Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Neither Here Nor There

This seems like the type of day to straddle the fence. You have got the week behind you, and the rest of the weekend to dread and look forward to. Heck, it is even now the middle of the day, in the middle of my week.

Yesterday I speculated on my picks of the week as far as comics go. Last night I watched one of my favorite TV shows of the week. I am hoping the worst of the week is behind me. The problem with this being that, as I have said before my life is not my own. If I could ponder the remains of my week I would say tomorrow is my trip to the comic shop. And Friday I go to see Sin City. This does not include appointments... familial arrangements. And then one must leave room for the possibility of the impossible.

Heh, Sin City, the redeemer for mediocre comic movies. That might be plausible, from the inside looking out. For fans of the genre this is one of the few beauties that will shine because we see from the pages to the film reel. It would be safe to say, however, that for the movie going public, there will be no previous intimacy. Instead of Frank Miller, the visionary... it will be "Who?"

Oh, wait... X-Men 3, Spidey 3, Watchmen, Batman Begins, Superman Returns.... I think comic book movies will be just fine. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Venturing to Gain

It was one of those days. I got to bed late (ha) woke up early (ha). I don't want to talk about the day, so let's talk about my comic picks for the week. Daredevil:Redemption #3 we are halfway through. I have heard Hines is excellent on District X. And I know Gaydos does great work. This is a pretty good miniseries all around. And believe me DD needs a good miniseries.

Madrox: Multiple Choice TPB. This is what I have been waiting on. This and Vol. 2 of She-Hulk. Peter David ventures back into X-Factor... back into a character he co-created. I like PD's humor. Some find it to be a bit much, and with good reason, but anything can be a bit much if you don't like it.

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man. The big finale. Mark Millar is leaving... as are the Dodson Duo. I like Millar's work, and this time around he showed it really was work. It really did get my pulse-pounding, I think if I had a limited time in the Spideyverse I would pull out all the stops as well. And while it may have seemed to some like he had no plan, but in earlier interviews it was stated quite to the contrary, and it shows.

Pulse #8... This is no offense to Bendis... or Brent Anderson. But I don't care, I am sure it will all shape up nicely and that the Pulse/ Secret War plan is a thing of beauty, but I cannot see it. Prove me wrong, I know you are both prolific enough to do it.

Secret War #4: Unlike Pulse with this series I knew it would be a waiting game. Am I pleased? Yeah, this is a neat book. This is New Avengers squared, plus I get a kick out of the "extra" files.

Spectacular Spider-Man #26- I got this for the tie-in with Amazing. This is the finale for this arc, and I can't tell any reason why this story had to be told. It started of intriguing... and then the story and the art kind of took a dive. I will say it is better than Jenkins, but then I really hate that guy. The whole series ends next issue. Hmmm.... no tears here. I will be checking out whatever Samm Barnes pursues next though... she told a good story for some of the time.

Well there you go, another day, another blog. Yet again, I am reminded, all this because I had to be the first person to comment on someone else's blog

Monday, March 28, 2005

More Cowbell!

My little brother can make or break a family gathering for me. I am sure for everyone else it is the combination of my older brother and my uncle (and oh yeah the catching up with family *snore*) Now I love my family, don't get me wrong. I just don't like socializing, a game of UNO and a game of Scrabble was as close as I got. The game distracts people from the usual probing conversation one has to engage in.

"Justin how was..."

"Alright quit looking at my cards, Auntie. And for crying outloud I don't have a pair of sevens!"

With my little brother, it is nonstop impressions and the like. It was Will Ferrell day, so it was Harry Carey... and various other characters... I even brought up Dana Carvey, in the hopes that he would jump to that, and I would be prepared not to laugh. But he kept at it, his reward is seeing me not able to breathe and slamming my hand on the table for him to stop. My reward for the most part is that it allows me to have a little fun.

