Wednesday, October 19, 2005

January already?

That was my thought upon seeing three of the big comic companies posting their listings well before the end of the month. But, as anyone who knows me can testify, I am not one to complain (unless my wallet will be shrinking dramatically). In fact, it is a fairly safe bet that I will be thinking of little else for about two or three days.

It is always exciting, watching where creators will go, what gorgeous covers are going to be around, and who will be guest-starring in a book. There is strong argument for knowing too much about your comics too soon, but all the same this has to be one of the highlights of my month.

So, without any further delay, here are some of the new titles I will be picking up in January:

Hard Time Season 2 #1 (DC) ... $2.50- This title impressed me from having bought the first trade. And since DC was kind enough to renew it, I am going to be here for the first issue. 16 year old, Ethan Harrow, is sent to prison, it is a vicious fight for survival, but Ethan has a secret. As he sleeps, a strange entity comes to his aid, righting the wrongs that occur, and bringing grown men to a state of jittering fear. This is a graphic series that pulls no punches. I highly recommend it.

INVINCIBLE SCRIPT BOOK #1 … $3.99 - If you have been reading awhile, you know that I am a huge fan of the process behind the making of comics. This book is no exception. Invincible is being hailed as some of the freshest and most inventive superhero storytelling. And I can hardly pass up 6 issue in script format for that price. I think this may be my most anticipated purchase.

Cable/Deadpool #24... $2.99- I have... I think two issues of this title. I am only getting this particular issue because it is guest-starring Spider-Man. I know I was suckered, but the wise-cracking Deadpool tackling the witty Wall-crawler. This comic was made for me. Love the humor stuff. One of the lines in the first issue I got went like this,
DP: Where is this mercinary job you want done?
The Client: Well, it will be in France.
DP: I'm sorry, I can't work with countries the US is at war with.
TC: The US is not at war with France.
DP: Oh, okay... count me in.

Hellblazer #216 ... $2.75- New writer (Denise Mina) New artist (Leonardo Manco)and the start of a new story "Empathy is the Enemy." Constantine meets Chris Cole, an ordinary bloke who made the mistake of messing with a "harmless" bit of magic. He looks to Constantine to pull him out from the nightmare. This looks to be a promising jumping on point, and I intend to do just that.

Plastic Man #20 ... 2.99 - This is one of those series that I kept telling myself I would pick up. And now with this being the final issue, I wanted to do just that. It is a fun all-ages series written and drawn by Kyle Baker. The trades are still available so I might purchase those too.

For this week, let's see, I have to recommend picking up She-Hulk #1. Just give it a chance if you see it, it really is as good as everyone will say it is. Thanks for checking out things to come with me. And if you want to do some looking for yourself in January, go here for Marvel, here for Image, and here for DC . Darkhorse link will be posted when available. Happy hunting.

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