Saturday, June 24, 2006

Comics at my Doorstep

It's been awhile since I did this sort of thing. Where I talk about the comics I was going to get in a certain week. And discuss, expectations of storylines and such. Or why I am still getting that title that hasn't really been hitting the right notes. This is last week's comic offerings. I know for those getting them weekly this seems a bit late, but I won't get this and next week's comics until sometime after July 4th.


ALL STAR SUPERMAN #4 $2.99- There is very little DC that I get, and of what I do, it is very easy to drop a title at moments of lost interest. All-Star Superman is one of the few titles to which I will give the benefit of the doubt. It has solid storytelling by Grant Morrison. And fantastic art by Frank Quitely. Both of those names carry along praise and accolades. But more than that, this is the Superman story, that you know they wanted to do. Grant has said as much, and Frank has said he wanted to be along for the ride. The passion is there, the detail is there, and it feels like the writer is really pulling no punches. Always entertaining, with a modern take on the zaniness that can sometimes come along with that big red S. This is the perfect amount of Superman for me.

JUSTICE #6 (OF 12) $3.50- I got this book because of the art of the phenominal Alex Ross. I haven't regretted getting it yet. It is a huge story, shadowing that of Secret War (or even Civil War). Where it should lose character moments... it only further solidifies everyone's personality, because the glimpses of the characters that you see are spot on. I won't say this adds realism to the Ultimate Superhero/ Supervillian showdown, but it is certainly not a story I would not mind seeing. It has the simmering boil of a story portrayed by Brian Michael Bendis, with the fantastic elements of a Dan Slott or Mark Millar story. In fact the only fault I can hold to it, is that I don't know all the DC characters that well to enjoy it on the level that others might.


ETERNALS #1 (OF 6) $3.99- This is probably the intimate event comic of the summer for me. I missed out on 1602 when it was hitting the shelves, I won't make that mistake again. Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. are painting what looks to be a wonderful mix of (perhaps mistaken) mythology and superheroics. And I can't wait to see what results. Sometimes the best stories are with characters that you knew very little about.

NEW AVENGERS #20 $2.99- This is one of those books, that I hesitate to read, and maybe doesn't stick with me, or even get the credit that I give to books like Runaways or Young Avengers. Nonetheless, it is solid storytelling by Bendis. And I always enjoy it.

ULTIMATES 2 #11 $2.99- How long has it been? It feels like far too long. Ultimates is everything the Avengers should be. The team is falling apart. The idealism is crashing on its head. If you ever wanted to see what happens when the road paved with good intentions, is done so by super heroes... this is the book. This is one of those maturely layered books, with the outrageous action one expects from Mark Millar. And it is the only Ultimate title that I read.

FALLEN ANGEL IDW #6 $3.99- I am so glad I support this book. What was failing sales when Fallen Angel was at DC. Have now become a goldmine for IDW. And with good reason. This a complex and beautifully illustrated book. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark... always a good read. First trade comes out in... August. And look for that IDW logo, as DC also suspiciously reissued their first and only trade of Fallen Angel as well.

GARGOYLES #1 $3.50- Wow.... to say I have been anticipating this would be a big understatement. The problem with preordering comics is that you are anxious months before it is even solicited. In this case probably several months. Gargoyles was a Disney cartoon series released in the mid 90s. And it had alot going for it. Compelling mythical creatures cast into modern day. With a backstory as fascinating and wonderful. Likeable characters. It was a glorified hit. And most importantly it didn't talk down to kids. Then Season 2 came... and it pulled no punches. Embracing fantastic literary elements of the past... Arthurian lore, Macbeth, and most notably A Midsummer Night's Dream. Just to name a very few. It embraced imagination and continues to do so with an annual convention (this weekend being its 9th year) and a devoted fanbase that is still going strong. The show's creator has returned to pen this very series... if you want something smart and character driven, and still a great read for kids. This will likely be that series.

LOVE AND CAPES #1 $3.95- I have heard so many good things about this book, it was even linked to my site for awhile. Anytime one of these indy guys can tell me about their book beforehand, and I like the concept, I am in. Which is what happened here, this guy spread the word, and the romantic comedy with superheroes... I like what I saw. I hope others did as well.

And since I want to pique Gargoyles interest a bit more here is a link to more info on the comic, I might also post reviews as I can find them.


Kev said...

Needless to say, this is more of a *comics to come* blog from my point of view, as I am even further behind than you are.

I am looking forward to Eternals much more than I did Civil War. I love Neil Gaiman, and a collaboration with JR Jr is to be welcomed. I have high hopes.

I loved the last issue of Fallen Angel. Each issue has been excellent, but there was something about #5 which took it up another notch. The painted artwork is beautiful, and the writing is not half bad ;-)

All Star Superman is a surprise hit for me. I am not a DC reader, for the most part, but Morrison and Quitely make the character work for me.

Should I still be agonising about dropping New Avengers all those months ago? I don't think so. But I get the odd little doubt, as I'm sure I will about Civil War (if only because when Civil Wardrobe hits the stands, it will, sadly, be lost on me).

You might have to nudge my (terrible) memory about Ultimates. I know I was enjoying it, but can I remember anything about it? Absolutely not.

And Gargoyles and Love and Capes...I am sure they must be on sale somewhere over here, but I'm buggered if I would be able to find them. Oh, to have a DCBS equivalent...

Shutting up now and going to bed.

Justin said...

If you remind me then perhaps we could discuss all this later. Some very good points there... also have you seen the preview art for Fallen Angel #6, nice new style there.