So, to all of you anti-social people, there will be a family holiday recovery meeting on Thursday, I expect everyone not to attend.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Hobby

Ask anybody, anybody (who knows me) what I most like to discuss? It is comic books, honest to goodness, disposable paper pamphlets, which while with age have historical value, offer little else truly consequential. And yet, for one person this seemingly meaningless thing, can hold so much. Honestly, it should be a shirt "Everything I know I learned from Spidey" and in fine print somewhere should be added, which is why I am such a screw-up. I got my first comic from my grandmother, I now know it was Spectacular Spider-Man #185. The only thing for years that I could remember is it had Spidey and two Leap Frogs. I got my humor from Spider-Man, as much my coping device as it is his. I got my sense of morality from Spidey, and it wavers but that is because of humanity. The only thing I did not get that I wish I had... his physique. (still waiting for that radioactive spider)

Now lately, through no fault of my own, it has been hitting me that my love for the medium might be faltering. Really, it is to be expected... everything ends. And yet, I am indulging in far more comic books than I did ever before. There is Bendis, and there is Millar, there are Identity Crisises and Sins Past. Who are my favorite writers, Dan Slott and Karl Kesel hands down. I just like some fun in my comics. I picked up a trade Gus Beezer... this thing was great. Just a kid and his comics... playing in his backyard... nobody was raped or brutalized. The Hulk got a wedgie (sort of). One of my favorite characters is Daredevil, at times my favorite hands-down, but I think I entered that series at the wrong time all together. Kesel and Nord... this should be put into TPB. But I am finding out, it is not DD, I mean really not DD.

Maybe it is not that I have lost a love for comics, maybe I have just gained a need for escapism again.

Friday, March 25, 2005

The CBG-ee Bees

I got CBG #1604. Pretty good stuff. Fascinating article on Red States and Blue States and the correlation of that to comic stores and buyers. Politics should have been done by Dr. Suess, Red State Blue State. My state You state. Oh wait, that was Bush's victory speech... my mistake. Anyway aside from my letter, another neat thing in this copy was a review with no rating... so bad was this work that it got nothing. I had never seen that before. I still have not read Peter David's column, his and John Jackson Miller's are becoming my monthly faves.

Well, the Easter holiday is coming up. This is one of those holidays ... that since I hit my teen years I have thought of as a push aside time. Really, would my family care if I just sat out the festivities this year. And inevitably, every year they do. I suppose when my son gets a little older I might enjoy seeing him on the hunt for Easter Eggs sadly disappointed that his family was not the one that brought the candy-filled kind. I remember my morning Easter Baskets quite fondly, this is where my parents put alot of special thought into the day. Sometimes your basket would be a hat with a favorite character or a neat little saying. My little brother got when when he was just a tot. And for years after that we don't have one picture where he was not wearing it.

So, I guess whatever any of us do on this holiday, even the most cynical and reclusive of us can enjoy some memories. Oh and more egg food variations than you can shake a rabid bunny rabbit at.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Broken Routine

What happened to me? I used to stay up until 1 or 2 am... more often than not up so late that I would just tell myself there was no need to go to bed. And now... any point past 9:30 pm is exhaustion, and if I wake up after 6 am I am cursing myself. My life was never exciting, I will give you that. But it used to involve more than spending the day trying to retrieve my "magic" glackses (glasses) from my son before they become as worthless as a handful of beans.

Wait, this is a great thing. Granted I can't always get a moment to myself, my house is in constant disarray, and I have a mounting knowledge of a few toddler programs. (If Barney gets into this house, he will be going out in traction). Wouldn't trade it though, I am being taught about life all over again, and this time I have a seat in the front. And I keep hearing "Do you know the Muffin Man?" *sigh* Good with the bad folks. Besides it won't be long and I really won't like his music... might as well sing along while I know the words.

