Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Comics Coming In February

Ah, February... the month of love. Love of Comics and this month is no different. There is alot that I want to spotlight. So without further delay: These books will be available for order the month of December and are scheduled to ship in February. Be sure to tell your local comics shop that you want a copy. I have linked to more info where I can.

Devil's Due Publishing (Publishers will be in bold)

KILLER 7 #1 32 pages, black and white, $2.95- based on a wildly wacky and suprisingly violent videogame. This comic is about an assassin with 7 split personalities. Each one is varied and completely different from the next. The real person is a wheelchair riding old man who in the back of his mind has to be wondering if this mission will be his last. I was more enthusiastic about the premise then I was in the game itself so I am glad to see this get comicbook treatment.

Atlantis Studios

The Adventures of Paula Peril 32 pages- This is Indiana Jones with a twist. If you like excitement in your comics than this should be a pretty good draw. I have been scouring the internet for the page I first saw about it. But with no luck. The writer got me psyched about this, and I his comments are liked directly above (scroll down when you get there). Ah well, if you feel like being adventurous in your comic buying head to the website linked above and check out the characters.


Soulsearchers- Well, you have probably heard the pleas. Claypool is in some trouble. Now while I don't make it a point to support something just to save it. I do want to support something that looks good to me. And Peter David's powerful pun-filled parody on all things pop culture, is a perfectly passable example of such a product. (What that sort of thing worked for Stan Lee) Actually that is why I have decided to list indy titles first. One can always find a Marvel or DC book, but what if the book that comes next on the chopping block is that favorite title that you only get when you can afford?


ATOMIK MIKE #1 (32-pages, full-color monthly series)$3.50- This looks like genuine space-faring fun, with a bit of a twist. Space Raiders have been searching the galaxy looking for the next pile of loot. But what happens when the competion throws out a monkey wrench and turns the Captain (Mike) into a sapien of a more simian variety. Will the crew go bananas trying to turn Mike from a monkey back to a man. Ah who am I kidding... space and a monkey. 'Nuff said!

LIONS, TIGERS & BEARS TRADE PAPERBACK (offered again 112-pages, full-color trade paperback) $9.99- For those of you comic fans with kids you have probably heard of this series. I have read the first issue, and this is a well-written imaginative tale about a boy who moves from his hometown, and his only friends are four stuff animals, which his grandmother lovingly gave him. At night, however, the animals become his guardians. It's all ages fun as a boy adventures through new worlds, and it is artistically pleasing, with an animation style that is akin to some of the great family cartoons.

Archaia Studios Press

Mouse Guard #1- This looks like another delightful all-ages book. I highly recommend taking a peek at the preview I am linking to. The Mouse Guard follows three mice, who have to work together to keep a legacy that has been held for years. And a harmony that has existed just as long. I like these books because they show that the smallest creatures can have a big effect.


TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS #1 32 pages, $2.99.- Pure nostalgia fueling this buy. I didn't like the transformers growing up. In fact, I didn't really like this show, but the characters were varied and exciting enough that it kept me watching the one part I did enjoy. Rat Trap. A snarky smart ass of a character who was never afraid to tell it like it was. I always love those characters. It is why Raphael was always my favorite character in the first cartoon series of TMNT (not the brooding pissed off version that came as a result of the movies) Rob Paulsen thanks for helping me to perfect my cutting wit.

FALLEN ANGEL #3 32 pages, $3.99.- Alright, I know it looks pricey, I do. But this is Peter David, this is fully painted interiors. This is dark, and magical, and mysterious. Oh yeah, and plenty of tit shots. That's right full frontal, and half sometimes backal I am sure. All I can say is if you see a preview... or leave a comment with Peter David ( It is well worth a glance at the very least I think.


THE PERHAPANAUTS #4- For fans of the BPRD (from Hellboy) or even those who might become fans of Peter David's Soulsearchers, this is a similar vein. Paranormal investigators who ar quite paranormal themselves. Todd Dezago writing promises a quirky team dynamic, and hilarious storylines, and the artist's work seems to match quite well. Now, this is a four issue limited series, but I believe issues will be available through their site

STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC/REBELLION 25 CENT FLIP BOOK - 25 cents this is where the phrase to good to pass up comes in. This will be two new stories for KTOR (written by the talented John Jackson Miller) and Rebellion. Which promises to please those already getting the books and the newcomers who might jump on. I am not a huge Star Wars fan but even the artist in me says this always has the potential to be beat up reference material. But for all you Star Wars fans this is a good choice, heck it is even good if know a guy who is a Star Wars fans... give a little geek love this February.


ASPEN SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #1(32 pages, $2.99, Feb. 22)- Um, this needs no explaining... what?


ROCKETO, VOL. 1: THE JOURNEY TO THE HIDDEN SEA TP(304 pages, b and w, $24.99) This is a pretty big price tag I know. But from what I have heard this series appeals to a lot of people. It has the epic feel of LOTR, along with the adventure of swashbuckling fun with a bit of a sci-fi twist. I will probably have to wait on this one as my budget is pretty tight.

