Friday, January 19, 2007

A More Current Selection

I am not sure I really needed a break from the free comics I got yesterday, but I had time on my hands, so I gladly took it. I got my shipment of current comics from And I have plowed right through them.

First up was an indy book called "The Lost Books of Eve". I was a little surprised by this title, I had read a review only a couple of days ago, that made this out to be some sort of crude smut. I really couldn't disagree more. In fact, it seemed quite tame to me. Like one of those religious cartoons that Charlton Heston always hosted (hey, Sundays make for damn boring TV watching). In fact, I would say that Josh Howard, artist and writer, probably showed as much or less then the cartoon I am referring to, I found it comical then, all the convenient nude cover up that would be found, and I find it comical now. Here is the review from

"The Lost Books of Eve #1 (Viper Comics): If you want the story of what happens between the verses in the Book of Genesis, told in a highly sexualised graphical format, The Lost Books of Eve is for you. The art and writing are your average fare for Josh Howard; either it’s your thing or it’s not. There’s no surprises here. The only thing that struck me, besides the expected slutification of The Bible, was the disappointing backgrounds. The backgrounds are mostly solid colors or merely two-color gradients, but periodically there are some hand-drawn backgrounds. Unfortunately, those are fairly disappointing as well. A weaker than average offering from Howard, but if you’re a fan, you might dig it anyways."

It is a pretty unoffensive story, and the journey seems like it will be more exciting. Still, it is all a shame really, I can't get no slutification.

Next up was another indy called "Toupydoops" which is a title that has grown on me alot. It is now up to issue 5 on its bimonthly schedule. This book stars a struggling comic book actor named Toupydoops. That's right a comic book actor, he literally auditions for parts in comics, and he had dreams of working for the Big Two. He gets shafted this issue, as his best friend gets a part that he has been anticipating... in alot of ways. There is a very classic exchange, but with this book it is so fun. It's like watching a quirky show that turns the conventional on its head just enough to be inspired. If you are a fan of comics, all sorts of comics... I cannot recommend this book enough. Although it is for the more adult crowd. If there is ever a trade you can bet the news would be all over this blog.

Then, I got to the mainstream in my pile. Runaways #23, which is the last issue before my big purge, I am going to have a hard time letting this one go. As it is not by choice at all. And worst of all I am not getting the big finale issue next month. I didn't think it would bother me, but then I got to the amazing cliffhanger and knew that I was fooling myself. Everything is coming together for some big sweeping changes to the book, it's like not having enough money to go to the big dance the night before you won the big game. (Considering I never did any of that I am going with the generic "big") Anyway, good stuff, sad to see it go, but as I said I was only giving it another month anway.

Next was Eisner Award Winner All-Star Superman. The best thing about this book, is that is makes all that wacky silver age Superman stuff not only plausible, but pretty damn cool. It always makes me want to whip out my cheap Showcase Superman Volume 1 that I have barely cracked open. Not my favorite issue of the bunch, but still continuing to impress me. No goodbye moping yet, thanks to delays I have one more issue of this.

On to Amazing Spider-Man, I went back and forth on whether to read this or Civil War #6, and then I realized I don't care that much, and dove right in. It is nice to see Spidey's head coming together, but it is going to cost him his family. In this issue Kingpin brought down the order, kill Spider-Man, and if he isn't there, kill whoever is, as long as the message is sent. Yet again, I can thank delays that this will continue to be shipped to me for sometime. It was pretty good.

Then came Civil War... the creme de la creme. Ok, not really, it was good. It even had a bit of that blood pumping factor that Mark Millar often brings out in me. But it was just a book that I was waiting to see what the end has to say, and that was pretty big, and good enough to get a bit of glee out of me. Though, had I a choice I would cut these off, and saved some of the other books that got cut by financial constraints.

Back to the indy offerings, "Who Killed Rich Johnston?" Wouldn't you like to know? I will say this Ed Brubaker, that sly bastard, ends up being the hero. Makes me wish I could meet him again and ask if he knew that was the case. When I met him at Mo-Kan Conspiracy he told me that he did not kill Rich, but not that he was the hero. So modest... and the only guy that can pull of the fedora look consistently.

The final book was Punisher War Journal. Which is a book that I wish was more of my style. It is written by Marvel newcomer Matt Fraction, and while it is paced well enough, and the art is nothing to sneeze at, I just don't care too much. Ah well, when it comes out Iron Fist can sit on my shelf proudly. If you aren't reading that you better just be broke like me. For the record I even like alot of the ideas in here... whatever is wrong with this book is on my end, I think.

Well, that be nearly all I had, aside from a trade and an Omnibus, both of which have been taken from me already, not that I have the patience for collected editions anyway. Have a good weekend.

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