Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blind Justice

This has to be my favorite show, it is the only one I will stay up to watch, just so I can tape it commercial-free. There are a great many detractors to this show, and the funny thing is all of those detractors... whose complaints were reasonable before the show started. Have not gotten to see that each complaint was addressed, and handled in a competent manner. Dunbar has no powers... the special effects used to show what he "sees". That is what his mind puts together from the things people say, and truth be told it has either been exaggerated or flat out wrong.

He carries a gun. I am not sure if it is even loaded, though. The force is reluctant to let him have it, but even more surprising is that beneath his denial, the main character is even more reluctant. Past the instinct point, he almost seems shaken... do I think he could use it? In the circumstance he has mentioned... a belly fight. I think he is more than equipped. Could they give him a more effective weapon later on? Absolutely.

My one disappointment with last night's show... no therapist. I got to say the retired (former boss I guess?) Was nowhere near what I was looking for. Anyway, if you aren't watching now, you are missing out. Great character development, loads of inner and exterior conflict. I wish I could say something like, "Next week, is the perfect time to jump in on the series!" I have no idea, I do know that you won't regret it.