FELL #6 (24 pages, $1.99, in stores on Feb. 14)- Alright no excuses! You want a good done in one story... this is it. You want deep, sophisticated story telling that keeps you invested... this is it. You want murder mystery with a sympathetic smart lead... this it. Great art and Great story... it's all here. Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith. It's two bucks, ya cheap skate! Kick something to the curb and try a comic that leaves you feeling fat and happy, and your wallet fat and happy too.

And on that high note thus ends my Indy February picks. The links above will lead you to that particular companies solicits (most of the time). And while it may seem like it I did not list every company in existence, so keep your eyes peeled. Marvel and DC picks coming soon!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Marvelous Developments

So, I know some of you out there don't get the newsletter. Below are just a couple of exciting tidbits and features to come to the site. With still more on the way! I think you can get the newsletter by going to the Marvel site. Here are those snazzy features

Last week we asked you what you wanted to see on the new and you told us: Digital Comics!! Next week, launches our new digital comic reader with Marvel comics never before seen in digital form. See ya in 7! ~Long time visitors will remember this was a feature utilized quite well when the Ultimate Universe began, in fact I can remember having every comic available on my player, the catch then was that you had to be registered. For this new one I can almost bet there is a reasonable fee, but probably an even greater selection. I seem to recall at it's peak the old player had over 150 to 200 comics available to read~

Our first big announcement is our RSS feeds and Podcasts. Want to know when your favorite content on has been updated? Want to hear exclusive chats with the hottest writers and editors working on Marvel comics? Just subscribe to our feeds and you can stay up-to-date on all the latest Marvel news! ~This is just wicked cool. I hope they keep the podcasts lengthy. There is alot of people I could listen to for hours. Giggly Dan Slott in particular.~

Anyway, check out Marvel's efforts, I for one could support many more changes like this.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Who I am

I spent most of my life
on the the straight and narrow
with my blinders on
my soul was hollow

I tried to tempt fate
but I failed at that
I just looked at the world
and I turned my back

I was wallowing
following my point of view
And I'm hating
retracing every thing that I do

I'm not afraid to be who I am
I'm afraid I can't

Now I live my life
like it's not there at all
I take all my dreams
and I let them fall

I watch my boys
turn to men
saying, "Daddy, please try again."

I'm not afraid to be who they think I am
I'm afraid I can't

Copyright ©2005 Justin Karguth

Got up and went

So, here it is four a.m., and I am awake. Old habits die hard, but apparently the same can be said for new habits. I have been getting up at around four a.m. for the last three weeks. My wife has been working twelve hour shifts (something about inspections). And while that was supposed to have ended last awhile back, it looks now as though she does not know from day to day how long she will stay.

Well, today, I had the chance to sleep... and I had to pee. Hence the title, I even thought about putting (pee) in the title. It is also the last part to that, "My get up and go..." Anyway, I thought blogging might help, but to no avail. Ah well, it was going to be up at 3:00 tomorrow anyway. I am pretty sure the bags under my eyes could carry luggage. Ah well if any of you are up that early tomorrow... drop me a line.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Panel 2 Panel Reviews

All-Star Superman- Now this is what I like to see. Not quite what I expected from the All-Star books. But it is leaps above All-Star Batman (tall buildings above, in fact). Morrison offers up a quick origin, very quick, and then gets Superman doing what he does best, saving people. But it is by no means a basic hero story, the art sees to that. Now, I am not a Superman fan, in fact this is one of maybe an armful of Superman comics that I have read. The premise is both classic and engagingly original. Where Frank Miller disappointed, Morrison shines. Clear yet satisfying story, and truly unique twists. Oh, and be sure to read the epilogue, I almost missed it.

More reviews to come tomorrow. I promised this one to a friend.

Monday, November 14, 2005

What If...?

What if ... Charles Schulz were a Marvel fan?

This one just made me chuckle at 4 in the morning. Hoping it might do the same for whenever you wake up.

For more of these great strips: go here

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Comics To Come

So, I have a day before my comics get here. I figured I might get this out there.

CAPTAIN UNIVERSE/ DAREDEVIL $2.99- I am not sure what to think of this. I really hope it is good. For those unfamiliar with Captain Universe, it is some sort of entity that enhances it's wearer. And as far as I remember, it is kind of wished by the wearer. Now as far as this "series" I think the Captain Universe entity is dying in some way. And so it is going from hero to hero, luckily I am only getting this issue. So I am crossing my fingers it works reasonably well just reading by itself.

DAREDEVIL FATHER #4 (OF 5) $2.99- I am really disliking this series. There is stuff happening, I will grant that. But I really don't feel like any of it means anything. And I know part of that is, the delays have lost me. This really could have been weaved along side Bendis' run, and now it feels like a very generic story. The only consistencies are Foggy and Matt. And in name only. I don't know... I look at this, and then I look at Daredevil: Redemption, and I just shake my head. Redemption is the way to write a mini-series that stands on it's own. Still I have no one to kick but myself, for buying Father.

