Thursday, April 07, 2005

To Each Their Own

I am chasing my Thursday. Amazing how a few subtle changes can make an otherwise intended easy-going day go into some sort of bogged down reflection. Today was literally a battle just to get a moment to do this blog. Right now I have the simultaneous music of my fiancee's video game, and my son's children's show playing havoc even a room away. Today. is the day I go for comics, I am crossing my fingers that my comic shop guy shows up for more than a half an hour.

I managed to catch 3/4s of "Eyes". It really is too hard to tell if this show will stay on my viewing list. It jumps all over the place, and yet that is what makes it fun. The main character is enough for me to like. It is the supporting cast I find myself wanting to find out about. A diverse group to be sure, and it seems a new cast member was added. There is a character that I am excited to watch next week. A mousy girl who has been given the chance to be a vital member to this group of private eyes. I get the feeling by the end of the season she will be the one to surprise me, or pull the rug out from under as it were.

I watched Blind Justice again. It is better than most other shows, I will give it that. But this episode still seemed to be missing something for me. And there are alot of things being danced around... lightly touched on and then pulled away from. While I appreciate this as a story telling device, as a viewer it is frustrating. At least pick something and bring it out in the open, that is why next week is going to be better for me I think, this thing between Dunbar and Russo can be taken to another level. I want them to keep fighting, but there is a progression that needs to be made at the same time. It is probably why I liked the preceding episode with Dunbar's ex-partner. Granted I do seem to enjoy the character moments far more than the cases. But if I love 90% of the shows I am okay with that.

Hopefully, there will be some reviews on comics tomorrow. Maybe I can actually stay a reasonable pace behind my Friday.


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