Friday, June 30, 2006

Comics to Ship (Today?)


LOVELESS #8 (MR) $2.99- I am not sure why I decided to start getting Loveless. Perhaps it was in that quest to find that perfect comic book for my father. (I am one of those people who leans toward the idea that there is a comic for everyone). However, I quickly found that Loveless and the characters and stories within were something special. A western focus is out of the ordinary from one of the big two anyway, and an expertly constructed one, with passion and focus for the genre. Well, this might be truly unique. And well worth a read.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #533 CW $2.99- This has to be one of Strazynski's (writer) strongest arcs. Not because it has the most buzz. Or because it is the most passionate. But because it is structured well, and grounded in reality. If you have been reading this title, you know that Spidey has been in some pretty unbelievable stories. This is a breath of fresh air for the title. And for Civil War readers, a nice companion title.

DAREDEVIL #86 $2.99- This title... *drool* it has finally started putting Daredevil at the top of my read pile. I am in no way saying it was not of very high quality before the new team started. But something about this run has lit a spark in me, that I haven't felt since Kesel's run on DD... I think it might be the idea that anything can happen, and if you blink you might miss it.

NEW AVENGERS #21 CW $2.99- Didn't I just talk about this title last week, it sure feels like it. I think somebody hit the nail on the head in a review I read, which is that New Avengers tries to be and do too much, it was the resolution to Avengers Disassembled, which led to House of M, it dealt with Secret War, and now Civil War. And I hate to say it, but it is hard to do that... with a team full of personalities to pin down. Bendis needs to give himself and his title time to breathe, and maybe create that makes this title relevant to itself.

NEXTWAVE AGENTS OF HATE #6 $2.99- This is a pretty good example. There is not a thing that has happened in Nextwave that I can tie to any other title currently, and maybe that gives it a cult solidarity. But it works.

RUNAWAYS #17 $2.99- If you aren't picking this up, nothing I can say will convince you. This is a quality title, and has been for nearly 36 issues. I have put down every issue, and immediately wanted to know what happened next.
This hits on all cylinders (whatever that means). Give it a read! Hey, I said I couldn't convince you, doesn't mean I won't try.

SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE #7 $2.99- I would say something generic such as "Hey, I only get it cause it's Spider-Man." I try not to read comics like that. Buy what you like. And I like this book. I mean if Spider-Man the movie can feature the strong romantic theme that it does, why can't one of the comics do that too?

WOLVERINE #43 CW $2.99- I love Wolverine when he is focused. When he is all about doing what needs to be done. If it suits the character ... run with it. I don't want to see Wolverine and Punisher moping around a coffee house. I want to see them indulging in the darker side of vengeance. Reminding readers exactly why you don't want to be on that particular side. And Wolverine is the only one actually hunting for a guy who blew up a bus full of school children. Gotta love that.

X-FACTOR #8 CW $2.99- Not at all sure how this ties into Civil War. But this is one of the best books on the shelf. And I don't think I have ever said that about a book with an X in the title. Heed these words and know them well, Peter David tells some good yarns. If you see his name on a book, and you don't like it. You probably would not have liked that book written by anyone.

YOUNG AVENGERS #12 $2.99- Cha-ching. I have to say, this has been a book on a very wonky schedule. So, its conclusion is almost bittersweet. I hope the next time this title comes out, it might be just a bit more timely. A very good book, and likely will make a veeery good hardcover.

JUGHEAD #174 $2.25- I have explained my fondness for Jughead. I like the character. This is the comic I would buy if I could buy only one... blah blah. It just entertains me on a base level. Makes me happy everytime I go to read it.

VILLAINS #2 (OF 4) (MR) $3.25- I have no idea about this book. First issue is coming in this next shipment... I suppose it might be nice to read one and two together, except I don't think that two is coming in this shipment. Not sure what is going on there.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Comics at my Doorstep

It's been awhile since I did this sort of thing. Where I talk about the comics I was going to get in a certain week. And discuss, expectations of storylines and such. Or why I am still getting that title that hasn't really been hitting the right notes. This is last week's comic offerings. I know for those getting them weekly this seems a bit late, but I won't get this and next week's comics until sometime after July 4th.


ALL STAR SUPERMAN #4 $2.99- There is very little DC that I get, and of what I do, it is very easy to drop a title at moments of lost interest. All-Star Superman is one of the few titles to which I will give the benefit of the doubt. It has solid storytelling by Grant Morrison. And fantastic art by Frank Quitely. Both of those names carry along praise and accolades. But more than that, this is the Superman story, that you know they wanted to do. Grant has said as much, and Frank has said he wanted to be along for the ride. The passion is there, the detail is there, and it feels like the writer is really pulling no punches. Always entertaining, with a modern take on the zaniness that can sometimes come along with that big red S. This is the perfect amount of Superman for me.