EXILES #72 $2.99- With this issue starts the jump into the New Universe. Now for those of you who weren't here for me pimping Exiles: World Tour, well you are very lucky indeed. It is just nice to see these universes (Marvel revamps and such) get a nod to those fans and creators that were a part of it. And I love the aspect of Exiles, a "quantum leap" type team of heroes forced to jump worlds and fix aspects. And now they have broken from their missions to simply try to get home to their own worlds. Teammates hate and love and fight together, and their only common bond is that they were taken without choice from their families and loved ones.

FANTASTIC FOUR WEDDING SPECIAL $4.99- I am not an FF fan. I never have been, even when it was readily available at my school library. I remember just getting an issue if Spidey was on the cover. At the time I didn't think that it could be a link to the Marvel Universe for free, I just didn't want to read about them. And now, well because Karl Kesel is writing this issue it has become a must have, I am paying $5+ for an FF book! Sometimes you follow a writer you enjoy to a book you normally wouldn't, nothing wrong with supporting a real person over a character sometimes.

FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #2 $2.99- Well, this is part four of Spider-Man: The Other (a twelve part Spidey crossover). And I am really rooting for this middle part. See, this crossover works like so, Peter David took the first three parts (crossing over Amazing, Marvel Knights, and FN Spider-Man) and now another writer will then take over the middle, and finally a last writer will tie the final three issues. With each writer coming back to Epilogue their own titles. Um, let me shorten this up LOL, wait for the trade, in the meantime stay away from Spidey for about a year while they play at keeping the books more cohesive. Thank goodness I started this cheaper service online ;^)

NEW WARRIORS #5 (OF 6) $2.99- This is a very funny series about a team of superheroes who start a reality TV series. Deciding that people who don't live in New York must need superheroes too. Anyway, a great bit of fun happens along the way, and there is the bigger mystery of what is going to keep them together.

PULSE #12 $2.99- Jessica has her baby! Okay... okay knowing the writer it won't be until the last page. But still pretty frekin' cool. I still wish this series was a bit more important in the scope of what purpose it holds, but having Gaydos on art makes it alot easier to love.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Better to have loved and lost...

Here there be mild SPOILERS about House of M #8 ... um... Aaaarrrrrr

Ok, you are going to think I am silly. I think I am silly. But I went through something tonight. I read House of M #8. And I am very sad. Let me preface this with some back story. When I read HoM #7, about a month ago, and it was revealed that before everything was returned to normal, "No more mutants!". Now I already knew that not all mutants would be gone, that there would be 198 of them in existence.

Big frekin' deal. I don't read X-books, rarely ever did. I just wanted HoM to be worth it. As we are taken back to everyone's return to the Marvel Universe, we find out that mutants are still alive and well, just powerless. A good move on Marvel's part, every character is somebody's favorite. Except me, mutants schmutants... or so I thought. Then... then out walked Iceman... I knew it was him instantly... he was covered in sweat. Sweat. Iceman does not sweat... his bodily functions pertaining to temperature don't exist. Oh god...

No! Not Bobby Drake... not Iceman. Fuck no... c'mon. He is still alive. Oh, that is a bunch of horse shit, he may as well not exist now, without powers Marvel is not going to use him. They sent my character into comic limbo. Your character... seriously? Four words... Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. That's five words. No, the & is a symbol. Were you dropped on your head as a baby? No comment. That means "yes". I am mourning.

Sorry to spoil what I have, but I could not convey this otherwise. The Iceman does not cometh... Oh yeah, and pick up Marvel Team-Up #14, it does not disappoint.

A bit of digression

I will fully admit, I don't know exactly what that word means, I have gathered that it means something close to 'getting off topic'. So, that is how I will use it here. Actually probably not... but I am going to attempt it. For the month of November, I will be getting comics through my shop. So, I will still do the 'Comics to Come' or the 'Panel to Panel Reviews' on a weekly basis.

Following that I will be getting my comics through a highly recommended online service. It took much persuasion, a bit of heavy thinking. I suppose if some were to not have their shop. They would lose a sense of community. I would not. My wife has been making the trek into the shop for me, since there is no ramp. And could I go in, there would be no sense of community. Another thing is, I will completely be rid of is coming in week after week to find something not ordered, something I requested months in advance. Well with this site, they order when I place it, so I can order months in advance. If I didn't get something, then it is because I did not order... simple as that. Add to that... I saved $50! Which in my mind has me saying, yay $50 dollars more I can plan on getting LOL, but for the most part it will probably be saved. I am content buying what I do now.

Actually I fibbed up there, I am saving close to $30, but that is with some extras... bags and boards for everything. Twice a month shipping instead of monthly. Bottom line, if I wanted the same stuff I get from my shop, I save $50. I wanted to try some perks. Anyway, I won't pimp the site (yet), but I wanted people to know why there might not be many comic-related blogs from me after November. Ta.