Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Comic Getting Monday


ESCAPISTS #1 (OF 6) $1.00- Look at that price! One Dollar. And there is no mistaking this will be worth it. From writer Brian K. Vaughan (Runaways), comes another comic book follow-up to The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. And I, for one, have been waiting a long time. Before this, Dark Horse tried the anthology approach and had various creators penning the adventures of the Escapist and all related topics. And while there are certainly gems to be found, I thought the price point was just too high. And now the story will be a clear, solid and follow a similar route which the novel took, embracing the stories of fictional creators and their comic book characters. Give it a try, it might even be the best comic of the week.


KABUKI REFLECTIONS BOOK #6 (MR) $5.99- Alright take your focus off of that six dollar price tag. Because it is irrelevant, this book needs to be picked up and enjoyed. I remember watching an old movie, and it was a story of a newspaper man wanting to out the local fat cat businessman. Showing where he was charging too much, all for a big scoop. And when the two met, the businessman said, "My products are used and enjoyed over and over again, and after time the use exceeds the price paid." That logic can be put to this book, everyone will take something different away, and it is more than worth the price. It is a rare glimpse into a great comic.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #28 $2.99- I dropped this book not too long ago. The art didn't thrill me, and neither did the story. But that arc has since moved along. And I figured this title would be back on the pull list. Well, Marvel got me a bit to early, with the outing of Spider-Man. I suddenly want to know every aspect of what is unfolding as a result of his unmasking. Hopefully, I don't get fooled twice.


COBB OFF THE LEASH #2 $3.99- I am going to (quite wrongly) take the fact that this doesn't say 2 (of 3) to mean this might not be a mini. That would make me very happy, indeed. This is a top notch indy title. The art is great, the writing is great, and most of all, it is clear what type of book you are getting. I hope there is lots of support this for this action comic.

JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #123 $3.69- *whistles*

SNAKEWOMAN #1 $2.99- This is one I might have to go out of my way to snag this weekend when I hit a shop. I completely missed that the art was being done by the highly talented Michael Gaydos. That makes it certainly worth a look.

Yeah, that's it. Let me know what you thought if you picked any of these up. Or what other stuff caught your eye this week.

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