Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Comics to Come

This is the point where I discuss the comics to come, I enjoyed this so much last week, that I decided to try it again.

AMAZING FANTASY #7 $2.99 - This is Marvel's attempt at showcasing something new. Consider it a series of minis, the first was the story of Arana... a latino teen given some armor and a sudden desire to fight a secret society. This most recent story begininning with #7 is the story of a new Scorpion (The old one is now Venom) anyway, yet again a young girl, this story is set to be laced with espionage, and traitors, and all the signs of at least something fun. I will let you know on Thursday.

GLA #1 (OF 4) $2.99- Perhaps one of the more anticipated comics for me in recent months, could end up pretty controverisial too. At least among the fan community. These rejects of the Marvel Universe have gathered in the absence of the Avengers to fill a void. If they don't all get killed. This promises to be a very humorous... kind of dark tale. For any of you who want an alternative to Identity Crisises and Avengers: Disassembled, this might well be it.

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #2 $2.50- This is the newest attempt at what could be a seemingly endless changes to the kids line at Marvel. Although, I had said even before it was concieved that Adventures had always been an easy way to make the distinction that you have stepped into a younger comic. Anyway, fingers crossed that this one gets some originality and staying power, kids need more options.

MARVEL TEAM-UP #7 $2.25- This is quickly becoming one of my favorite titles. While it has alot of faults, it also has a great bit of heart. We are only 7 issues in and already I cannot count the number of Spidey appearances. This time it is Spidey and Moon Knight (mostly) see the great thing about this title is that it is not confined. Kirkman gets the chance to take a ride around the Marvel U, and he grabs the keys and bolts. The worst thing... watching the main villian hide in the shadows... he will be what ties the seperate issues together. But they are more than good enough to read on their own. I know a few of my friends are waiting for #9 DD and Luke Cage, and I of course will be here to catch them up.

POWER PACK #1 (OF 4) $2.99- This was apparently a fan favorite from the late 70s early 80s. I don't remember it, but my main reason for picking this one up (if in fact my comic shop guy got it) is for the kids. At the very least my son and his soon to be sibling(s). Anyway from the preview I have seen, it looks very promising.

STRANGE #5 (OF 6) $3.50- Okay, this series has been very pretty, I will give Marvel that. A more mainstream introduction to the character of Dr. Strange? Yep, it has a modern feel and kind of got rid of the sillyness. Sara Barnes tells a much better story than she did with her arc on Spectacular Spider-Man. And Brandon Peterson has to be one of the best talents I have seen. In fact, upon reflection the only thing that bothers me is the price tag, oh and the fact that it had to bother me six times. For the rest of you not buying this mini, let me just say a trade would be well worth it.

TALES FROM RIVERDALE DIGEST #1 $2.39- You might call Riverdale and it's patrons my guilty pleasure. It's not really nostalgia... when I was a kid to say read Archie, was like saying watch Leave it to Beaver or the Brady Bunch for a minute. I got into them, I think through some relative passing along older comics. I love these books, Digests imparticular, because when I have the need to just read something, get my fill for my money, I can never go wrong. Tales from Riverdale is a compilation of the supporting cast, with of course appearances by Archie, Betty and Veronica. I can't blame Archie Entertainment for wanting to put a couple of #1 s out there, it has drawn me in. More on another Archie Digest in a few weeks.

VERTIGO FIRST TASTE TP (MR) $4.99- I missed the Vertigo craze the first time around. Not surprising since it was ten years ago, and I had an innate hatred for DC. Anyway, this is some of the #1 s from the hit line of comics, 6 of them to be exact. It is most definetly getting picked up. (Although the follow up review might be sometime, as I will have to get this one online www.talesofwonder.com)

SUPERMAN BATMAN #18 $2.95- This is on the chopping block for me, I have a fondness for both stars of the series. A passing knowledge, but I just could not find myself caring, the recent storyline feels like a jumbled alternate reality, time traveling mess. I am dropping this in favor of the Frank Miller/Jim Lee revamp Ultimate Batm... oops All-Star Batman and Robin.

ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #17 $2.25- This is another one that has lost me. I am not a fan of the FF. But I thought a fresh take, and a fresh start might allow me to become a fan. The first 8 issues had me... I could see what all the fuss is about. I mean I always kind of liked the characters. You know, when Spidey guest starred in their title. I never liked Reed Richards, while in guest shots he may seem like the answer man, in the FF itself, he was a self-involved bore, and heaven help us if Doom was the villian that month... those two could lull a tropical storm. Which is why I have been a bit disappointed with this title. Ellis is a good storyteller, no denying that, last months cliffhanger blew me away, but in preceding months... taking an entire issue to get from finding out about Doctor Doom a whole issue to talk about going to fight him. and then to finally fight him... well they can just keep pulling the die-hard fans along. It was a hell of a fight when they got there though.

K, that ends a rather long list of comics, although nothing like the last week of September in 2004 that will forever be known as the week I slept on the couch. Oh and let me give another quick plug, for previews of these and many other Marvel Comics go to: http://www.milehighcomics.com/firstlook/marvel/ some of the earlier previews are actually full comics... for free.


Kev said...

Yet again you tempt me to pick up comics I had no intentions of buying...

Oh, and good luck with the twins. Let us hope that they (and their big brother) appreciate all these comics you are buying for them (not for yourself, naturally) ;-)

Justin said...

Okay, then I feel inclined to have you sign this document saying I am in no way responsible for purchases infleunced by this blog. No, but seriously, I would recommend if something is unfamiliar and you want to purchase it, finding a review site. And allowing their opinions to help with your decision as well.

You saw right through me. LOL. While I have been reading them. One of the few titles from Marvel geared towards children that I have enjoyed immensily myself is Marvel Age: Spider-Man Team-Up.