Friday, July 07, 2006

Comics At My Door

Shipping This Week: July 5, 2006


ARCHENEMIES #4 (OF 4) $2.99- I have read the first issue of this and it was a good comic with a fun idea. What if your roommate was your archenemy? It's the odd couple of the superhero sets. I hope to catch up to issues two and three before my package ships in a week and a half.

DARK HORSE TWENTY YEARS $0.25- I would be remiss if I didn't pick this up. It looks to be at least nice on the eyes, with various Darkhorse creators trading off characters and adding new styles.


DETECTIVE COMICS #821 $2.99- The beginning of the Paul Dini (co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series), and it took that and the addition of J. H. Williams III to finally get me to pick up a Batman solo title. I was only slightly letdown in learning that this is the only issue for JHW, but it should be a good read.


BEYOND #1 (OF 6) $2.99- Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins take on this mini that is a sequel to Secret Wars. Or an addition to at least. Yes, that's right, the original Secret Wars. And Dwayne McDuffie is a quality writer who is likely up to the task. Here's hoping it woos me more than Bendis's mini did.

FRANKLIN RICHARDS SUPER SUMMER SPECTACULAR $2.99- Wonderful run of one shots and kid-friendly. I would say they were strictly for kids, but I like them to much. Starting off as back ups for (and being the highlight of) the Power Pack series that came out. I was glad to see this get the break away treatment. And I hope it continues to take off.

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #17 $2.99- The return of MA Spidey after, I think a two issue hiatus. Such is the way with this title I think. I had also taken a hiatus when it started, and then Sean McKeever came aboard and knocked my socks off. Not two issues off and it announced that Peter David will be writing Spider-Man. Want a safe bet for a good read, anything Peter David and Spider-Man. I am even picking up an issue with Man-Wolf. And werewolves terrify me.

MARVEL TEAM-UP #22 $2.99- Freedom Ring continues. And Robert Kirkman continues to show why he is one (of a growing number) of breakout writers working at Marvel. And this is his best arc yet, as he finds an everyman character, and plays it out. While this does tie into previous issues of Marvel Team-Up, it would still be fine to read on its own. Not sure if the new character introduced will take off, but I hope so. I like seeing amature heroes.

THING #8 $2.99- This is it, the big finale. And it's going down by betting it all. On a Marvel Universe poker game. All the heroes are invited. And knowing writer Dan Slott. I am betting all of them will. This is an issue where there is a first for the Marvel U. Don't know what that first will be, but I am excited. *gasp* I just realised, I have not read issue 7. I got as far as Ben Grimm breaking the arms off of the Venus De Milo. It's a tired joke, but I dare you to read that first page and not chuckle. And while you are doing that, buy issue 8!


JUGHEAD AND FRIENDS DIGEST #12 $2.49- Jughead, nuff said!

MIDNIGHT SUN #1 (OF 5) $2.95- Ah, my indy dose right here. Sometimes with the indies you have to think really hard about what interested you in the title. They don't have press releases for every little thing. If I recall this series is about a reporter in Antartica... anyway it has a very nice Blankets style, which I am a sucker for. Love the simple elegance there.

SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR #3 $2.99- Ah Simpson's own parody superhero comic. I fell in love with this book when I saw issue 2 at a bookstore. Great stuff, and often written by some big names in the industry. I can't wait for three, and I can't wait to track down issue one.

TALENT #2 (OF 4) $3.99- The first issue of this title certainly surprised me. I was expecting to love the art. It is done by (I am sure) a soon to be talked about artist, Paul Azaceta. But the story is quite compelling to. A man is inexplicably the lone survivor of a plane crash. The government assumes he must have been a terrorist who helped to cause the crash. He is hassled before he even leaves a hospital bed. Along the way, he finds he has inherited the talents and memories associated with everyone else who was on the plane. Definetly worth a look, and I hear might even become a movie. I am hard pressed nowadays to think of any creative property that isn't, but ah well.

Books that really sucker punched me: Daredevil, Runaways, Ultimates, and Young Avengers

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Kev said...

Hmmm, sounds as though you have some good things there to look forward to. I'm still waiting for my last batch to arrive, needless to say. The wait for DD #86 has been frustrating, to say the least.

I had forgotten about Franklin Richards...I might see if I can pick that up. And I liked the opening issue of Talent very much. I plan to continue picking it up.

I still feel a bit guilty about stopping pulling Dan Slott's Thing (that still makes me giggle)...but it just wasn't doing anything for me.

I think I am going to try for Midnight Sun too. It sounds promising.

Happy reading!