Friday, May 20, 2005

If I were a rich man... and I had control of the MU

#01: If you had to narrow Marvel Comics down to twelve titles a month, what would those twelve comics be?

Okay, this is tough, if I am playing the role TPTB (and hypothetically I am). Then diversity is the key more so then preference. I would keep Peter David's upcoming Spider title. Really Amazing has gone through the crapper... and Marvel Knights though trying for a back to the roots approach is failing. Any newcomers are not going to go by author yet, and having only one new Spider title might pull them in.

The FF are cornerstones... so the main title can stay. The Hulk would have to be there. The X-men... though I would cut off the spin-offs and let Whedon take the helm... new numbering and one title would help with newcomers too. Runaways would have to stay. And Supreme Power. I would also keep Amazing Fantasy, but not with it's current slate. I love the idea of new titles and characters being introduced in arcs of this title. If not Amazing Fantasy, then call it Marvel Unlimited... with the same purpose. Marvel Team Up could stay as well. New Avengers and Young Avengers along with a revamped Marvel kids line... at the helm is McKeever and a group of other indy children's comics writers. That's at least 12.

#02: In your opinion, what is Marvel's best creation?

The start issues... every origin issue is the best. And not only limited to our heroes... villians and love interests. Marvel knows how to make an entrance.

#03: Are sound effects really all that important any more or do they mar the artwork and insult the reader's intelligence?

Sound effects are essential. Not your pows or whams or Kabooms... but your musical notes... effects used to convey sound. Could even be a striking color(s).. I think the artist needs to make a picture sell itself... if you are doing your best... it will be shown.

#04: Do you put all the advertisements in the back of the comic after the story or spread the ads throughout the issue like commercials?

I have tended to like what Marvel did with the freebie issue. Some in the front and some in the back. That might be the best time to sell the product. So the story can flow uninterrupted.

#05: Who were the creative team of your first Marvel Comic you ever read, and if they are still with us, would you hire them on to one of your titles?

Karl Kesel and Cary Nord. Yes, Kesel is and Nord is working hard on Conan... and yes I would hire them to do anything with Marvel together or seperately. And I would read it religiously. The talent there cannot be denied... even if the sales numbers might.

#06: Of all the alternate future possible timelines for the Marvel Universe, which is your favorite? And would you elaborate upon the concept, or leave it as it is?

I like both 2099 (original) and Exiles. I would probably try a proper 2099 revival. At least leave the prospect optional in my Marvel Unlimited title. And if Exiles fans needed the book, I would bring it back with demand.

#07: Who would be your personal favorite of all Marvel writers?

No favorites... I am going to keep composure... PeterDavidBendisKeselMillarmeloveyoulongtime *ahem*

#08: Who would be your personal favorite of all Marvel artists?

Oh god... composure. JRjr... you are carrying my baby. Mack I am not worthy. Hitch and Deodato... daddy like. Nord and many others... you know I love the night life... I love to boogie. Um... right.

#09: How long should a creative team remain on a title once signing on minimum?

Longevity on a title is sacred today. Boys and girls... stay as long as you like... wait till your fingers callous. And after that stay with Marvel, you are all my favorites.

#10: Should a creator (writer or artist) be allowed to return to a title for a story arc to retcon a glitch the fans hated? (For example, if you didn't like the whole Sin's Past storyline regarding Gwen Stacy & Norman Osborne’s kids, could Stan Lee be called in to fix it?)

I would allow that. A writer should be allowed to elaborate on past stories. After all Strazynski got to... nuff said. Just don't take a crap on the mythos.

I want to thank Psi-faxx for the questions here. Usually I don't go for this sort of thing. But it was fun to be at the top. There is more and I might post them tomorrow.


Kev said...

An interesting selection of titles to keep - but no Daredevil? Seriously? There has to be room for a character of Daredevil's calibre, surely? Apart from that, it's a great spread. And, yes, I am fully aware that I am biased. Anyway, good answers in general. I particularly like the idea of picking up great kids' writers :)

So, when can we expect the news of Joe Q's retirement? ;)

Darediva said...

ACK! No Daredevil? Have you lost it, amigo? I'd much rather have him than the Hulk! But it was YOUR list, and I will abide by it. ;)

Other than that little *ahem* faux pas, good entry today.