Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Paperback Envy

Ok, I am a very disorganized person. I have comics, books, magazines... and the other usual crap discarded around my house. Yet I give myself the illusion of organization. For years I was a man lost in a jungle of comics. I bought what jumped at me, and what Iwas familiar with... eventually surviving on only Daredevil... regurgitating and then digesting back issues. I was surviving.

And now... now that I am home. In my hometown. Where the jungle is not surrounding me, but rather I am helping to keep it flourishing. Ok, even I am getting tired of metaphorically speaking. I now am the deciding factor in what I want to buy... thanks in no small part to the internet... and before that Marvel Previews. Where as before I would have been left sulking at having missed a DD appearance. Now if there is even a mention of DD... I probably have the title. Aside from the X-titles (which let's be honest would probably be my current budget and then some) which I do not really like. Add to that occasional minis and other characters that never held my interest. And I am getting the rest of it.

I now know about titles it seems long before my retailer. So, it makes it only a little frustrating in the respect, that he questions my preorder of a title, even after I saw it in Marvel Previews. Preordering may be a customer's way of really supporting a title, but at least here, it sucks. Which leads into the paperback envy. I love TPBs, I love HCs... I even like the little digests... to a lesser extent. But I cannot justify buying the single issue and also the TPBs. I can't even really justify buying a TPB of something I don't have. I have a great friend who also has a love of the collected format, and I am envious. But unlike this guy Jon Knutson (who has a great blog, and a nice column too) I have not seen pictures of her collection... which just in the the last few weeks has grown.

I think I need a job.


Kev said...

There is an ancient proverb which says: "He who has a birthday approaching should not envy his friend's trade paperback collection. Rather he should wonder if one or two of her recent purchases were destined not to inhabit her bookshelves, but to undertake a gruelling transatlantic journey to grace his own abode."

OK, I just made it up, actually. I bet you thought it was a real Chinese proverb though...you didn't? Wha...? Hmmm, I must try harder in future, it seems ;)

Justin said...

Wow... proverbs are getting less and less mysterious, and more and more verbose. ;)