Thursday, April 21, 2005

Comics to Come

MARVEL PREVIEWS MAY 2005 EXTRAS- I used to be able to tell people to get this. It is a wealth of information pertaining to the comics that will be shipping in a future month. That was before I found out that you could apparently do that on the internet anyway. But wait... there was still a full issue inside this every month to boot. Then that switched to 7 page snippets, which you can find on the internet as well (but I don't go looking) Now there is very little that you cannot already find elsewhere for free... you can see some action figures and other merchandise that will be shipping, and you can hold it in your hand. This is sad, I went from convincing people to wondering why I even bother picking this up.

CONAN #15 $2.99- I have to be honest, the only thing holding me to this title is the writer and artist. I have enjoyed most everything that I have read from Kurt Busiek. And I absolutely love the work of Cary Nord... honestly love it. I can find more of Kurt's stuff... that is not always the case with Nord. And Nord is like watching a man constantly progressing. With Kurt it is watching a man already at the top of his game. Don't believe me, seek out Astro City (not in my library though, I still have their copies of the TPBs) I do enjoy the stories on occasion I thought issue 2 was phenominal, but I would rather read the artist on something else.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #519 $2.25- K, Strazynski... this is your chance to kick it into gear again. I am ready for you to knock my socks off. Give me a reason to love the fact that you have full control over this title. Show me that when I am reading Amazing it feels truly original. I remember upon your debut... you had one question "Did the powers come from the radioactivity of the spider... or did the spider have the powers... and wanted to release them before death." Did I care? No. But it rocked Peter Parker's world. So give Pete something to get a little flustered about.

FANTASTIC FOUR #525 $2.99 - What is this doing on my list? Oh right, somewhere between one writer's finale and another's debut sits a pretty little Karl Kesel issue waiting for my hands. I am also a fan of Kesel. And yes, yet again I would rather read his stuff elsewhere.

RUNAWAYS #3 $2.99- K, this is the summary. A group of youth who found out that their parents want to destroy the universe... made sure that never happened. They got betrayed in the process by one of their own. Now as they search the city looking for other runaways, they are suddenly given a new purpose. Find a Runaway who will destroy all the heroes in the future... Oh yeah and they got another group of former child superheroes... chasing after there happy asses for a sizeable sum. So this issue promises huge conflict... and never fails to deliver. The writer says this could be what a relaunch meant for the X-Men. I am not one to stand in the way of a man's dream. Unless your Hitler... seriously, stop calling me.

WOLVERINE #27 $2.25- Wow, the veils of one story are lifted, just to jolt us straight into a huge huge event. *Ahem* He took on the good guy's with only a brainwash and some adamantium blades. Now watch in awe as he takes on... loads and loads of bad guys. It is better than that, but I couldn't tell you why. Could be Jazzified John Romita Jr.

YOUNG AVENGERS #3 $2.99- I absolutely loved the final pages last issue. Great job by the artist. And the writing... well the guy knows how to keep me coming back. Unlike Gravity, this doesn't really have the new kid feel, so much as what the hell is that kid even doing here? Oh and Jessica Jones. She may well be the most frequent female supporting character over the past few years. Seriously, I think even Wolvie has been in fewer cross-over issues.

COMICS BUYERS GUIDE JUNE 2005 #1605 $5.99- Well, I had something cool to say, I really did. But that was all the way up there. And we are all the way down here. This is a great resource for everything to do with comics... a fan of the Silver age... DC or Marvel ... it's here. Want to know what currently are the hot issues to purchase? Here too. Plenty of Reviews? You guessed it. Loads of fun and well worth the money? Seriously, tell me you get the idea so I can stop typing to myself.