Oh, I have not read all my comics... but I will comment on a few. Spidey/Human Torch was awesome. If you like Spidey, get it. If you like the FF, get it. If you are waiting for a Trade Paperback... good luck, it comes out in digests, and that is hard to find. Runaways, I am not sure where this comic is going yet, but I was able to read the first two issues from the last volume, and let me tell you this book is redeemable just for that. Keep it on your list if you are on the fence right now. Let's see, ah yes, Amazing Spidey, great visuals... Mike Deodato, Jr. You are freaking great. And Mark Brooks, his stuff really grows on me, he did Arana for a bit and I believe Marvel Age Spider-Man. His flashbacks were good too. My only complaint on the art side... was that I could not tell flashback peter and Weiderman apart for a bit. The story by JMS... it did not have me emotionally invested, I will chalk it up to something on my part. Because in and of itself it was just fine.

Well, that be the end of the rambling for today, if you think this is bad, you should hear my brother throw 80's nostalgia around or anything else for that matter.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Before I really get started I want to take a moment to mention my internet comic shop. I have been with them for a while. So long in fact I cannot even remember how I first found out about them. I am not a frequent customer, but I am tight with my money. Which is what attracted me to Not only did they have cheap back issues, but even their new issues were cheaper than cover price. Not to mention it seemed as if every week there was a sale 20% to sometimes 30% off. The only aggravation in this being, you always wanted to wait for the bigger of the two sales. Anyway, I was speaking in past tense, because there have been a lot of changes there. Not as many back issues, although I have a sneaky suspicion more are coming. And there appears to be a better focus on the business. If you are just looking for a place for when your LCS screws up, give this one a glance.

Alright, so who watched Blind Justice? I am telling you, it is one of the best shows to hit ABC in awhile, and that is saying something. I think it is the conflicts, conflict at work, conflict with the wife, conflict with your therapist. It does not help when everybody thinks you are a big jerk, and then you prove them wrong. This is the most true to life fiction I have ever seen. I am not talking about the cop part. Although, I am sure that is fine. It can all be summed up in this: Sometimes your wife really will be jealous of your dog. Anyway, if you have not seen it, let someone who has sum it up, and then watch next week. Biiiiig ol' conflict next week.

The trouble with Indies. Indy comics, the scrappers. I hear it all the time, those who support Marvel and DC are sticking it to the Indies. Let me put a new scenario in their mind. You live in a small town. You got one shop, and his idea of indy is Image and Darkhorse, guess what your idea of Indy will be Image and Darkhorse. Add on top of that, there is only so much money in my wallet, and Marvel is putting out some great comics. Not only is my favorite character (Daredevil) riding atop the waves of some of his best storylines ever. But even characters I paid no mind (She-Hulk) are on the top of my list every month. Even though, I want to support indies, I want to support change in well, I suppose just Marvel. And the fact is I learned along time ago to buy what I like. But I tell you what, pick a fave, an underdog, give me a summary, and a website where I can get it. And I will pick it up. Nuff said

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Firsts and Foremosts

Wow... I started this, having to ride on the blog back of someone else. I only wanted to leave one comment, sure I could have just IMed this person. But I wanted to be first, so it is written, so shall it be. What? You in the back... speak up. There was another button you say? It could have saved me from this mess. Intriguing.

Well, while I am here, and you are captive. *ahem* I'm Henry the Eighth, I am... Henr-- Ow. Alright alright. A little about me then, I am a stay at home dad. Most of the time willingly and other times pulling my hair out. I am a writer for fun. I read far too many comics. And my head can hold an unearthly amount of meaningless things.

Well, I suppose this will have to be short and bitter. I will give you one piece of advice, Don't read Blankets and then listen to Sister Hazel's Champagne High. I might be back soon, but don't count on it.

Oh, and check out my letter in Comic Buyer's Guide this month. It comes out this week... issue #1604. What, it costs too much? It is like a phone book compared to Wizard! And the same price! Buy it and tell me how much of a fanboy kiss ass I am... Go! *wipes spittle off screen*