JUSTICE #6 (OF 12) $3.50- I got this book because of the art of the phenominal Alex Ross. I haven't regretted getting it yet. It is a huge story, shadowing that of Secret War (or even Civil War). Where it should lose character moments... it only further solidifies everyone's personality, because the glimpses of the characters that you see are spot on. I won't say this adds realism to the Ultimate Superhero/ Supervillian showdown, but it is certainly not a story I would not mind seeing. It has the simmering boil of a story portrayed by Brian Michael Bendis, with the fantastic elements of a Dan Slott or Mark Millar story. In fact the only fault I can hold to it, is that I don't know all the DC characters that well to enjoy it on the level that others might.


ETERNALS #1 (OF 6) $3.99- This is probably the intimate event comic of the summer for me. I missed out on 1602 when it was hitting the shelves, I won't make that mistake again. Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. are painting what looks to be a wonderful mix of (perhaps mistaken) mythology and superheroics. And I can't wait to see what results. Sometimes the best stories are with characters that you knew very little about.

NEW AVENGERS #20 $2.99- This is one of those books, that I hesitate to read, and maybe doesn't stick with me, or even get the credit that I give to books like Runaways or Young Avengers. Nonetheless, it is solid storytelling by Bendis. And I always enjoy it.

ULTIMATES 2 #11 $2.99- How long has it been? It feels like far too long. Ultimates is everything the Avengers should be. The team is falling apart. The idealism is crashing on its head. If you ever wanted to see what happens when the road paved with good intentions, is done so by super heroes... this is the book. This is one of those maturely layered books, with the outrageous action one expects from Mark Millar. And it is the only Ultimate title that I read.

FALLEN ANGEL IDW #6 $3.99- I am so glad I support this book. What was failing sales when Fallen Angel was at DC. Have now become a goldmine for IDW. And with good reason. This a complex and beautifully illustrated book. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark... always a good read. First trade comes out in... August. And look for that IDW logo, as DC also suspiciously reissued their first and only trade of Fallen Angel as well.

GARGOYLES #1 $3.50- Wow.... to say I have been anticipating this would be a big understatement. The problem with preordering comics is that you are anxious months before it is even solicited. In this case probably several months. Gargoyles was a Disney cartoon series released in the mid 90s. And it had alot going for it. Compelling mythical creatures cast into modern day. With a backstory as fascinating and wonderful. Likeable characters. It was a glorified hit. And most importantly it didn't talk down to kids. Then Season 2 came... and it pulled no punches. Embracing fantastic literary elements of the past... Arthurian lore, Macbeth, and most notably A Midsummer Night's Dream. Just to name a very few. It embraced imagination and continues to do so with an annual convention (this weekend being its 9th year) and a devoted fanbase that is still going strong. The show's creator has returned to pen this very series... if you want something smart and character driven, and still a great read for kids. This will likely be that series.

LOVE AND CAPES #1 $3.95- I have heard so many good things about this book, it was even linked to my site for awhile. Anytime one of these indy guys can tell me about their book beforehand, and I like the concept, I am in. Which is what happened here, this guy spread the word, and the romantic comedy with superheroes... I like what I saw. I hope others did as well.

And since I want to pique Gargoyles interest a bit more here is a link to more info on the comic, I might also post reviews as I can find them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One-Track Mind

Okay, so I always feel like I am cheating when I just pop in someone else's blog or comment, and add my own two cents. But, I suppose a blog is a blog.

And this is from the blog of Gilbert Gottfried (you know, the bird from Aladdin, the yelling guy) :

"As I was boarding a bus, the black woman driver said to a woman passenger, “I get all the comics on this bus.” Knowing she was thrilled to see such a famous person, I flashed a smile at her. I figured, what the hell. It takes so little effort to bring a taste of my fame and greatness into this woman’s sad, boring, non-famous existence.

She looked at me stone faced. As I sat down, she got up and started picking up trash on the bus. She started muttering to herself, “They always leave their goddamn news papers and comics.”

I put my head down and stared at my shoes for the rest of the ride like the pathetic schmuck that I am."

And being the schmuck that I am, I assumed the bus driver meant comics. Sometimes you needn't look to far to know where my mind is. I need to start chatting up some bus drivers, sounds like a daily gold mine.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Me Mutant, You Mutant

So, I recently got this little digest from Marvel. Appropriately titled X-Men Firestar, I got it having once been a pretty big fan. I crack it open, and barely a page in, I see that image. The mark of the mutant. And I am instantly flooded with the deja vu that I have seen this somewhere before.

As a kid, I saw this in some comic, once upon a time. And I can remember... having the mark. Being one of the select few. And for the most part, I god damn loved it. Now, I don't think the mark is actually referenced anymore. But you have to wonder about the genius of it, even now looking at my left hand... the mark is nearly there. Enough for the anxious boy I was to make that leap. So, take a peek, and I hope I can welcome you to the fold, gifted youngster (at heart)!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006