Sunday, December 18, 2005

Live and Let Lie

Well, I'm not the kind of man
who goes crying in his beers
or chasing all my pain away
with a drink beyond my years

I don't get all emotional
that's the way it's always been
yet you never fail to leave me lost
when you pack up again

An empty heart
and a pack of lies
rolled up in my sleeve
my day won't start
until I realise
Ask and she shall deceive

There's a wedding
somewhere in San Antonio
I changed my address
so I might not have to know

I didn't think she could hurt me more
and I suppose that much is true
but if I could do one single thing
I'd probably toast the groom

"She's got an empty heart
and a pack of lies
she's probably gonna leave
but your life will start
when you've realized
Ask she shall deceive."

Copyright ©2005 Justin Karguth


Anonymous said... that a song?

Justin said...

Well, I wrote it... sometimes I have a tune in my head when I write. Most of the time not. I am not very knowledgable about making music.