Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuesday Again?

Feels like it comes around at least once a week, honestly. Ok I was at Line of Fire reviews (www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com/reviews/) and I have to say, these guys are good, a nice selection of reviews. And more than one review of the same comic sometimes. May seem redundant to some, but I might agree with Ray Tate one day, and Dave Wallace the next. I did learn though, that I make alot of excuses for my books. Secret War comes to mind. Every review you find on the site is an honest critique of the work presented. Unlike my excuse, which was well it was confusing when it started. Bendis will tie it up in the end.

Anyway, I just wanted to tip my hat, to a great group of reviewers for what I am sure is a mostly thankless job. That being said, I love comics. So I will still do my thing. Which is praise until mediocrity is staring me in the face (like Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #2). Blind Justice tonight, this one looks to be very good. The second Vol of She-Hulk comes out tomorrow, this is your chance to own the full phenominal 12 issue run before the Hardcover comes out (I wish).

See ya later.

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Kev said...

Wow, I always neglect review sites. I've read DD reviews as a matter of course at SBC, but I took some time to peruse some of the other reviews today (I have meant to do so since first reading this blog entry, but I just happened to have some free time today). And they are wonderful, well-written, well-informed articles. I had never noticed all the TPB reviews either, so I will be reading some of those too. Who knows, I may even find reviews which make me want to pick up more books. I'm particularly interested in reading about the trades of some of the titles in the recent (and qute excellent) Vertigo First Taste trade.