Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One Man's Trash

The comic book trance. I am glad I don't get out all that often. At least where books are. I have to buy something, every single time. Take for example Target. This store recently came to our town, and for months preceding it's arrival, I had been anxious for it. Having heard stories of cheap collections of various books. Something between a graphic novel and a comic book... a holy grail for the impulse shopper like me. So, we finally got our Target, and for the first few weeks I had gone there several times never concious that barely a couple of days had passed, until friends and family would say, "Weren't you just there?"

It is a lousy selection for me admittedly, everything is lousy when you pick up almost every recent issue of interest in your local comic shop. But it never fails I will always sit there... and study every displayed one... later going so far as to look behind the ones that were shown. It is a trance. I would sit there for nearly an hour if I could weighing the options. I did find Gus Beezer on the first trip, and that was delightful. Every trip that followed got worse and worse, until I finally decided it is best to wait until either some new material comes in... or this material becomes deeply discounted or gotten rid of entirely (the last two options happen quite often) I bought the last Marvel digest in town about a week ago.

So, I mean this always happens. Every store that I know that concievably might have comics... the trance occurs. And at least 8 out of 10 times something is bought. And there is a new huge bookstore coming to town. Worse yet, part of my honeymoon. A big city comic shop. Bring the shock collar, I have a feeling I will be hard to pull away.

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Kev said...

Comic trance...I get that too. I can regularly be discovered in the tpb section of my comic shop, rooting through the books in the vain hope that something new may have appeared. I know if I get that far back in the shop, I am lost. The kids will not get picked up from school, dinner will not be cooked, and domestic chaos will reign (even more than usual). This is a fruitless but enjoyable way of whiling away the hours. One of my favourite pastimes is looking for SIP trades which I know they will not have, but for which I scrutinise every single shelf. Well, you never can tell when you might find Strangers in Paradise in the A-E section, right? ;)