not sure anyone knows this, or if even my family remembers this, but there was one strange episode of the Ghostbusters cartoon. Where one of the characters (Egon) gets turned into a were-chicken (like werewolf). Freaked me out! So there you go, odd childhood admission. Anyway, pick this up, in spite of that ... still a great thing going on in this title.

NEW AVENGERS #10 $2.50- Ok, I hate when something is added into a comic well after the book started. A good example of this is Elektra, I don't mean she is a poor character, but I mean c'mon, I am supposed to suspend my disbelief that for 150 or so issues, this woman Daredevil never talks about was his first real love. I might buy that, if there weren't these huge amounts of time where Elektra is all he can talk about. Where am I going with this? Well this new arc of New Avengers focuses on the Sentry, a character who was written as existing in the 60s with the Marvel Age of characters like the FF and Spidey. Only he shows up now. I will give props to Bendis and the Artist (McNiven?) because the reactions of the characters... the realism conveyed in each panel, makes this all seem plausible. That a character existed... who could wipe himself from the minds of everyone. And when he is found out... he does it all again. I just hate Paul Jenkins.

RUNAWAYS #8 $2.99- I want to say it, I want to say in this issue Karolina dies. I mean it has been foreshadowed. It has even been said by a future version of team member. But Vaughn has pulled rug out from under me so much that my head is spinning. No doubt this comic will be my best of the week.

ULTIMATES 2 #8 $2.99- Although if there was competition these last two books would be it. Ultimates... what can I say? This book kicks the llama's ass! Seriously it is espionage, it is super heroics, it is Captain America's girlfriend on the verge of cheating on her old man, cause he acts like an old man. If you thought being a superhero was easy, this will add some dysfunctional twists that you never saw coming.

WOLVERINE #32 $2.50- This is Millar's (writer) last issue of Wolverine, and while he won't be leaving with John Romita, Jr. as artist, he will go out with a bang. I have to say that after this, I am very tempted to stop getting Wolverine. He goes the way that Conan should, a pleasant run to a character I will never visit again. Worse yet, Millar's going on hiatus very soon. He will be missed.

Next week is a big week for Comics To Come, hopefully I have a few entries between now and then.

Friday, September 16, 2005

So, it does no good

But once again, I have to toss a favorite comic out there. I know very few people read this, and honestly, I don't think that is the reason for this particular blog. I think I found a great comic, not only that, but a really cheap, beautifully colored, and healthily worded comic.

I mentioned this along time ago. Fell from Image Comics, well from Warren Ellis, Image was the only publisher with the stones to put this out. Now I will admit that months ago when I found this, the main pull was the price. $1.99. That kicked my nostalgia center into high gear. But even I was not expecting this.

Every panel, every page is used. 16 pages of uninterrupted and compelling story. Four additional pages to take you into the head of the author, and explain just exactly why he wanted to actually take a huge risk to give people their money's worth. Now I stopped believing in altruistic behavior along time ago, but I have to say, the author is not doing this for himself, except in the instance that every creative person does in that "have a story to tell sense".

But in all honesty Warren Ellis could have wrote this comic anywhere and made money... lots of money. This is a detective story, it is gritty and unforgiving, and it takes you places that for the most part are swept under rugs. In short the story, the main character, the city he finds himself in... it is all fucked up. And I know what you are thinking... c'mon Justin, you read Jughead... you don't know the first thing about fucked up. Well, try me, find this issue. Seek it out. It is two bucks... skip that morning coffee and take a ride with Fell.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this blog is so that in a "month or so" when issue 2 hits shelves, I am going to remind myself that Fell is one comic book that is fighting everything I dislike, it is giving me more than it has too, and so, I skipped my usual reviews for this.

I will thank me later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Li'l More

So, I couldn't wait any longer, I was going to let the DD pic sit there for a bit. But I had to put up my favorite of the strips so far. I just like this one so much.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The L'il Webcomic

So I was perusing some of my favorite comic sites, and one had a link to this wonderful webcomic, "Year One". It is a funny strip about Marvel characters in the first grade. Sounds childish I know, but it actually has alot of funny stuff. Plus I love the chibi style.

This comic is about the Li'l DD trying to emulate the pose on the cross from the DD movie... and originally from the cover of DD Vol. 2 #3. The link I posted will take you to the very first strip... note there are several strips, the DD one is #75 with still more to go.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dollar Store Daffy

So, I was perusing my local Dollar Store... we have several, but the one I want to speak of has everything under a dollar. Now most of the time I go into these stores with the lowest of expectations. But lately, I have been insanely drawn to the dollar DVDs that can be found... most of the time old movies and cartoons.

But on this day I was perusing the books, which seemed crowded with biblical throwbacks by the thousands. But there among the seemingly worthless literature, was a sketchy raw covered book with the very bold type DAFFY DUCK for PRESIDENT, a few quick page flicks through, and I was hooked. Written and illustrated by the legendary Chuck Jones, this book appeared to be some sort of children's book obviously over printed, or unpopular... as there were at least 15 or so available. I instantly bought it, a sketchbook of Looney Tunes for a dollar, how could I resist?

