Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Here comes the rain

It has been pretty much a constant since I woke up at close to five this morning. I would say it has tended to make me melancholy. But that is just me. I feel like I am just a day behind.... every day. Anyway, on to bigger and better things... cabbages and kings. Blind Justice, okay I am going to be honest, plot wise to me this was the weakest episode. I will give it a repeated viewing today, last night I could not really sit and watch it. Constant interruptions.

One thing I did like and always will like is the characterizations of the main players. I liked seeing a breech in Dunbar's super cop persona. It is fascinating to watch these characters become more real with each passing episode. If I have one complaint on the whole, I want to see the two female characters explored... and Russo's partner... these three people most of all seem to be on the fence. We know where Dunbar stands... Russo... even the Lt.

I will be watching the second episode of Eyes on ABC. It is the only thing I watch on Wednesdays. I will definetly not be sad to let it go, but at the same time, it did have an intriguing first episode. I am a sucker for the thinks on his toes main character, who either lacks a moral compass or is goes beyond the social limits of everyone else's to do the right thing. It is what draws me to Alan Shore on Boston Legal. The seemingly bastard with a heart of gold as it were.


Darediva said...

Ah...amigo! I disagree with you about this being the weakest plot of Blind Justice. I will give you slack for not getting a solid viewing all the way through, as I have watched it twice already, discussed it with a few people, and we all seem to think that the show is on the rise.

You are right about the flaws in the main character. He has come to realise that there just are some things that he cannot do any more, and that truthfully he will have to face the facts. I want to know more about the supporting cast as well. This week showed us the team of Russo and Ridgway out doing their job, and Dunbar's partner is coming into her own by having the chutzpah to tell Jim when he is beginning to chafe everyone. Next week we should get to see just what straw breaks the camel's back when Russon and Dunbar get into it. Someone told me that episode should be called "The P***ing Contest". LOL

I've written my postcards to ABC, begging them to keep the show on. I think it could blossom into a very intriguing show if given some time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ]| )

Justin said...

Heh, this is not the first time we have not seen eye to eye, nor will it be the last. I did watch the first episode of Blind Justice last night. It amazes how impressed I can become with something I have seen... three times now I guess. This time I closed my eyes. Just for kicks. Anyway, I am equaling looking forward to next week. Now get back to writing your blog, missy. Tsk tsk. Thanks for the comment ;)

Justin said...

Oh, and is it Ridgway ... or like Selwick or Selway? I have been taking it upon myself to remember some part of their fictional name, next I might try real names.