Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weak Weekend

I am not sure when it happened, or why I expect it to be different. But my weekends are just weekdays. Glorified by the majority of the populace, Saturday and Sunday are seen as roses in the desert. Not by me. It is a time of familial exhaustion. There is the normal day 3:30 am to 1, me and the kids. That's alright. But you throw in those x-factors, and nothing goes as planned.

The odd family event, which is attended in a state that is beyond exhaustion. Short of sleep and often times of temper. Because bless family, but they are the most brutally honest people one might ever encounter. Not in a spirit of malice, I suppose, but with the intent of being right. You learn some very hard truths, and then people move on, and you might just get a smile about how great things really are. For once, you are not the weakest zebra in the herd. It's family, and that spotlight is there so much you begin not to mind.

And then there are weekends that just seem to go south for a variety of reasons. Even the weekend you were sure that you could sail right through. A weekend that procrastinates for you. Pretty convenient, in truth. I just don't like when that procastinating takes place on what could be a "time to oneself" weekend. It was anything but. I am going to share the results of a little quiz I took online the other day.

Justin You Are A Little Monk-ish

You've got a few Monk-ish tendencies, but they're totally natural. You're more go-with-the-flow than grab-the-flow-and-redirect-it-so-it's-straight-and-symmetrical. Keep the delicate balance you've got between keeping order and embracing spontaneity and you'll be set. Mr, Monk might very well be envious of you.

I will admit that is probably a pretty solid description of how I go through things, that is until that river, that flow, shoots off in another direction. Then my balding gets a little more premature. So, in the words of another little bald man named George Castanza, "Serenity now!"

Saturday, March 04, 2006

TV or not TV

Ok, that is one really lame title. I had something better this morning, but such is how it goes. Here's the thing, TV is free. Or at least it has been most of my life. My family got 7 good channels, then the public broadcasting channel, then the religious channel, interest to me in that order. And still it was more than my father had... which he was quick to remind my siblings and I when our brains seemed to slowly drip out of our heads. And our eyes became more glazed than doughnuts. So I felt we were pretty fortutious.

And then when we went to people's houses and they had a few (hundred) more channels. I assumed it was great reception. Even my next door neighbor's TV, just luck of placement. I am a cartoon addict, so I was never really too jealous at what other people had. I suppose one can't really get into something with one viewing. Of course it was also the quality... Ren and Stimpy... Beavis and Butthead... looked horrible. And then it didn't help that when I would get to watch a repeated viewing, I had seen it before. This always baffled me.

And now, here I am reality having fully hit me in the face, I am paying for TV. I suppose my father's stubborness rubbed off on me. I have often said that there are a handful of channels I would like. And the rest are just there. Still holds true. Except that now... I go to bed well before anything good is on. I can't find Looney Tunes, at least not like I knew them. There is a version of babies... and a version of rainbowy Bugs and Daffy characters in the future. Batman and Superman are on at midnight and 12:30 respectively. What is a guy to do?

There was a Batman marathon of sorts today starting at 1 it was going on for at least a couple of hours or so. But even that did not get watched. My son was not convinced that Batman was going to save Thomas the Tank Engine. Frankly neither was I, I mean different companies... different people own the rights, but I didn't think he was smart enough to figure that out. I think Batman should pass on that Great Detective moniker addition of his.

If you pay for something, you should enjoy it, right? Ah well, someday I might be able to afford a Tivo and then that machine can find my shows for me. All five of them.