Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Innocent Bystanding

From the site of Peter David: When "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man," the new Spidey series coming from Marvel late this summer, hits the stands, it will be launching with a different creative team than previously announced: Mike Wieringo as artist, and yours truly as writer.

This is a great thing to wake up to, this and an actual e-mail from a friend have made my day. (It is a wonder I still have e-mail. My least favorite thing is swimming through the junk). This news has me smiling from ear to ear. I am a huge Peter David fan, and honestly, it was a situation of being a fan well before I knew who he was. I have his first Spider-Man issue that he speaks about. And the follow up issues the absolute high quality "Death of Jean Dewolffe"

I don't like the Hulk, and I learned a long time ago. Don't buy what you won't like. But then I hate interstellar space stories. And here was Captain Marvel, and as with most Peter David stuff, it caught me well into the series... a month or so before cancellation. But finally, something I get my ultimate fanboy wish granted. (Well, not ultimate... but the one with the most realistic chance of happening -- Get back to bed, Natasha) Anyway keep your eyes peeled also, because Peter David does not disappoint. And after House of M... jumping into Spidey will be simpler then writing my name, backwards... in pig-latin. Heh, just kidding.

Well, I think the blog might be a little less this week, I got this wedding so I will get comics late. And really my blog is nothing without all that. So enjoy our time apart... and make sure to ask your lawyer to lift that restraining order. Or beyond that you could admit the electric fence is a bit much... no? The moat then... I mean honestly an electric fence surrounding a moat... there has to be a zoning law that prohibits that.

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