Monday, October 10, 2005

Props, Pampers, and Pit Stops

I don't have all that much to write about. The comics I have been reading have been pretty good, but nothing to blog about. Fell is still really good, so if you see it at the shop, and feel so inclined, support it. It really is going in a great direction, both in story, and for the comic book medium in general. I am not dropping Powers yet, a good solid story came through, so I will keep reading.

I want to say a bit about Peter David. Not only does he have an interview on Fanboy Radio (which meanders but is still highly entertaining) but he also has an article with Newsarama. He has some new series coming out. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, which I am going to go out on a limb, and say that if you have ever enjoyed Spidey, his guest spots in New Avengers, or guest spots anywhere. I would encourage you to pick this up, because Peter David really gets Spidey. And chances are that aspect that you enjoy about Spider-Man will be in this series. It will be part of a crossover for the first four issues though, so I hold no guarantee for issues 2 and 3 (since they are being written by other writers). More on this in an interview today by Pulse. Still another interview this time with Crawl Space! I have to say that the thing I loved most about all these interviews, is that they explore the many ventures PAD is a part of.

He is doing a new ongoing series, X-Factor. Which will be a dark noirish book about a group of mutants dedicated to fixing the world after House of M, and the trouble that results because of that. It also spins out of the Madrox mini-series, which I cannot recommend highly enough. And pretty much last, is Fallen Angel, a cancelled creator-owned series that is coming back in a big way. I was not a huge fan of the first series, but Peter showed such great enthusiasm that I had to give it another try. Plus the painted interiors... gorgeous stuff. Comes out in December though, so you know, if your retailer gives you a dumb look, wait a month.

Not alot of stuff going on here. I am currently pulling my hair out over a little side project I am working on. Which considering my free time ends in two days, I really should get the ball rolling. I have accepted that for the most part my house will be in disarray, it was hard with one kid, impossible with two. The new job also has me pulling my hair out, but I think that can be easily handled.

I was going to start off about how excited I was about having five comments, until I thought about it and it came closer to three. Ah well, thanks for reading.