Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Me Mutant, You Mutant

So, I recently got this little digest from Marvel. Appropriately titled X-Men Firestar, I got it having once been a pretty big fan. I crack it open, and barely a page in, I see that image. The mark of the mutant. And I am instantly flooded with the deja vu that I have seen this somewhere before.

As a kid, I saw this in some comic, once upon a time. And I can remember... having the mark. Being one of the select few. And for the most part, I god damn loved it. Now, I don't think the mark is actually referenced anymore. But you have to wonder about the genius of it, even now looking at my left hand... the mark is nearly there. Enough for the anxious boy I was to make that leap. So, take a peek, and I hope I can welcome you to the fold, gifted youngster (at heart)!


Kev said...

Hmmm, I'd have to use quite a bit of imagination to see the mark of the mutant on my hand. Shame that, as I always liked the idea of being a mutant, instead of just being weird.

Darediva said...

You mean THAT's what that M is there for? Whoa. And I thought I was just weird. ; )