Thursday, May 05, 2005

Don't ask, and I might not tell

I love to talk comics. I mean seriously tell you more than you wanted to know "talk about comics". And I know when I have done that too, I can see it on people's faces. Don't say to me, "Gee I used to read Spidey (or please not X-Men) what is going on now?" Well, let's see... and I am off... talk of clones, organic webbing, secret wars, and Avengers status. And I eventually need a napkin for spittle.

Hey, you asked... and there is alot of history. I suppose I could say well have you seen the movie... it is alot like that. In truth it is and it isn't. But mostly, that would be easier on everyone involved. "Oh by the way, before she died Gwen Stacy did the nasty with Norman Osborn and concieved his children.... who have accelerated aging... so they are only slightly younger than Spidey... and at times they want him dead." One comic... one event... do you see my problem now, but I can't hide the habit. I never have been able to.

Now... House of M. I am having a tough time explaining this one to myself.... both story-wise and financially. Hi, I am Justin, and I am an addict. Step away from the spinner racks... don't go where I have been.

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