Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Comics to Come (12-21-05)

Shipping This Week: December 21, 2005


JUSTICE #3 (OF 12) $3.50- What a series! I have always said that I would like to be able to approach the DC Universe with one book. A kind of starter book, and then if I wanted to, I could branch out from there. This book fits that spot very nicely, it spans the heroes and villians and puts them all in an unusual but exciting situation. The bad guys think they are the only ones who can save the world, and the heroes don't even know it is going to end. Plus with assisted interiors and story plot by Alex Ross it looks as great as it reads.


IMAGE FIRST TP (MR) $6.99- It is very rare when a company puts a product out that I will say something like "following so and so's lead". But this is one exception, because it is painfully obvious that Image is doing this in response to Vertigo's excellent First Tastes TPB. I am not going to fault them for that, I would like to see all the bigger companies doing more books like these. Vertigo is on their second volume, so it must have been successful. And really the price points are really good for a variety of first issues. My only complaint would be if this is comics that Image first came out with, as I think they have a much better range of material recently then their initial superhero fare.


MARVEL SPOTLIGHT JOHN CASSADAY SEAN MCKEEVER $2.99- I am not sure what to expect from this magazine. I think that magazine better describes the material that is going to be presented rather than the format, in this case. And really they picked some top notch talent to spotlight in this first issue. I am less familiar with John Cassaday but I did get to see his artwork in the Astonishing X-Men TPB, and it is really excellent. Realism mixed with the wonder of the fantastic. And Sean (*Eisner Award Winning) McKeever, I have sang his praises so many times on this blog that I would be surprised if you did not know who he is. He writes the amazing title Gravity, along with two Mary Jane miniseries, and an upcoming series Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, also Marvel Adventures Spider-Man. And all of them are great reads. I am crossing my fingers that I like this new Spotlight, as I am now buying it a couple of issues in advance. *Sean Mckeever insists everyone call him Eisner Award Winning

RUNAWAYS #11 $2.99- Wow, it seems like more often than not, this is the title I have to think back in my head as to what happened. There is no denying it is a well-written and drawn series... it is just that so much happens. And I like to know whether to recommend a book on its jumping on issue, this current issue is mid-arc, so it might be a bit hard to get into it. But this has also been one of my favorite arcs. Those Los Angeles outcasts kicking it with the old pro heroes in NY city. What's not to love?

SPIDER-WOMAN ORIGIN #1 (OF 5) $2.99- This is one of those books that I would not have gotten probably even a year ago. I just did not care for the character, but this is not unlike She-Hulk, in that this is a character I am quickly gaining interest in thanks to thought out writing. And I figured since I was planning on getting the ongoing series (coming sometime next year). And I trust both writers Brian Reed and Brian Bendis. Brian Reed co-wrote the excellent Ultimate Spider-Man game along w/ Brian Bendis. Bendis, who writes alot of great Marvel comics now... like oh New Avengers, Pulse, Daredevil and lots lots others. And art by the Luna brothers who were fan voted on the Bendis message board. Should be beautiful stuff.


JUGHEAD #170 $2.25- This is here to remind a friend of mine to look into giving this character a try this week. I will be getting issues in March. So I can comment more then.

JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #118 $3.59- This is my last month of chasing this title down, as I have already added it to my DCBS shipment for January. I always liked Jughead, he just to me seemed the most level-headed and relaxed of the Archie crew. I mean the main characters (Betty, Veronica and Archie) all have eccentricities. But they rarely change. And even if they do, it just feels forced. Where as Jughead has that ability to surprise me every time I read, and yet it is still very true to his character. He is very smart, but he does not make it a point to let that be a distinguishing quality. And it is not that he hates girls, as many will say, he quite fancies and is a good friend to Betty. He lost his first love when she moved away, and later she came back, and their love was renewed, only to have her move again. I think that his non-commital attitude is so that he can maintain a solid wall. He has very few male friends, to be honest. And I much prefer Jughead's approach to Archie's... who just paints himself as a silly hormone driven goof. Beyond all that deeper thinking, I also relate to Jughead's wit, and willingness to stand up to convention. I like his speeches on being lazy and eating. He just is a very broad and fun character. I would continue reading Jughead if I got to read nothing else.


COMICS AS PHILOSOPHY HC $45.00- If anyone has read this or seen a review. It looks like it might be pretty good. I would have to get the softcover version though. Thanks for any help.

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