Thursday, March 01, 2007

Now In Technicolor

Well, I have decided that with the new month of March here in full force, that I might start an attempt at blogging again. I would say something like it is fitting since my blog started in March a couple of years ago. But that is not it, truth be told this has been on my mind for some time. I suppose the smart person would prepare a bit, build up some entries so that there is no faltering, but this is for me, always has been. Maybe there will be more to reflect that.But for today it is business, as usual, with a comic-centric announcement. Spider-Man is swinging his way back to television, and I couldn't be happier. It has been a hell of a veritable decade without Marvel cartoons.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.And in true Marvel form, at least if memory serves me, this recent cartoon renaissance started with the FF. Granted it didn't get as much acclaim as the comic in the sixties, but if anything it was fitting. But now comes one of the most resilient heroes to make his mark. I have often stated that I love Spider-Man. And the reason is that through everything... constants remain. Some would let that dissuade. But to me those favorite characters are ones that you could have adored as a child... and you can come back and visit and still enjoy their company. And thankfully the people in charge of this new cartoon coming in (hopefully early) 2008, seem well aware that if it isn't broke, they shouldn't fuck with it. From the article via Newsarama:

"The new animated series picks up the original web-slinger’s mythology at the beginning of his hero’s journey…as a not-so-typical 16-year-old entering his junior year of high school. Having spent the summer engaging common criminals with his new-found powers, Peter Parker must conceal his secret identity while engaging a new level of terror – the multi-leveled pressures of teenage life at home and school while combating bigger, badder super-villains in the real world.

“Our goal is to reinterpret these great characters and concepts for our millennium,” Weisman said. “We’ll have plenty of resonant material for the Spider-Man fan, while engaging the Spider-Man novice with the same thrills we experienced when we were first exposed to the character. Our stories will appeal on multiple levels with plenty of eye-candy, action, humor and colorful characters for the youngest demographic balanced with extensive character development for ‘tweens, teens and adults.”

Now the long time reader of this blog (and yes there is one) will notice that Greg Weisman is mentioned. Which to me says quality. The man is very passionate about a lot of his projects, and he puts his heart into it. There is of course no sign of animation style. Or who will provide voices. But that has never been what I look for... if there is a quality story, I would be happy.

And a Stan Lee intro... well that would just be gravy.