Friday, April 08, 2005

Comments on Comics

Amazing Fantasy #7- This is a comic that starts off cliche with the intent of wanting to do so. At least that is what it states more or less. After that though, I find myself in the frame of mind of been there done that. It is hard not to do in a medium so dependent on characters lasting decades upon decades. A young girl caught between two warring covert entities. The first is A.I.M (the bad guys) S.H.I.E.L.D. (the good guys). Now the thing about this sort of story is that it depends on mystery...spies... agents. It is all part and parcel. So, I cannot really fully display my confusion until after I am sure questions are not answered. There are a few straggling aspects though, that leave me bewildered. This first issue is coated in and out with plenty of references to the MU, but no mention of the previous Scorpion? And also for fans of Dan Slott's recent She-Hulk run, this Scorpion will remind you of his Southpaw a great deal. And I couldn't help but feel that there stories could be inter-related somehow. But it is doubtful.

GLA #1: Thank god I read an interview with Dan Slott about this first. While I know Dan has done some darker series. I had not yet read any. It was always, "I will pick it up if I see it type of thing". Well, I have found it. Let me just say that if you are a fan of She-Hulk, or an adult fan of Batman Adventures there is plenty in here for you. In fact, it was one of the only problems I had was reminding myself that I had to keep a relaxed but serious frame of mind. (Nothing a second reading wouldn't fix) Pelletier shows his flexibility as an artist 100 fold here. And the main character well, you know how depressed Peter Parker can get... well think if Peter Parker took it one step further... tried to end his life... and then couldn't even do that. One of the things that amazed me, was that one of the characters who I grew the closest too, I knew nothing about beforehand, and she actually had the least to say, but I am in love.

Marvel Team-Up #7- This series grows on me every month... more and more. First off there are too few Moon Knight appearances, and too few done this well. I am not a huge Moon Knight fan, I have a passing knowledge of the character, but just based on this issue I would give a solo series a try. Spidey's reference of Batman was priceless. And what an upgrade for Ringmaster. He is silly and an odd ball. But it just goes to show you, give the delusional enough power, and you could still be in for a world of hurt. And what an awesome ending.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #2: Ok, first I want to praise Marvel. These covers have been real attention grabbers, and the consistency of such pleasant looking art is going to be a plus. Now for the bad news. Are you not wanting new readers? Because one would be hard pressed to tell going from the first issue to this one. We are introduced to six rogues... six. That at least from the perspective of a new reader of this series... none of them Spidey has met. None of them have met each other... Why would they team up? Why would they care about a guy they have never met? The next is that a proper display of the threat of five of the six villians is never shown. Doc Ock takes center stage more than once, but that is it. How does Ock automatically know Jameson? And why oh why are we introduced to the Daily Bugle as if Peter has been working there a long time? If we are going from the start of the series... we never even saw him go into ask for the job. This is a case of getting a Stan/ Ditko issue and hoping it would just work. This kind of thinking tore down Marvel Age, and will tear down this new attempt, at least do a little grunt work. This comic looks good... just make it read the same or better.

Power Pack #1: While I don't think this is officially Marvel Adventures, it is geared towards those readers. The beginning is a great way to start the story I think, it lets you know that you are going into something that is not going to be the same old story, a let down might be that on the surface it is. But it is still highly enjoyable. One of the best aspects is that little Katie Powers (the youngest) seems to be the most powerful. The kids feel cliche but I think that is ok, kids are a somewhat universal aspect of humanity. Still young enough to adapt and be fun. One aspect that I thought needed a bit more work was the depiction of the villian to me he seemed far too lackluster and boring in appearance. The real treat of this issue. Was a seperate back story about Franklin Richards a son of two members of the FF... and one of his adventures at home. In the words of Marty Mcfly "You may not like it, but your kids... are going to love it."

Strange #5- It is almost over... well probably not, it says nothing about being a Limited Series, but with any luck the price is almost over. The main character Stephan Strange, takes leaps as a character this issue. Last issue he saw finally the supernatural, the bad, and the ugly. And this week he has more than willingly taken on a more prominent role to prepare in battling. There is still some reluctance as to how he will be fighting, but only because he questions he is role as essentially an ultimate guardian from evil. There is great conflict here, and truly horrific visuals from Brandon Peterson. One imparticular, of a dark force entering the home of Strange's family has a sickening creepiness. This is truly still a series that is a treat for Strange fans and newcomers (like me) alike.

Okay, I have now typed all this for a second time. Have a good Friday, and hopefully I will be back tomorrow to tell you of my finds at a local card and comic show.

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