Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chewing up greenery pastures

So, I am going to talk about a few things... and in the process, I can't even promise I will have a topic. I am going to stay focused because I have alot to say, but really, I don't think anyone one thing will relate to another. First and foremost, my blog is moving to weekly for the time being, I have had a few added responsibilities, and to be quite honest I have not felt that my comics have been anything I need to talk about on this blog, not like I used to anyway.

This is really hard, my head is swimming with all sorts of stuff at 2 am., but mostly what I am surrounded by... comics. I would really like to vary discussion, but I would be lying to myself if I tried moving to far away from that. Life is standing still for me I think, and has been for a long time. I am at a point, where I am standing in the middle. I am not so bogged down with work, or kids, or anything else that I need to slow down, and yet I wonder why I am not content. I am working three days a week, five hours a day, and getting paid too much for it. And I don't want that. It fits my life nicely at the moment, but I am pushing away...

When my wife starts work, which she wants to do very soon, I will be the caretaker for two. I am not a good father, and I don't say that for pity, or anything like that. I am stating fact. My children would be better elsewhere. Or maybe, in a more fitting sense, I should be elsewhere. Who must I be, to feel as though I am?

Ah well, to bring this back to comics. I wanted to suggest a column, required reading as it were. It is called, Girl In The Clubhouse. It is an insightful column that expresses the closed of nature of comic books and comic shops. And how to embrace that comics are becoming some of the best literature available. While very straightforward, I guarantee it is nothing that any good-natured, sometimes self-loathing, and socially awkward comic geek does not already know. Anyway, if you are anyone who has wanted to dip your toe into some comics, she has some great suggestions. And as an aspiring (read "never going to happen) comic shop owner, I liked this second installment alot.

As far as online shops to find some of these recommended reads check out and scroll down to find sales links to some great shops.

Sorry to say I can't even recommend a comic this week. One that I found amusing was a Marvel Monsters book which was pricey. Gravity had a fine finale, but I have a feeling I will be recommending a new series for that soon enough. I also grabbed the Kingdom Hearts GN (yes Wade ... it's Tokyopop) but I am finding that the video game has a better story, the challenge is in being a talented enough game player to finish it, which is not much of a challenge admittedly. The GN is not bad per say, but it was confusing enough for me, and I know the story. The art is quite excellent for the most part though. Next week I will have at least a couple of comics to recommend you give a glance at. **cough** She-Hulk #1... trust me :^D


Anonymous said...

Kingdom hearts??? was that the video game with the disney characters on the playstation? email me and feed me on that one bro.

Justin said...

You can borrow it. I also have two issues of General Greivous waiting for you. I might bring them over to Aunt B's.