So for you all is a quick sketch I did tonight:

Friday, September 09, 2005

Shout out... Swear to God

Sometimes, given circumstances, you can have a book, that constantly grabs at you. A book that for all intents and purposes is perfect for you, and you kept telling yourself otherwise. I did this with Love As A Foreign Language... I did it with Strangers In Paradise. And I think I have done it again with Tom Beland's True Story, Swear To God.

The premise is simple a man explores a long distance relationship, and does so with sharp humor and strong characterizations. And now with this latest preview, he has hooked me. Because with this issue Lily (Tom's love interest) convinces him to start his own mini comic. I found this so endearing, so cute, and so much like a woman who sees something in her partner, that she helps him to become who he wants to be. Who he needs to be.

I have not fully explored his website, but I am sincerely hoping it has an option, for a guy with a relatively super hero stocked comic shop.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Comics To Come

FELL #1 $1.99- Warren Ellis, quickly becoming one of my favorite writers to watch out for. His writing is quirky and unexpected, but one can always find a solid story. Ben Templesmith on art is unknown to me, but just on the basis of the preview art I have seen, I may well need a bib while reading this (to stop the drool). And at $1.99, well that just hits my nostalgia button, this will no doubt be my best of the week.

DISTRICT X VOL 2 UNDERGROUND TP $19.99- The price tag seems a bit hefty for this trade, however, if I like the first volume (still not puchase) I will be getting this. Trades are easy to find discounted.

EXILES #69 $2.99- And now, the moment I have been waiting for, the world hopping arcs of Exiles. Yet again let my pimping session begin: The Exiles are a group of reality traveling mutants, brought together to fix inconsistencies in realities, and maybe pick up some teammates along the way... and perhaps each find their way back home. What will happen now that the man who brought them together was found to only do so for very evil reasons? End Pimping. My reasons for picking this up are simple, I love the what if scenarios, the future realities. A few of the stops will be the Marvel Universe (HoM), the 2099 Universe, and Future Imperfect among others. Perhaps the most refreshing aspect is that the writer (Bedard) and the artist (Pelletier) are going to show researched and faithful representations of these realities. And the fans can rejoice, every reality is somebody's favorite.

GHOST RIDER #1 (OF 6) $2.99- I am getting this for my brother (younger), but no doubt both my brothers will want a look. Painted interiors and a powerful writer. It makes me wish that I could enjoy it. Maybe I will.

HOUSE OF M #6 (OF 8) $2.99- Everything is falling together nicely. And the ambitious bi-weekly schedule is still going strong. This is an intriguing story that promised everything the heroes have wanted is theirs, now what is to become when they try to find the life they had before. If were anyone else but Bendis writing, this would be subpar, but as it is, with him this is an event.

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #7 $2.50- Well, I have been singing the praises of Sean Mckeever, now Eisner award winning, and this is one series that highlights why he is such a welcome writer. He can write books that everyone can enjoy. Make note of emphasis, everyone can enjoy it, you may not, but you could. Most importantly, kids can pick up a Spidey comic again. If you thought that was always possible, just ask a fan about Gwen Stacy. Oh and Mckeever's artist from Gravity, Mike Norton, will be joining this book soon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP #12 $2.99- Well the culmination of a storyline 12 issues in the making comes to an end. And Kirkman has been weaving quite a tale. I only found one issue really disappointing. And while some might finding it tough losing the series artist, I am looking forward to the new one. If only I could remember his name.

Now for the apologies. I really meant to return with a blog sooner. And that preview art, but as it is, it is not very good, and just for fun

And speaking of Gravity, I wanted to give the link to a new interview with the creators on the Pulse. As one of my faves, I think you will see why when you see the passion these two have.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Been Awhile

So, I am at a point in my life, where I am insanely busy, but doing relatively little. First and foremost, my wife is having a baby... soon. Oh how I long for naivety, I remember before Matthew was born, we were fairly certain it was going to be the week of the due date. Lucky for us silly young idiots, it was the due date. And now, with our second, it is a completely different frame of mind, because we have been told, it could be anytime this month. The wife is working so hard that she seems to be speeding up the process. There is something more than disconcerting knowing that I need be ready at anytime to pass out on a hospital floor.

Add to that, the car troubles... which in turn leads to a delay on a very promising job. My life is essentially on hold until the 7th (when the car can be looked at), until the baby is born then I will be needed for that. This all has my mind busy, but right now, I actually have little to do. Sure, I can look into my living room, and it appears an army of pinatas simply exploded there, but that is not likely to keep me busy.

Which brings me to my next thing, I have taken on a bit of a project. A volunteer, strictly for fun, project. A stupid thing to do, I suppose with the impending baby and job around the corner as it were, but this has me jazzed. Expect updates, hopefully in the form of artwork.