Monday, May 02, 2005


There is something to be said for family. Body heat. At least I had a couple of old radio shows to keep me company, Father Knows Best.... and Johnny Dollar... Insurance Investigator. Where I was told to buy Post Bran which is good, but so good for you. And the hot wheat breakfast with Roy Rogers on the box! Also from the Post family of products. Good times.

I am trying to plan a trip to a comic convention in two weeks, but it is really hard to plan these things with just a phone number. I cannot seem to get a hold of anyone... I am hoping one of the contacts listed has an e-mail address or something. Anyway, I figure if my best friend can go to a convention that same weekend so can I.

It was a good episode of Extreme Homemakeover last night, I thought. It was about a man who got shot and lost his sight. And needed a new home, so that he could be more independent and move more freely. Great on so many levels. This is one time I am glad my wife was not home, that guy makes all of us husbands look bad. What a sweet guy. Add to that you get to see some really neat thought processes go into the building of this home... When he walks in there is a path made of concrete and what goes off the path is a different texture, so he will know he is heading into the house. Various objects to give off sound around the yard like a windchime to know he is nearing the back yard. On a section of the walls in every room is a different surface, so that he can touch that surface and know where he is. It was all just really good, I highly recommend the follow-up program, "How'd They Do That".

Well, I will be back tomorrow. Love, Peace and Comic Books

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