Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Comics To Come

FELL #2 $1.99- I am already going to give this comic, "Best of the Week", even though I probably won't get it this week. My comic shop might surprise me though. The pricing also makes it easy to say that if I only had the money to get one comic.... this would be it. And I would be quite content I think. It is the type of comic that just makes you glad to be a fan. And glad to know someone cares about the fans.

AMAZING FANTASY #13 $2.99- I am hoping this book surprises me. I have read a very disappointing review online. But as any comic friend can attest, I have pretty low expectations. All I look for in a comic is that it entertains me. And this... "western" part of the Marvel Universe sounds like it should at least do that. And it has been so long since I got to enjoy a Karl Kesel written comic

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #8 $2.50- Sean McKeever has been doing what few Spider-title writers have been able to do. Tell a straight forward and fun tale about Spider-Man. He doesn't try to leave his mark, or create some new aspect to the life of Peter Parker, he just tells great stories with a great character. And nowadays, that is really something special.

MARVEL TEAM-UP #13 $2.99- The heroes band together to bring down the power of an insane alien. And even if they weren't brought together by choice, they are not going down without a fight. I am looking forward to this issue. Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Nova, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel... the witty banter is going to be thick as molasses. This is a great book to get a taste of what is going on with the Marvel Universe.

POWERS #13 (MR) $2.95- This is the third thirteenth issue this week, I am glad I am not superstitious. I hate to say it, but Powers is faltering for me. Sometimes it has the best emotional sequences in comic books, and sometimes it feels like I am getting the issue for the letters page. I will keep with it a few more issues though.

SPIDER-MAN THE OTHER SKETCHBOOK $2.99- I am a sucker for sketchbooks. I think it is my desire to want to see every aspect of creation in a comicbook. I love the writing technique, the art technique, the history of it all. The books about comic books are so few and far between, it is a great thing to be privy to such things, I think.

Next week looks to be a very good week for comics. Hopefully I will be able to talk about all the great stuff that came out.


Kev said...

Fell is pretty much destined to be my best of the week too, I think. I don't have much else besides. Powers will be fine, I'm sure. The Supes sketchbook sounds excellent, actually, although I am not going to pick it up. My *extra* this week will be the Vertigo First Offences trade. I loved the recent(ish) First Taste trade, so I hope this will be as good. Did you ever get a copy of that?

I am almost (almost) tempted to get Marvel Team Up, if only for She-Hulk. Damn you and your enticing previews ;)

Justin said...

Well, according to Kirkman's column on CBG, if he has his way Dan Slott would be writing team-up on his exit.

Oh, and just to clarify, it is a Spidey Sketchbook. Even I would be hard pressed to get a Supes sketchbook ;)

s-fallow said...

I can look this up myself, so no pressure, but... what's Fell?

Darediva said...

Fell is what you did and you can't get up. Sorry, very bad joke today, but I couldn't resist that set up.

Kev said...

Ooops, did I really say Supes? Apparently so. That is what happens when I try to multitask. I was attempting to field questions about hamsters from Thing Two whilst typing my comment ;) That will teach me.

Btw, the spelling of offences may look wrong, but it's not. It is just unamerican ;)