Sunday, May 29, 2005

My Birthday... Thursday

And I need some help, I have this thing... affectionatly referred to as a one track mind. So to all my readers out there ... this is a plea. If I have ever even remotely mentioned wanting something, do tell me what it is? Because right now, all I can think about buying with what will be my limited Birthday funds... is this: I don't even like Conan, I like Alex Ross, but there is no way I would get this much enjoyment from a picture on a wall (with the exception of my Chris G drawn Daredevil).

So, pump out some ideas there folks. I am in impulse buy mode with a bad case of tunnel vision. Even if it is just a recommendation. I am not (necessarily) looking for practical, but getting my money's worth... that tops it. Thanks.


Kev said...

Oooh, tricky. I'm sure there are DVDs you have mentioned, but the only one i can think of, you have just bought anyway. Runaways Vol 1 HC? DD Vol 4 HC? Too late for your birthday. Surely some sketchbooks or something like that? Get some Strangers in Paradise! A ticket to Philadelphia so you can go to that con to see Mack and Slott on your birthday weekend ? ;-)

I will of course be delving the depths of my memory now in search of anything you may have mentioned wanting. Expect a huge list by the end of the day ;-)

Justin said...

I am still waiting for that huge list...