Thursday, April 14, 2005

Unfulfilled Expectations

Okay, today is Thursday. The day I get my comics. So I thought yet again, I would speculate on the quality and expectations of my comics based on solicitations only. In other words, talk about what I am spending money on, so I can see how it correlates with my feelings on the issue after purchasing.

BATMAN YEAR ONE DELUXE EDITION HC - Ok, this one I won't be getting for quite sometime.(Remember, wedding) But I want to take this opportunity to plug away. This is the definition of a must-have. This is Miller... yes that Miller. Frank "fubugubu" Miller. This is "one of the most important and critically acclaimed Batman adventures ever. In addition to telling the entire dramatic story of Batman's first year fighting crime, this collection includes new introductions by Miller and Mazzucchelli, loads of reproductions of original pencils, promotional art, unseen Mazzucchelli Batman art, Richmond Lewis' color samples, script pages and other surprises." (taken direct from solicit). I don't care if you don't like Batman... pretend it's DD and pretend the fledgling James Gordon, is now newly turned cop Ben Urich. This HC is 20 bucks... and believe me with all the extras it is worth it... at only ten bucks over the original.

BLACK PANTHER #3 $2.99- I support diversity in the MU, I support John Romita Jr. Beyond that this book has shown me previously that it is a good story. A bit simplistic in plot, (or maybe I am too used to Bendis plot) but that factor also makes it the type of book that you would know almost instantly it is not the book for you. So far I enjoy it quite a bit.

MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #13 $2.99- I enjoyed the last arc. While it was back and forth and jumbled and simplistic... love one issue dislike the next. It was fresh blood in the Spideyverse. Apparently Marvel is going for a new team a year on this book, it would be cool if they maintained that, but highly doubtful. Anyway this is the same writer for Black Panther, I don't know how pleased I will be, but I always give a new series at least two issues (introductions are tough) so I will treat issue 13 as a new issue and go from there.

MARY JANE HOMECOMING #2 (OF 4) $2.99 Um, I get this book for my sister.... what already you don't buy that... damn. I started off getting the first series for my sister, this one is for me. The big premise... a villian of the month? A meglomaniac with a world domination fetish? No... something so dire... so earthshattering-- I dare not say it. She has to try to make it to homecoming... with a date... or at the very least... a dress. Relationship woes, financial woes, and a serious super hero crush.

POWERS #10 (MR) $2.95- What can I say, the quality in this title is consistent month after month. And again it is one of those titles that you can have an almost instant vibe about liking or not. Try it... if you are an adult ;)

SHE HULK VOL 2 SUPERHUMAN LAW TP $14.99- Ladies and Gentlemen... boys and girls... comics fans of all ages. This is the Greatest Trade Paperback on earth! Ok, it is definetly up there... you don't have to be a fan of the main character to be a fan of the book, because this will make the character mean something so special to everyone. And this is the most fun I have had reading a book.

ULTIMATES 2 #5 $2.99- Oh man, this is going to be.... just trust me. Knock down drag out... The Good vs the "Could be Delusional but still Good" Good. This book has done for Thor what the new She-Hulk did. I love a character I had no previous interest in. Consider this an Avengers for people who don't really like the Avengers. Anyway, can't wait for this one.

See ya tomorrow, folks.

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