Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Books and Crannies

It is a time of literary abundance here at my humble abode. If only by good timing. I had my first library trip in a good long time about a month or so ago, I suppose. It was mostly a failure, I grabbed at all sorts of treasures... comic books, and novels and DVDs... and didn't get through one. Clearly my eyes were hungrier than... my eyes.

A library trip was made again, every book found and returned, and I was much more reserved in my selection. Three trades and a DVD. Thus far I have gone through two of the trades and am some ways into the third. I am pretty pleased with that. Then yesterday the flood gates opened and I received my monthly shipment from DCBS. I have even dabbled in that somewhat.

Then added to that was a trip to one of my old favorite comic shops. A tiny splurge, but at a great price it added up in the amount of items. And then I made a trip to the library and picked up one novel. Honestly, I didn't even want to overwhelm myself this time, but that is how it happened. Then, stupid fool that I am I have also had the desire to blog some of my finds.

All this and the usual day to day strains, and I am really swimming in delusion. Ah well, you might see me again soon. Or you might find that the next post will be about how I don't have anything to read.


Kev said...

I hope you manage to get through it all! And any FCBD gems which you might find too. I look forward to your post bemoaning the lack of reading material, naturally :-P

Darediva said...

Hope FCBD found you some new goodies to read. Kit and I made another trek to Dallas and have many exciting adventures to report. When I get around to writing them in my blog ; ).

Justin said...

Hopefully that will be soon. I already heard you had a run in that was near and deer to you. ;)