Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Comics To Come

I am anything if inconsistent, but it really seems this might just be a weekly blog, perhaps I should put the date in the title? Just to spice things up a bit.

This Week: December 14, 2005


BEST OF THE SPIRIT TP $14.99- This appeals to me quite a bit. I feel a connection to the Spirit since he first appeared on June 2nd, 1940 and I first appeared on June 2, 1981. And really, as a comics fan I should have read at least some of The Spirit by now. In a few months there will be plenty go around though. In March Darkhorse is coming out with The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist Vol. 3 TPB features the late Will Eisner’s final return to the Spirit, in a crossover tale with the Escapist. Moreover, in June 2006 (hopefully the 2nd) will be a new series by the talented Darwin Cooke that should please fans new and old.


GLX-MAS SPECIAL $3.99- I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably the first overpriced Christmas comic that is worth every penny. What's that? Oh, I know I haven't read it, but Dan Slott can weave a one-shot story with the best of them. And the original series GLA (GLA: Misassembled TPB out this week as well) made me think, and feel, and enjoy characters I had never read before. One thing I can say with a great deal of certainty, it will probably be one of the most unexpected Christmas comics you will read for some time.

GRAVITY BIG CITY SUPER HERO DIGEST $7.99- Here is another series that I have been singing praises about since before it came out. And it did not disappoint, old school superhero fun with modern twists. Pick up the story of Greg Willis... Wisconsin native, new to New York, with powers that will have you falling all over yourself. (Okay, that was bad) But trust me, this book is an excellent stocking stuffer. If you want a superhero that you can start fresh with... experience along with... and relate to all on your own. This is your go to book. Oh, and just for proper assurance... that stocking stuffer reference... I meant my stocking.

MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #21 $2.99- Well, this is where I here the story kicks in to high gear. J. Michael Strazynski takes the wheel and floors the gas, in a story that is paying off threads since JMS began his run on Amazing just a few short years ago. It has been bellowed about message boards (and by some who are no longer comic fans) that the heroes never change. But JMS has changed quite a bit already, and yet in the beginning as a reader you couldn't help but feel he was walking that same line. He would give the reader a possibility, but then make sure that is found out to be neither truth nor lie. Well, the same cannot be said now... I would not be surprised if when the smoke clears, things are really different. Until Gwen Stacy sleeps with the Green Goblin, make mine Marvel ... ... Oh, right.

SON OF M #1 (OF 6) $2.99- David Hine. Daredevil: Redemption's David Hine. Taking on the hero who was responsible for screwing up the world. Add to that he also responsible for millions and millions of mutants losing their powers. Is he also powerless? What is he going to do when those he hurt most come after him? The first of those being the Amazing Spider-Man... well you pull a Fugitive and run like hell. Or as fast as a powerless Quicksilver can run. Give it a try, you could do worse then David Hine... and that cover. Gorgeous.

X-FACTOR #1 $2.99- Spinning out of last year's noir hit, about a man who can multiply himself (Madrox is out in trade now) and when the multiples come back to him, he absorbs what they see and learn. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to see a group of heroes like you have rarely seen before, solving crimes you have rarely seen before. I am only mad Marvel moved the release date of the first issue, now I have to try and track it down.

Until we meet again.


Kev said...

Are you going to change the template every week too? ;)

Ta for reminding me about Son of M. It had slipped beneath my (evidently quite rubbish) radar, and I do want it. I loved Redemption, and want to see more of Hine's work.

I hope you manage to track down X-Factor too.

Justin said...

Actually, I probably will change the template again. This one seems a bit bland to me.

Actually, I am quite glad Hine is not only writing Son of M, but also 198. I feel a bit safer following the fallout of House of M with him writing.

I hope I track down X-Factor #1 soon too. I think this is going to be a book a bit like She-Hulk. Among my other regular books people will see this and go, "huh?"